6 Unusual Benefits to Volunteering | #Volunteer

Volunteering makes a huge impact in the
community! Volunteers are out there building houses, cleaning waterways,
mentoring kids – they’re doing so much for causes that really need the help! But did
you know that volunteering also has some pretty cool and some unusual benefits to
the people doing it? That is the subject of today’s video. Welcome back! My name is Amber Melanie Smith and I am a non-profit executive director and public
speaker on social impact, leadership, service, and more. My goal with this video
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too in the world of nonprofits I have seen the power that volunteers can have
on making positive change in the community and it is just amazing what
people who are willing to generously give their time can accomplish not only
that but the core focus of my life’s work and my nonprofit work is connecting
volunteers to causes that they’re passionate about and getting more people
just out there making a difference because I really believe that if we can
do that if we can inspire everyone to get involved that we just won’t face
some of the critical issues that we’re facing in each of our communities and
ultimately around the world so I just love talking about the benefits of
volunteering not just to the community I mean volunteers have been a critical
part of so many positive social movements in our country and around the
world that you really just can’t argue the power that they have to make a
difference but volunteering also helps you and I really believe that there’s
nothing wrong with that it is okay by me if you feel better or help yourself or
heal yourself when you are out there doing good what I care about are the
results what are the positive changes that we’re making in the community by
volunteering and that is why we should get down to it is to solve problems in
our community so I’m going to talk about six benefits some a little unusual that
you can have when you’re out there doing good
the first kind of unexpected benefit of volunteering is that it can lead to a
paid job that seems kind of weird right but actually the research shows that if
you are unemployed and you are volunteering you are 27% more likely to
find a job than if you’re unemployed and not volunteering there are a couple
possible reasons for this one is that you’re out there building skills during
the time that you’re unemployed so employers who are looking to hire you
might be impressed by some of the experiences or skills that you’ve built
during your time away from the workforce another really compelling reason that
this might be the case is that when you’re out there volunteering you’re
meeting a lot of people and that networking that you’re able to do could
lead to meeting someone who is hiring for their company third think it was
some kind of linked and study a couple years ago that talked about how hiring
managers would rather hire people with community service and volunteer
experience on their resume than hire people without it so just by being
involved in your community whether or not you’re currently unemployed could
give you a leg up over others seeking a job the second benefit to volunteering
is perhaps not expected but when you think about it it kind of makes sense
and that is that volunteering can lead to some pretty tangible health benefits
for example when you are volunteering regularly you are at lower risk of
depression you have lower stress levels you are at less risk of heart disease if
you are a senior citizen and you’re volunteering you can actually increase
your longevity that’s pretty cool some of the reasoning behind this makes a lot
of sense you know when you’re out there volunteering you have this great sense
of being connected to something bigger than yourself your time being spent and
your life has a sense of purpose and you are able to spend your time meaningfully
also as I said in the previous point when you’re out there volunteering
you’re meeting people and connecting to other human
and that’s just proven to be good for everybody okay so the third thing kind
of goes along with the second part about connecting to other people when you
volunteer you also will make friends I can speak from personal experience some
of the best friends that I’ve ever had have come from a desire to do good
together through my work with my nonprofit I’ve also heard of so many
stories of people meeting each other and becoming the best of friends and even
going on vacations together sometimes they even get married I have been to the
weddings of people who have either met each other through volunteering or have
really formed a stronger bond through volunteering and it’s just such a great
way to make connections with other people
the fourth also kind of unexpected benefit of volunteering is an increased
likelihood of getting a promotion at the place you work when you’re out there
volunteering like I said before you are building skills these can be
professional skills you are showing and practicing leadership and you’re making
some great connections that though this may not be your intention may end up
having a positive side effect on your place of business it’s no wonder that
many of the top CEOs and major companies have something in common and that is
they serve as volunteers on nonprofit board of directors okay the fifth one is
kind of my favorite another unexpected benefit to volunteering this one
specifically applies to men it sounds like guys if you volunteer you are more
likely to attract a mate this is according to a study published in the
BMC evolutionary biology journal so look that up turns out being a good person is
kind of hot who knew the sixth and final benefit to volunteering that I want to
share today is this it helps you kind of figure out what you want to do in life
or a career volunteering is a great way to
try out a lot of different things different activities hands-on skills
based trying out different skills getting yourself out of your comfort
zone also exploring a number of different causes and issues in the
community and doing this can really help you narrow down what has been a positive
experience for you not just in the volunteering realm but what kind of
sparks a passion within you for the whole rest of your life if you
discovered that you really had an amazing transformative experience while
working with kids that tells you something about maybe what you should be
doing with other aspects of your life – or if you found picking up litter or
cleaning up the environment very very fulfilling that indicates something that
you want to consider for other aspects of your life as well no matter what
stage of life you are in helping out the community through volunteering can
really help you figure out what your next thing should be okay
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