hello my friends today I bring you a new
video in which we will take advantage once plus our organic waste from the
house to return them to our garden a few days ago I was making a change
of land from a palm tree that had excess moisture and I found some
little friends who see very well there and are the earthworms
worms are worms that move between the earth and during this exercise
they eat the earth or material waste vegetable and they are expelling it
of your body in the form of compost so which are very beneficial for
quickly transform waste into land again
on other occasions I have used my waste applying directly to the earth but
Now I want to show you how to do it with worms
worms need good moisture to work and develop well as well
that when I found them in that place I decided take me and help me in the
transformation of my waste what I will do is put in a container in
this case in a bucket with their respective holes down a layer of
land and a layer of homemade waste and so on always with moisture
so that the decomposition is fast and the worms have a good habitat
waste transformation in earth is called humus and they are actually
the worm droppings this humus will help the structure of the
soil and therefore will help the plant to have better development and nutrition
we can get this humus in approximately 50 days
after this we can get some worms to use
again in a new decomposition of waste and the rest of the humus
apply in the garden I hope you have liked my video
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