Authentic Intent Has Flat Earth Center Target VS The Timberpuppies

hey everybody good to see you today
we’re in downtown Minneapolis for the Minnesota Timberwolves it’s a national
game so we’re gonna be live on ABC hopefully I can finagle my way into
national camera spotlight with research flat earth sign not a lot of people know
that when I was at the X-Games at the u.s. Bank Stadium I was able to get on
espn2 and get on national TV so that’s a little secret little Easter Egg for you
so we’re right in front of the Target Center we had to come across the street
because the Target Center pit bosses were pushing other people around so I
kind of figured that they’d push us around so we’re just gonna play it safe
beat the corner here got plenty of traffic I mean look at these guys here
they’re all coming here so then we got Wesley Stace from Flat Earth News Talk
he’s coming to join us oh yeah so we got first staff here to classic first Ave
Purple Rain Prince yada yada yada big big time concert area here in the 80s
for sure and haven’t ever actually been there before so what do you want from me
so you went to school of prints okay yeah so there’s first Ave so that’s the
iconic first Ave and here’s the Minneapolis skyline for you we’re about
35 minutes to tip-off at the moment so we’re definitely gonna get some patrons
coming in and out and right now I got full bars so we’ll see how it goes
inside the arena in terms of continuing a livestream otherwise I got plenty of
memory in the camera to film and intimidate the fake flip the fake
basketball watchers so I’m going to hand over the keys to Wesley he’s gonna be my
cameraman today so if you see right here just press that yeah that’ll take it off
selfie so all right it’s sweet so we got our classic research flat earth because
it’s not a ball and how do you know you’re living on a
sphere because it’s not a ball it’s a flat motionless plane got some visuals
for everybody because that’s sheep out here they need to see pictures and we
got the controversial AE map so that’s our ammunition here today so I’ll just
put it on my lanyard and I also wanted to give you guys an update to on the
card that I hand out this was from project Eli she helped me out sent these
to me last year that’s all the information that those kids got at the
State Capitol on Friday so hopefully that’s gonna wake some kids up so I got
about 25 of these – hey what’s up no we’re not selling tickets just let me know when it stops it did
stop so you could repeat what you said good just the part about the oh yeah so yeah
I just matter what I’ll call the property men yeah you can’t get lost
it wasn’t wide man don’t worry good yeah we’re good
sitting spin but nice finger do it again I’ll break it so yeah we’re just gonna
hang out right or no probably an hour or so around around half time I’d like to
go inside and get the halftime show on camera but we’ll just wait for people
don’t come by and everybody let me know if you can
hear everything good if you can hear them come true and it’s pretty flat yeah we can actually this is research matter it’s not a ball you guys hear me okay over here
right I’m good to see the chat we tried to connect to Wesley’s spawn but not
getting the signal wasn’t happening so I was gonna hold the chat in my hand so I
could talk to you guys but once I got some down time come and say hi right nice cold Dave good flattered
documentary won’t hurt you two hours to wake up through the lives go and enjoy the game tonight hopefully
you don’t get blown out like the Boston game up jimena NBA’s biggest rig score in
professional sporting you have an opportunity I encourage you
to research Flat Earth and get over cake don’t live in a ball like we’re taught
in school and you can lie to you swanny until you look it up move me
wrong but I’m waiting if we’re gonna get in
trouble for showing people’s faces as they oh yeah right so I’m kind of like
trying to move it around take a picture Big Brother’s right there yeah yeah yeah
he’s right there single camera when you can win tonight after the dude platters clues research splatters when you guys get
home today they’ve been 200 troops the earth does not have spinning ball never
been measured we’re spinning gravity is a hoax
and a theory so far as much of a duty as mine rhinoceroses used to be unicorns
that’s my theory you’ll sign on to the chat yep
hey everybody hope everybody’s doing well today what a
peanuts good to see a Helio fluffy loco Tomo plain sailing Donald yeah we’re
live we’re doing something a little different we’re getting more people
involved we got Wesley here as my camera guy so we’re already one up on the game
so I invite you to come down in Minneapolis in front of the Target
