Как сделать френч с помощью катера. Выкладной френч. Зимний маникюр.

I welcome you to my channel in
today’s video i will do another beautiful laid-out jacket but with the help of qatar
if you are interested in what it is and how I will use it see
video and with you I am Mironova Victoria but before you get started I I will show my new tool. this is a cuticle from the brand blade length
they have 9 millimeters they differ from my other tools so that they have
handles are bent. when I bought them it was so to speak a little unusual because
the handles are uneven. but when i used this tool already
a whole month I can tell you what it is great tool for the job.
I also like the length of the pens themselves. behind due to the fact that they fit perfectly into my
hand they don’t push anywhere I don’t need
put a lot of effort to make a cut so my hand is not
gets tired when i work. well here is a new tool
I showed you and now I can safely get to work. I will do today
correction on these pens and if you keep an eye on my channel then
you know that these are my mom’s hands. over a period socks these nails saw a lot of things
redid a lot of work therefore on some nails have a detachment of mine
the task now is to completely remove the old material
and then I will make a new beautiful laid-out jacket
as always, solid material I shoot carbide cutter with black marker
I do the removal at maximum speed my device in this case is
35,000 rpm and my cutter rotates on clockwise. pushing the cuticle with a pusher in order
to reveal the crease this will help me in further work with the mill now. milling cutter
flame with a sharp nose I clean pterygium. I originally work for the forward
that is, my cutter moves clockwise arrow I clean one side of the nail
plates then when finished working with this part of the nail plate. I am
I proceed to the processing of the other side. but for this I switch my device
on reverse my cutter starts to rotate in opposite direction
cutter rotation speed of approximately 20,000 revolutions a
the abrasiveness of the cutter is shallow, that is, mine milling cutter with red marker after I cleaned all
I take a nail plate from pterygium file and narrow the free edge then this
with a file I walk along the surface nail plate
this I remove the detachments that I have stayed and also raise the scales
natural nail with the best traction solid material. having cleaned the nail plate from dust I
start applying auxiliary liquids
initially it is a dehydrator and when it completely evaporated i put
acid free primer when the base coat has dried in the lamp
I’m rubbing our base coverage
I use the base for gel polish now it’s time to lay out
camouflage material for the bed i always try to look my bed
so that it is as perfect as possible also try to smoothen the smile line
so that later I would cut less Today I will try another way I bought
I don’t know a special boat will i like the result of course u
I have doubts about this but I wanted to experiment and show
to you how I do it. when I ironed box and I take the boat and carefully
cut off the smile line here is the result I got I
send my hand into the lamp until full polymerization material then I take out
I take off my sticky layer and file file the smile line so it was
clearer brushing off the dust I proceed to
laying out the free edge today I will have a free edge of turquoise
green so I’m laying out right now white fast gel
then I mix it with turquoise fast immediately try to mix white and
turquoise so that among themselves they mixed up and to him
while the raw material I add more dark green color
immediately mix everything with a spatula the colors were more beautiful and then with a brush
soaked in alcohol gently distribute all material all over the free edge after the hand was in lamp 2
minutes I get it wipe the sticky layer then I take a thin ceramic milling cutter
I turn on the maximum number of revolutions my apparatus
the cutter moves clockwise and i start cutting natural
the nail from under simulated also I remove
the remains of an old decorative jacket because it was dark with us and if it
to leave there will be a not quite beautiful view from below
Well, now it remains to do surface sawdust
carbide cutter with black marker at maximum speed I do
surface sawdust cutter rotates clockwise
with neat movements I remove the excess material 180 grit file I file
free edge as well as walking through sure to smooth the surface
transition from solid material to natural nail this will help to avoid
detachments after I finished sawing I pocher
once again I lift the cuticle then I take I cut my skin nippers
cuticle thin section ball I cover the nails with the top without stickiness on both sides love this magic immediately becomes visible
all beautiful french and to decorate our jacket a little, I add rhinestones
spread them along the lines of a smile fasten them on the base for gel polish and then when they
Little I dry I circle every pebble with the top without stickiness Here is a lay-out service jacket with
Qatar today we have in general the result is not bad, but I love it when I’m lying
a little elongated but who loves short forms i think the boat is perfect
for your work so write in the comments liked
Have you tried the result? Have you tried make a lay-out jacket with a boat
really looking forward to your comments and with you I was Victoria Mironova


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