🧸POKÓJ ADELII ~ room tour!

Hi there! Are you curious how my daughter’s room looks like? If so, I invite you to watch~ when I was looking for inspiration how to create a girl’s room, at that time the most fashionable style was (and it goes further), Scandinavian style. I really liked such arrangements and I decided to make such a room for Adelia, and decorate it with romantic accents~ Scandinavian style refers to contemporary minimalism. Focused on space, white, gray and pastel colors are most popular, and we can often see contrasts. The furniture is simple, while the accessories are both practical and decorative. Here are the arrangements that inspired me the most! I am very excited to show you what I created! we are starting a room tour!… through the yellow walls and the bed that stood in the center, it seemed that this place has very little space. I wanted Adelia’s room to be a bedroom, a playground and a place to study. Overall this room was not easy to arrange, because of two doors, those windows and big wardrobe. I spent a lot of time thinking and how arrange it. I choosed the combination of white, pink and gray. Popular wooden toys and decorations such as peonies and swans, makes this place very cute and romantic! at first I sold old furniture and painted the walls white! white is my favorite color and goes well with everything. I added popular peonies decals on the wall and put a cot under them. The cot set is beautiful. I bought it when Adelia was born. look at these beautiful angels! under the bed I have space for plastic containers where I put various things, such as toys, books… I really liked the idea called ‘book reading corner’. I managed to find a place for it! I bought a white canopy from Ikea and hung it next to the cot. I decorated it with artificial flowers and lights! I put a pink play mat finished with a frills and selected beautiful pillows. here is the bathroom door and on the other side there is a cube unit for books and decorations. in fact this cube unit should stand on the opposite side but I didn’t like it. I turned it, painted the edges white and applied the lace. here is Adelia’s jewelry box, her favorite blocks and books with the Peter Rabbit and three pink containers. I hung a wooden shelf above the cube unit and decorated it with colored blocks with her name. These are the main doors, from the corridor, a small pink armchair on which I often sit and a three-door built-in wardrobe which I also painted white. Here we have her shorts and skirts, below t-shirts and bodysuits, and in the drawers-underwear and socks. here we hang her beloved dresses, sweaters and some of the prettiest shirts. I never open the last door of the closet, because we don’t hold anything there, so I made a small beauty corner here! I put a mirror on the wardrobe door, bought a Scandinavian stand for handbags, and I had the pleasure of redecorate the dressing table ! at first this dressing table looked quite ordinary, but I transformed it to a pink and white romantic dressing table like for a real princess! I bought a cardboard frame in a DIY store, I painted it with white spray and attach it by a special glue, then I decorated with artificial roses. the stool also looks different. I cut a circle from this fluffy rug, stuck it on a stool, I covered the edges with a pink ribbon and stick a big pink bow! also, I painted the legs pink. How do you like this transformation? Adelia is delighted and often do her makeup here! haha~ in this wicker pram from the Polish company LILU, cute metoo dolls are sleeping! Adelia love to play with them! she often organizes a small teaparty with them~ It used to be a dressing table here before but recently we bought a wooden house from Le Toy Van. Le Toy Van company produces the highest quality wooden toys, which in my opinion are the most beautiful! we were able to find used dollhouse in almost perfect condition! We also got the dolls and some matching furniture from the same company. we bought the rest of the furniture sets, such as the bedroom, living room and dining room. Milkrabbit family from Sylvanian Families enjoy living in this house! ~ This dollhouse has become Adelia’s favorite toy! You can agree, is so adorable! I put a peony decal from Ikea on the wall and hung a swan mascot. when I was little, I loved to play the kitchen set. Adelia also received such a kitchen as a gift! This is the only place where I could put it. The wall width is perfect. The BloomingVille tea set is so beautiful… Here we have wooden fruits and weggies ! I was also able to find the space for a tiny table and chair that I bought at IKEA. I put it here because it is a sunny place. And here also I was able to use my little DIY skills, haha~ In my opinion this chair was too boring, so … I bought a powdery pink material, a sponge, a stapler and I upholstered it! And when I added those angel wings … it looks absolutely beautiful! On the table I put peonies in a vase matches the wall decals, a night lamp and a pencil-case. In this pink container are Adelia’s favorite coloring pages. And our room tour is coming to an end … I am very happy that I had the opportunity to arrange a magical place for my daughter. I love interior design and seeking inspiration. Renovating and altering various things also gives me great pleasure. If you liked the vdeo, leave a thumbs up, because more people can see it and who knows, maybe it will inspire someone? ~ I am very interested about your opinions. what do you think about such an interior? I’m glad that I managed to create a place where Adelia loves to spend time. Don’t forget to leave a comment You can also watch us on Instagram and on TikTok! I try to publish three movies there every day! links will be in the description. Thank you for watching! See you soon! bye Bye! ~


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