Center for the next hour or so and knowledge scavenger I know right yeah
well I share when I can salt and cedar good to see you frequency’s everybody
just wanted to say hi we’re gonna continue with the stream here you
probably do a better job like we’ve been trying we live on a
globe right yeah yeah do you mind if we film you is it okay
okay and what if I was to tell you that the earth was a level motionless plane
and spin yeah because it’s the first thing that you hear right yeah but if if
you were to like maybe go to the ocean have you ever been to the ocean before
no okay so there’s no curvature on water the water doesn’t curve over a ball and
always stays level yeah so I don’t want to leave you hanging and I got a card
and I encourage you to go to YouTube to just check out some documentaries and
a little bit to the idea that we collide two dummies already straight season
yeah like like this yeah yeah yeah so the SE question which is the proper
interpretation of her of America back that what I say it’s this one
right well because America’s bigger bigger than that America so if these are the same size these are
the same size so the distance doesn’t matter okay so think critically here
okay this is bigger autos this one’s smaller on earth
okay what if I was to lead you to the conclusion that these are just artist
interpretations these are not real pictures you’ve never seen her in space so these you’ve never seen this before
this is not where you live possibly I’m soaking like this when you get knowledge from
yeah it’s new science science is always changing right it should always continue
to go at the times and so there’s been new evidence that has been revealed to
us that water is always leveled and it doesn’t cover on the ball and grab just
for the UH theory just buoyancy and density so we were all lied to there was
lied to me so just like thank you hey when you get old tonight they all do school you ever go on YouTube or the Internet’s
going classic North Stars nighttime in valency
more scattered and use and we’re talking 700 back in the 70s
classic green gel hey folks do it today must be looking up Flat Earth
information you should pretty sure around like a pizza or a ball sir please
use proper vernacular hey guys doing hey you all believe me landed on the
moon you know that they use harnesses welcome 200,000 miles great comment take a picture and last
longer and that looks like deal deGrasse Tyson
is down are you guys doing then across your mind that remember
about the motionless plane which is the proper size of America
the proper yeah we got two pictures here America is
different on the same on each picture right
they’re taken from the same distance okay okay so I say I say this one’s
right which one do you say I suppose that problem
these are artist renditions sir these are not real pictures you’ve never seen
earthling space really even say it on NASA’s website composite check it out
it’s never landed on the moon sir okay Richard Nixon’s a liar hope everybody’s doing well this is a
new perspective that you got here not empty content hopefully we won’t have
some more some more opportunities so how’d I hit it oh yeah hey guys so you
got a little break a little bit of a break
got our signage here here’s what we’re hanging out with got tip-off is about 15 minutes away or
so entrance is right across the street there man you sure thing Helio good to
see a DJ black everybody blow Buster’s is probably on right now isn’t he yeah
so hopefully everybody can check out this episode later tonight we’re in
downtown Minneapolis their vision it’s too it’s too late because they go for like three hours and
they go to like five so but yeah like share and subscribe this sent some
people over here back and forth I know there’s a lot going on today it’s Sunday
so hopefully everybody can get some action from everywhere online
unlike ball-busters we’re showing our faces kind of live in an hour Bob yeah
hamming it up with the public so there you go hey joy good to see ya
yeah we’re right my first step so hey guys did tomorrow research it’s not too cold out at me about 3540
degrees some like that yeah good refrigerator other so I was prepared if I go into the game
around 3:00 or so so we still got about 45 minutes hang out as patrons come in
and out next week we got fifties and sixties come into town definitely got to
do live shows on that so I hope to go to the University campus next week I go man we live on a flat earth
he’ll why wouldn’t right right science bro right yeah so what if
I was to tell you that water is always level and it doesn’t serve you won laughs before investigation
so you believe the 12 new Santa Claus No you know it’s funny so that crossed my
mind with Angela’s flatters they serve I need but your nine year old friends
