Artstig: Human Form Clay | Team Yey Season 2

The human figure! Wow! I’m excited! I will teach you how to make human figure! Someone needs to take care of our pet dogs. First, we roll it into a ball for the head. So next, after the head, and then we need to make the neck made of sausage. So try to make a very stumpy sausage. Roll it like a thick stick. Then the other end, point it. I remember that from earlier. That’s right. To stick it in, we make a hole where we put in the pointed end, that I made like a volcano. We push it in here to keep it in. For the hands, we make two sausages, because people have two arms, right? Yes! So we make two sausages. To make the hand, press once, press with your thumb, to flatten on both sides. One end should be pointed. It’s that simple. Now we make the fingers. Just press it down. How many fingers do you have? Five! Two, three, four, five. One, two, three, four, five. That’s five fingers. Next we make the shirt. Make a shirt out of your favorite colors. So we make a big sausage. You can slap it on the table. Then we make a hole again. Use the other side because its bigger. Okay so there’s the head, then we stick in the arms. It’s a sleeveless shirt. Macho man. Then, of course, we give him pants. So, sausage again. Now look at this, they volt in. so, do we give him hair? But wait, I’ll give him eyes first. So cute! We need to make the holes. We need to make the holes. How do we make the hair? Here’s how. Start with a ball. Then press it into a pancake. Now look how I’ll do the nose. I just press down on this, see, and then press down on this. Oops! we stick it on later. And there, he has a nose. Wow, nice! Then he should smile, of course. Just press down the barbecue stick and pich the nose to make it bigger. Okay? Then, if you want to make the hair, you just press own the barbecue stick to make the lines. And there you have it, a human figure! Yehey! We did great! Let’s give ourselves some applause!

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