hello everyone friends today is another
The review will be on Sergeyeva Guar 97 vr I don’t have it, we will buy it
respectively, and pump it too will be 97 vr enough for understanding so in the market we had a price somewhere
twenty three million and saw yes on it probably take for 23
by the way about the fact that I gloss over the coins of fifa points not so much
I’m hiding from someone, I cover them up so as not to beg for me in PM
roll coins giving Fifa points conjure us a bride and stuff guys
have a conscience and envy of no one else rich didn’t do it to you like that
recommendation so compare with ronaldo
by the force of impact and completion they are there plus minus but dribbling is much less than 140
against 111 yes but still have it
test in the field and understand enough it is him or not enough, I think that should
enough or we will adapt to it parameters and we will still score so
put water left workers right though everything happens differently we will play it in attack mode in
I can’t play the league for some reasons
well i cant underestimate vr hope adequate people understand everything well and
immediately it started beats well even I will say excellent and gather here a little bit like that
it sometimes happens to everyone so that hit her lacked strength inspired
rally will be less power and accuracy most likely will be less gave a neighbor
angle then hardly anyone there clogs accidentally allow icons
and so well, ok, it’s fine for me impact force he definitely lacks completion
but bring all the points excellent job for you quickly twists
twists there is still Well, date, well, with a twist, well, that’s all
everything is normal there are no questions with speed handling the ball here it is too
quickly processes everything is not stupid not stands doesn’t jump near the ball so what
I’ll tell you, but when compared with and mobile plus or minus well maybe a little
a little bit guara stuff but it slower me speed
they are not so much as that of mobile but also mobile series a
Aguero we have the Premier League since teamwork is already important
factor yes here is a player from a certain league I will say this for Sioux whom series a
and mobile goes well especially to Ronaldo and Guara who has the Premier League
also come in so somewhere not at the level and boost blows from him he pumps see and
strike force and ranged strike completion rally strike push rally strike at him
less than 127 so he has a little bit not enough but it’s not critical he is and so
normal yes when compared to ronaldo then there
more guys thank you all for watching with you was an anarchist subscribe to
comment on the channel, like and new meetings all for now

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