right and then your nine year old friend comes up to you and says hey my parents
just told me that Santa Claus isn’t real they’re Santa Claus what do you think
all of his nine year old friends are gonna do probably laugh at right
probably that’s the first thing that they’ll do is laugh until they go home
and say hey hey front hey Tommy said his parents are Santa
Claus you know what’s up with that so something to think about
I’m gonna feed Santa Claus to his reindeer this year that’s my goal hey you guys doing today never cross
your mind we live on a level emotionless plane and not a ball see this with your own physical eyes
the artist rendition who said there’s an edge them there’s no
edge to outer space right it’s so cool man with your glasses
where’s the Sun you got someone here who’s just gave you 10 bucks hey
appreciate it last name is Jones China Joe Penna Jones
to see China Jones thanks a lot for your support that helps out for the parking
Sundays downtown Minneapolis there is free parking on Sundays but they metered
these here in front during events so I tried to look for a free parking but I
had to park in the lot for ten bucks so it’ll do what you got to do that is you gotta get that thank you
thank you nice kind of like a Tom Selleck thing dog how long time Selleck
would just roll by this oh that is amazingly more testosterone than I do
I’d encourage you to check this out since you check me out
it’s my youtube channel have a good afternoon
enjoy the game that was frickin amazing I’ve never seen a mustache that big
never know what you’re gonna get down something oh you’re going definitely get
some woofers he should be standing out here with our size out here see that was a closet platter at the
right there never know maybe Jill I get this regularly gravity is a theory
it’s like my theory that rhinoceroses used to be unicorn today you can’t fall off because there’s
no edge now that’s buoyancy and density your
keys weigh more than the air around it that’s simple then they tried to screw
your head it’s indoctrination fuck I am yep it’s pretty cold on your racist
yeah nice job it’s on camera so I insulted that guy’s intelligence so
much he threw a cigarette at me so good for
him it’s right there still smoking might smoke that later you might have a
someone gave you another turn oh I have hepatitis
thank you guys appreciate it not quite sure who that person is
oh Gordon gore thank salon I appreciate it my boss they never cross your mind we live on a
level motionless plane no because we are
it’s never been as moving I got a YouTube for your YouTube channel
disagrees with Sir Isaac have you ever met Sir Isaac happy
is he your prophet yeah sounds like you’re their religion sir something you
have prophets like Sir Isaac Newton a science religion science you study
science too much you’re gonna get blinded and fall off the edge well presidents are selected – not
elected yeah they’re all freemasons sir wake up please yeah well they’re
freemason there’s some kids I need you to open up hey everybody I’d love for you to
consider that we live on a flat motionless plane and not a ball like
please you’ve been lied to you were lied to for
the first 12 years of your life about Santa Claus what makes you think we’re
government’s not lying to you big pack of people covers make sure you
see pay attention to children were talking about the Santa Claus birth but
you know I even thought about that they did an episode on friends and Joey says
to Phoebe well you know you know the whole thing
about Santa Claus yeah she’s like what well that he doesn’t exist and she like
oh okay and then the minute he walked away she’s like oh my yeah you never
know what people are gonna research when they get home so I mean I know a lot of
people might see this as being aggressive or nobody’s gonna listen to
me nobody pays attention to the signage but you never know what people go home
and do minutes before they go to bed you know some people stay up for hours
thinking you got to get a new sign this great blue that says the Google Google
Reese Flattr yeah a blue sign with yellow
writing there y’all work something really brave and sometimes we can’t talk
to everybody sometimes they just see the signage you know yeah just having it out
there is better than nothing like right now yep exactly but hey every early
there y’all Kairi nope nope never been on an airplane I
don’t even know what they what they are I think they’re gliders from what I
understand that guy yeah
run morning the ball in outer space no if I wouldn’t right yeah
flatterer okay well to like share and subscribe
everybody this year new first time here welcome well it’s been quite a long time since
we’ve been here and they’ve been watching us ever since and we haven’t
