2019 Final Presentation- Social Media (Primary school group)

Peter: Hello everyone, we are the group that discussed about social media. I am Peter, please introduce yourselves please. Joey: I am Joey. Doris: I am Doris. Joey: What is social media? Examples include Facebook Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp. Peter: Their main functions are to communicate with other people. Some would leave comments under other’s posts, giving their opinion on the issue. Whatsapp’s main function is to communicate with individuals or groups of people. (You can also like people’s posts on Instagram.) Doris: I would like to share with you all what we conceive are the differences between face-to-face communication and communication via social networking platforms. I believe that if we have time, it is always better for direct human communication, as it feels more real, and you can see the face of the person or people you are communicating with, but we are indeed unable to constantly meet up with our friends to have a chat, so the option of social media is a very convenient alternative. Joey: The advantages of social media is that it allows communication, entertainment, sharing with others the small things you experience in life. It is convenient and you can utilize it without time or geological constraints. Peter: The disadvantages of social media include unverified information, the risk of being addicted to social media, affecting both your academic and psychological health. Being addicted to social media networking sites would expose you to have a higher chance of being scammed for sex and money. You would also compare yourselves with famous and rich people using the same sites and feel depressed and self-conscious, thinking that your life is not nearly as good as others. Even more so, if you are that unlucky, you might get cyberbullied online as well. Doris: We think that social media has a lot of potential for growth in the future, for example, privacy given to users would be elevated and your personal information would not be easily leaked. You could also pay to remove advertisements and the number of functions would expand, for example using emoticons to replace text messaging, an increase in the number of videos instead of photos being posted, exposing to the public a larger variety of sights to see in the world. Social media could also combine AR and VR functions, allowing the public to experience sensations around the world more realistically. Whitney: Now to the sharing session. Please tell your parents what you guys have learned over these past couple of days. Joey: We learned what social media is. [Audience: Clapping] Doris: During discussions in these few days, I have learned that although social media is very convenient, you still have to limit your use, otherwise, it is very easy to become addicted to social media. However, it is undisputed that social media as a tool for communication is a very convenient option. [Audience: Clapping] Peter: During discussions, I have, of course, learned about the functions, advantages and disadvantages of social media, but the most important take-home message is to limit your use. [Audience: Clapping] Whitney: I am their facilitator. Actually, they were rather shy in the beginning, not really interactive during discussions. However, after some ice-breaking games, they have become more willing to participate in the discussions. Apart from general knowledge, we have also discussed more complex aspects of the topics,
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for example the psychology behind posting or liking posts on social media platforms. They have progressively become more cooperative, everyone was happy, right? Our presentation ends here. [Audience: Clapping]

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