A.A. Video for Employment/Human Resources Professionals

in keeping with the tradition
anonymity at the level of public media the faces of a member
production the people shown portraying a members are hired actors cooperation
with human resources and Employee Assistance Program professionals is an
ongoing objective of Alcoholics Anonymous we realize that you will
encounter alcoholic employees in the course of your work and we would like
you to know more about what AA is and what it isn’t I really encourage
everyone in the helping professions to learn more about AA one of the easiest
ways to do that is to get some of the literature from the website and learn
about how AAA is organized there are some misconceptions that AAA is not for
everyone but in fact AA has been proven to be extremely effective for preventing
relapse and supporting recovery especially for employed individuals AA
doesn’t claim to have the only solution to recovery from alcoholism but we do
have a way that works for us while AA does not affiliate with outside entities
it serves as a resource to HR and EAP professionals I do encourage employee
professionals to attend open AA meetings if they have an opportunity to
learn about AA from perhaps their co-workers or colleagues who have been
involved in the program to ask for their input and of course to read literature
that’s available from AA’s website and from the pamphlets it’s very easy to
call your local AA office to get a list of meetings that are available in your
community and to find out more about how the program is organized where you live
the primary purpose of a a is for members to stay sober and help other
alcoholics achieve sobriety the beauty of AA is that it is a a
one-day-at-a-time program one does not make a commitment to a a for life one
makes a commitment to undertake certain activities each day one day at a time
AA meetings are at the heart of the Fellowship HR and EAP professionals have
a standing invitation to observe open AA meetings local AA committees often
help professionals find meetings for their clients and may be able to set up
meetings on-site if requested AA is not affiliated with any other organizational
group it’s not a religious authorization that people from all walks of life and
find a home in our Collins AA doesn’t make medical diagnoses engage in
research or keep records or case histories of members while the a a
recovery program is based on broad spiritual principles it is not a
religious organization AA can help people stop drinking and stay stopped
which allows them to rebuild their lives people are very talented but because of
problems of alcoholism they’re just not able to be reliable and be responsible
but AAA through its principles through the 12 steps really help people to
achieve sobriety and they’re able to then become productive and responsible
members of the workforce AA literature is available and could be passed along
to alcoholic clients the a a.org website also offers valuable
information the about a a newsletter for professionals can be accessed from this
website and in searching that website it has become a resource for myself as
professional as well as a source for my clients I would like to add for
employers who have operations globally that AAA operates in many many countries
around the world even if you are transferring employees from one country
to another they can find AAA to support them wherever they go
local AAA offices are listed in most telephone directories and on the web you
can also contact the general service office of AAA for help and information
or find us on the web at WWE we look forward to helping you help your
alcoholic clients some professionals refer to alcoholism and drug addiction
as substance abuse or chemical dependency non alcoholics are therefore
sometimes introduced AA and encouraged to attend AAA meetings anyone may attend
open AA meetings but only those with the drinking problem may attend closed
meetings in keeping with the tradition of personal anonymity at the level of
public media the phases of AA members do not appear in this production the
people shown portraying AA members are hired actors you

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