seen anything come out and stop us but you know your first question should be
do you have a open mind let’s just see what happens yeah
yes sir yeah yep as it never crossed your mind that
we love okay that’s good
check it out man yeah well I didn’t buy and you bought
into Santa Claus for 12 years of your life now think about that if your
parents will lie do you believe your government don’t they want to control your mind and they
have it you’re going to a basketball game
they’re young to spend money on people who overpaid actors basketball is probably the most
fraudulent professional sport and funny thing that you know with the whole
all-star game and Jimmy Butler and he was supposed to play in that game he
decided not to because he had to guard James Harden five days later that was
his excuse and coincidentally enough in the second half Jimmy Butler gets
injured for the rest of the year so if you watch that injury what
happened was he gets a rebound and he lands and then he tries to make a
basketball move and everything’s fine and then he steps away away from the
players and he falls to the ground I think he threw the game personally I
think he was told to sit down because I think he chose not to play in the
all-star game and the establishment didn’t like that because they wanted him
to be out there in play this is my opinion
yeah but they told him to take a dive you’re done for the rest of the year man
you know what you don’t play in the all-star everybody played in the
all-star game except Jimmy Butler should be a
requirement for you to play in that game take your money and walk away
exactly it’ll play five minutes you know I mean
break a sweat and then be like hey you know what but yeah he didn’t even do
that so I think they told him to take a dive very possible
it’s just if he watched the replay of that injury it just looks really
suspicious yeah because he he ends up falling away from the player that they
they say that he got injured from Jimmy Butler injuries so he’s out for the year
Timberwolves are still two playoff huh they’ll be in the playoffs so we’ll be
here in in Maine to the playoffs yep well you believe you’re in Santa
Claus for 12 years men ready to before investigation is the height of the
occurrence I don’t know now there’s training to
turn on them lights just as people come minute you notice that what a group
people now know that green light goes yeah yeah they’re watching us
hey I is on to us we’ve got AI here trying to combat the AI up there yeah got a ball I saved the dinosaur band I didn’t say
Santa Claus so yeah yeah he was a little young relax up
there relax ladies red first the light goes green by what and we have liftoff
another SpaceX Tesla car is being launched into outer space right now and
there goes there goes the matchbox car if you’re new to the game and you
believe that there’s a car no door space sorry not sorry there isn’t needing to
wake up that’s going to be my qualifying
question for this group right here whether or not they believe there’s a
car in outer space if so I’m gonna walk away because that’s beginningless
you got some lively ones coming now hey guys doing what else
believe there’s a car in outer space right now I don’t believe in there in
this flat well you might want to research it bud ridicule before
investigation is the height of ignorance No it’s like we don’t believe in that
but we do believe we live on a swimmin ball 9/11 was a false flag because people
might have actually died yes your honor right now live hope you
guys don’t mind yeah my opinion about the those is if they want to arm the
public I don’t think that they’re gonna take our guns away I just think that’s
gonna be too difficult especially for southerners and people up north
I just don’t think that’s gonna happen and I think there will be a time then
maybe flatter this type of master telling us that there’s a a car in outer
space right now cars in Arizona lose their sight eaters
have been 120 waters off across outer streams Avenue when you’re in front of
soliders as my leader you walk excited on the cross Avenue any questions you got like curiosity did
you know that the furthest we’ve dug as human beings we’ve been so how do they know that the center of
the earth is 4,000 miles away that’s 8,000 miles so
for example this guy right here
the tops in the bottom is a thousand miles the center is forked out
but we will Nagala gate but yet they show a section of the earth
if the show each core it’s like where do they come up with that looks like
they’ve never been down that deep yeah those sonic things don’t we go so far
they don’t go that far yeah it’s like come on it’s Sunday right and then they
