Ancient Aliens: The Hollow Earth Theory (Season 10) | History

NARRATOR: June 13, 2014. Scientists researching
the Earth’s mantle announce that they have
found what have they believe to be a vast
body of water three times the volume of all of
our oceans combined contained within a mineral layer
400 miles inside the Earth. The discovery shakes
the foundation of what scientists
and scholars thought they knew about the
ground under our feet. We have just scratched
the surface of the Earth. We drilled down like
8 miles, and we had to stop because it got too hot. Out of 4,000 miles basically
to the core of the Earth, we went down 8. That’s nothing. We have more than 70 active
space programs right now. We can tell you more about
the surface of the moon than we can the surface
underneath our own oceans. NARRATOR: Since we have not
actually drilled down far enough to confirm
these findings, could it be that we may be
wrong about the composition of our own Earth? Some ancient-astronaut
theorists say yes and suggest that according
to our earliest mythologies, another Earth might not
be found in the heavens but deep within our own planet. One of the most
consistent themes that we find in ancient
cultures or when you travel around the world is
the idea that there is another world, another
Earth inside of the planet. Within Buddhism, there are
stories of a place called Agartha or Agharti
which is an inner world, and it’s inhabited too by people
and that they are an advanced race and even that
they have trains and vehicles that are moving
through this inner Earth. NARRATOR: Is it possible
that an other Earth can be located within the
confines of our own planet? Historically, underground
realms were not relegated to mere mythology. Well-respected scientists
and mathematicians have long speculated
about a theory that became known as hollow Earth. The scientist Edmond Halley is
most famous for Halley’s Comet. He was also very
interested in the Earth, and one of the
challenges is was trying to figure out what
was the real structure of the inside of the Earth. He had a fascinating theory
of not just a hollow Earth but an Earth with
multiple layers. NARRATOR: 75 years later,
18th-century mathematician Leonhard Euler put forth
his own hollow Earth theory with no concentric shells
and a sun at the center spanning 600 miles. Euler was a gifted
mathematician. He developed this idea that the
planet Earth is not only hollow but the poles are
actually thinned and there are actually
entrances into the inner core at the North and South
Poles of the Earth. He imagined that there
were advanced civilizations living inside the planet. NARRATOR: Ideas about
occupied hollow Earth would be revisited nearly two
centuries later in 1947 when famous polar explore
Admiral Richard Byrd flew reconnaissance
missions over the North Pole. Byrd allegedly reported
in his private journal about a mysterious
land beyond the North Pole which he called the
center of the great unknown. Admiral Richard Byrd was
able to fly to the North Pole and back and recorded
flying over lush green areas where none should have been. And then three years later
he flew over the South Pole. It’s rumored that when Admiral
Byrd’s task force actually got to Antarctica that one
of the first things they discovered was an entrance
into a hollow Earth civilization that was populated
by very, very advanced being. Admiral Byrd made a lot
of unusual statements, including talking about what he
called a new kind of craft that could fly from pole to pole. And when Byrd got back
to the United States, he was brought
back to Washington where he was questioned very
heavily about his statements, and allegedly he was told
to stop talking about this. NARRATOR: Is it possible that
entrances to another world can be found at
the Earth’s poles? And if so, did
Admiral Byrd actually pass through one of them? According to some
ancient-astronaut theorists, such gateways do exist. If we were to discover the
other Earth, the place we have sought, the
missing world, it would be profoundly humbling. So this would be quite
a paradigm shift. History would change
in a very major way.


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