Anunnaki Origin Story – How Aliens From The Planet Nibiru Created Humans !!!

The Sumerian Bible Translation
The Sumerian Story of creation picks up over 4.5 billion years ago when the original Earth
(Tiamat) collided with a great celestial body (Marduk) forming our moon. Today’s scientists
estimate that event to have occurred around 4.5 billion years ago. How could this have
possibly been written 4,000 to 5,000 years ago? How did they know all of the planets
in our solar system, including Marduk and Tiamat and that their collision also resulted
in the creation of Earth as we know it? The planetary giants struck each other at
an angle leaving all land mass on one side of the planet, known as Pangea, while leaving
a huge gap on the other side with the oceans filling it in. Over hundreds of millions of
years Pangea slowly split into the seven continents we recognize today. This is exactly what today’s
scientists say happened. Again, how could this have been written four to five millennia
in the past. Modern science didn’t even know of all the planets in our solar system until
about a hundred years ago. The Planet Nibiru
The Sumerian story of creation includes descriptions of life on a planet in our solar system that
we have yet to discover. It’s name is Nibiru. It has an oval orbit that takes 3,600 years
to travel around our sun. About 500,000 years ago the atmosphere on Nibiru was greatly damaged
and diminished by a cataclysmic celestial disaster and those who lived there had to
find a way to repair it in order to survive. They knew that by putting enough gases and
dusts back into their atmosphere this damage could be mended. The metal that by far worked
the best for this purpose was gold because no other substance can be pulverized into
such a fine powder and made to stay aloft in the atmosphere. It’s also inert and won’t
combine with any other substance. It’s interesting to note that NASA launched a rocket in the
early 1970s which was meant to search for extraterrestrial life. It included a gold
disk which identified Earth and many of its features including Mankind. It is estimated
that this gold disk has a life span of 2 billion to 4 billion years.
Gold was extremely rare on Nibiru. But they had remarkable technology and were able to
“scan” the solar system to find the presence of gold.
They first found it in the asteroid belt and attempted to mine it there. They lost many
astronauts and space ships and their efforts were a failure.
The leader of the astronauts, Anu, again scanned the solar system for gold and got readings
from Earth. He landed on our planet about 445,000 years ago. Their story about the trip
to Earth is truly remarkable! The descriptions of seeing Earth up close for the first time
are breathtaking! When they first see the details of Earth emerge from the darkness
of space they describe it as having a “white top and white bottom with blue around its
middle,” clearly identifying the Arctic and Antarctica with the oceans around the
temperate zone. The Creation of Mankind
The Sumerian Story of Creation states there was much gold on Earth and the Anunnaki began
to mine it from the ocean. But this was too slow. They realized that to get the great
quantities they needed they had to get gold from within the earth. They brought 50 more
astronauts from Nibiru to help with the mining efforts.
They established a base on Mars to store gold awaiting shipment to Nibiru. The reason for
this base was that the gravitational pull on Mars was significantly less than that on
Earth. Shipping from Mars saved them much time and energy. How did these writings correctly
identify that the gravitational force on Mars was much less than that of Earth?
Those stationed on Mars hated working there and eventually rebelled. One of the alien
rulers, Enki, decided to create a class of worker beings through DNA manipulation. He
chose an existing species of hominids which had the potential for success. They created
a breeding area know as the Edin. This is where they created an entirely new species
specifically designed for mining gold. They combined hominid DNA with their own DNA. The
result was the beginning of mankind!. DNA was first identified in the late 1860s by
Swiss chemist Friedrich Miescher. How was DNA included in the Sumerian Bible thousands
of years ago? The Great Flood
The DNA creation was successful but the new beings were hybrids, therefore sterile and
unable to reproduce. After several failures they were eventually successful and the new
breed was called the “Adamu,” the first humans. Their numbers multiplied rapidly.
This is what the original bible says! That’s just a tiny part of their creation
story! It was carved into stone nearly 5,000 years ago. How can all of these words possibly
be explained? It’s impossible to deny the existence of these writings. They exist. They’re
authentic. They’ve been translated by numerous scholars, a task which has taken three decades
and this is what they clearly state. But it’s certainly not what religions and governments
necessarily want to hear. The Sumerian Bible even reveals the cause
of the great flood. They explain that approximately 12,000 years ago when their planet passed
through our solar system, there was such a huge gravitational force exerted on Earth
that it caused the ice shelf of Antarctica to collapse and slide into the ocean. How
could they have even known there was an ice cap on Antarctica! They still thought the
Earth was flat. Or so we were taught. It was stated that the aliens / gods, the
Anunnaki, did not cause this climatic event but they could have prevented it. They chose
not to intervene because by this time mankind was everywhere and out of control and in such
disarray that they chose to let them perish and then to start anew. It was Enki, the doctor
/ scientist, creator of humankind who warned Ziusudra of the coming flood. Ziusudra was
the man who was renamed Noah a few thousand years later. He was told that he and his entire
family should collect DNA samples of all the various species of animals and plants to preserve
them for life after the flood. A 6,000 year old Sumerian seal accurately
depicts all of the planets in our solar system. Modern science only discovered our complete
solar system about 100 years ago. Is This Too Much Information to Digest?
People may have found religious doctrine to be immensely insufficient; lacking in credibility,
they were interesting but nearly impossible to believe. Once you slowly began to digest
and understand this new Alien (Point Of View), the bible actually comes alive. This new knowledge
explained so many things in the bible from Adam and Eve to Moses and the “burning bush”
on the mountain to the “virgin birth” of Christ which explains the “heavenly origin” of
Jesus. When angels are presented as actual flesh and blood beings, the (Watchers) and
gods who were the Anunnaki rulers, the (Nephilim), are defined by their technology and not their
“magic,” an entirely new picture emerges. It’s one of wonderment, hope and inspiration. More Proof Discovered
Archeologists have now discovered the ruins of Gobekli Tepe in South Eastern Turkey. They
are estimated to be the size of a modern city and will take another 30 years to fully excavate.
Its age has been scientifically proven to be between 11,000 and 12,000 years old! The
oldest human society ever discovered on Earth! Another 6,000 years older than the Sumerian
Bible! It was built before the great flood and was meticulously buried in sand to be
saved from the great flood by those who knew such an event was coming! And even though
this society had no written language, they did have images carved in stone and they had statues and symbols. These statues
included carvings of what seem to be of the double helix, a representation of the DNA
molecule. They also include statues of “heads” which have huge eyes, are somewhat triangular shaped and eerily resemble
the heads of creatures we have come to know as the “Greys.” They clearly express a story
of the gods who came to earth in spaceships and through DNA manipulation created mankind
as a slave species to mine gold. It described their planet and these gods were clearly shown
to be the Anunnaki. And it is now believed that Gobekli Tepe was the Edin where they
engineered the first humans, the Adamu. There is coming a time when the information
that is taught in our schools will confirm and not contradict the body of proof thus
far discovered by our scientific community. A new wave of spirituality will be awakened
in mankind. It will be born from knowledge. It will be fueled by the hundreds of books
that will soon be written about this newly discovered evidence, for this information
changes everything! It’s already out there. It’s been published. It’s already begun to
spread. This time truth will be provable and science, not religion, will be its teacher.


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