do the same thing they do the same thing with planets and it’s like they’ve never
been there but yep they got all the information on it it’s kind of like your
Santa Claus thing well Genesis one it’s Sunday right so I’ll give you a Bible
verse we separated the waters okay so you got the water in here on
earth what if there’s water above us because he made a firmament above us so
a glass dome you know the Milky Way galaxy the
picture of the Milky Way galaxy what a vessel rip in the dole where that’s a theory an idea yeah so type in
galaxies new year but I want to get fish from Angie the Bible talks about
all 40 times but now you have to define circle and
and sphere they knew what a sphere and a ball was but they never say sphere or
evolve they just say wow I mean in all pizza is round a plate is it talks he
differentiates between circle and later on and I’d say he talks about
throwing a ball so he does differentiate it’s not something that I have to
we’re but what I do find another believer I would like to you know just
kind of inferred snow on my youtube channel description section on the way
bottoms it’s a really good article that explains the Bible verses to explain um he’s pretty loose because presidents are a selected not
elected our votes don’t come and I wish I could
convey that in such a serious matter because we have no choice like the
saying goes if people had the power to vote the governments woman
people they wouldn’t have anything to vote for so I don’t think anything about politics
man I mean I think about from you know
that it’s just like The Young and the Restless it’s not anything to be tied up
in people say that I’m taking this too far
but we’ve been lied to where we’re at and there are no atheists unflattering
in this community of people who have an understanding that the earth is a level
motionless plane on my youtube-channel is probably you know
yeah on Friday when I was at the State Capitol there were a hundred people
watch all those people believe in a creator
now whether that’s the biblical creator or not they believe that there is a God
so when people who are atheists investigate
ocean was clean that’s where evolution
so your governments perpetuate a lie in school and so there were honest people
in government there’s like a side and usually square yeah but it’s funny that they will say
Darwin’s theory is fat but yet they still hold theory behind it and the
theory really isn’t it hey thanks for stopping guys got a month to go man okay I got either U of M to do this
sometimes so yell well that was really a nice talk yeah and what is used probably barely 20 yeah 8:22 son
you want to go into the chat for a bit yeah all right touch Hey well I hope everything’s going well
in the chat for you guys that’s right we’re out here just hauling ass taking
names I’m all out of bubblegum so got a lot of help we got the establishment
driving by they’re they don’t care about me though I just figured I’d put them on
camera but yeah it’s it’s encouraging to be out here you know it’s really not
that I mean it’s cold if I didn’t have a hat on you know for sure but it’s really
not that bad outside it’s it’s really that kind of weather where where people
don’t mind standing outside for a couple of minutes and chatting so really
appreciate you all in the chat room all it’s one-china shout out flat man PG
thanks for coming by Sam flat reflection goldfish brain Hey yeah yeah yeah it’s a
bit of an overcast so don’t have any don’t have any snow yet but Zane
thanks for wrapping thanks for your free styles keeping the chat busy out there
peanuts Clark good to see you thanks a lot s come one how fast their finit
spinning I’ll do that you’ve been in this quarter he Theo played it first Ave
right on Daniel oh sure Himawari good to see everybody out there we’re gonna get
back out I hate Chris Jackson thanks for coming by man Julie Nelson so
I got about 20 more minutes before I’ll go inside I want to try it try to time it where I
can get in there a couple of minutes before halftime and catch the halftime
show hopefully they got something interesting for y’all to watch a little
different having a cameraman huh yeah it is yeah it’s nice see I just got a question for you real
quick 4080
yeah you feel a spinning right now same thing what if gravity was etherion and
not real Oh you’ve got then you want to continue to
be living in a lie sir you got to wake up man you don’t live yeah it does change why do you think I’m
standing here you like being lied to why Santa Claus real right why does it
matter Santa Claus is real or fake matters
because you parents lied eeeh I blame you peanuts Clark I had them and then I
asked him that question yeah that’s okay there’s always an asshole here
hey just he just wants to continue to live in that
