Are humans more important than plants?

It’s an interesting question if we think about it from the point of view of where we’ve come from, where plants have come from, then plants have been around for an awful lot longer than we have and there are an awful lot more species of plants than than us. We tend to feel that the entire planet revolves around us but really we’re just a single species on this planet and of course we are going to need plants in order to live and as we have always done in the past. Can the human race survive forever? Well it depends how long forever is. The sun is going to explode at some point so we’re all going to become toas. It depends of course if we can escape the planet and start to colonize other planets. And if we do then of course one of the things that we’re going to have to take with us is some form of food supply and that food supply will be plants. Plants will end up I suspect following us and if we die out as a species, or if we evolve into something else, then there are still going to be plants around. Are humans more important than plants… I suppose sitting here as a human we probably think that. But ultimately if there weren’t any plants we couldn’t survive. Everything we do is is ultimately dependent on plants from the food we eat to the fuel we put in our cars to the air that we breathe. In that respect plants are more important than us particularly if you take the view that we are just one product of evolution

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