fantasy world gave him an opportunity you give
somebody an opportunity just to check something out and see that was he’s
different from the other two guys I talked to yeah definitely so his friends
who work with them our open mind are open-minded they might
say something to me because he might say something to them there’s my loss so you
tell your friend on the phone the earth is flat sir so now he’s talking to his friends about
it yeah of course here and then those three will say something out of the two
that we just talked to and then they’ll be like hey you know check it out
something up to this you know I’m wondering if we could kind
of see if this guy would roll his window down and talk to you on trial first ask him if he’s okay with
being on camera yeah you well didn’t get the taxi driver but we
got some it’s too busy flipping his glasses
around he’s gonna leave they got a ball
well yeah
why yeah but these are artists
issues these are so these were made on a computer
as you see on there you belong to the herb
but you don’t we never planned we’ve been above probably go a hundred miles
Ellen radiations Oh there’s no solar system
just birth yeah it just it’s that no sir it’s what can I give you sure yeah I can I can show you right
here man here the computer yeah I got a DVD speed to watch video
so lead you right to the direction you need to go have an open mind and stop
trusting NASA you know what NASA stands for right
never our straight answer yeah where you from man you see you coming by man
drive safe out there thanks a lot yeah guys from Ethiopia appreciate his
conversation that’s a flat earther this guy pull
right out in front of that guy how’s well man they just got a quick science question
how fast are they spinning on earth don’t think he cares yeah basketball go see
yeah the positive tell you that Earth has
done a basketball that’s probably more like a penny
No okay okay I know let’s begin to see a nun from
time to time are you you what are you just come by my
youtube channel and you can chat in your live chat room you got it buddy
alright then do you enjoy the game yep have fun at the game I don’t think that was just monster
drink and it’s can and I’ll take it that way
I was uh I was gonna say this guy before I even got to the corner I was gonna say
this guy’s gonna buckle adjourned yeah hey we’re on sixty people in the room
now guests from California just fans you are okay so you’ve been in the ocean
then right have you seen the curve a serious question I mean it’s a perfect
answer man it is flat water slap my guys do you guys mean my videotape you mind being videotaped for we’re live Californians yeah we have California yeah I just got a quick question for you
what size in these two pictures is a proper representation of America I think
I think it’s a lot bigger than that picture yeah I think America is a lot
bigger than that photograph these are official NASA photos okay yeah and so as
you see they’re both the same size Earth but America’s two different sizes yeah
those are admitted to be created on a computer interested so you’ve never seen
Earth from outer space no I’ve never been to outer space my god but this is
not a real representation of Earth either so my point is you don’t know
really where you live right there it says on NASA’s own site that those are
composite GS CGT I missed it let me show you what
what okay what the government uses as a map this is the USGS map right here
that’s the UN flag that’s a Flat Earth Map they tell you right in plain sight that
you live on a level motionless plane man it’s just that yeah it’s just so hey
check out man yeah check out the game that help and see you in there I’ll be
in there in a little bit actually these races they say talk to us
California right there California in the house ae
bat pissing everybody off it’s the only way that I can really
bring it to a level where they understand I can’t do that pac-man map
just I just can’t do that pac-man map that’s too much for for even me are y’all doing
you guys going to the game alright see you in there see you in there almost three o’clock just letting you
know what time it is five or 10 minutes will give it yeah it
slowed down big-time yeah hey you know what there’s my bus maybe I should jump
off all right there goes Wes wes is running he’s running to his his bus so
we’re back it’s just me and you now just me and you hope you’re all doing well
out there I’m going to connect my battery for this
short intermission if you will all right
so we’re back Rann got bombed all that sucks I know he
did like what six weeks ago or so you’re writing upside down uh how do you do
that right are you allowed to film inside the stadium well not necessarily we’ll see how long I can eat I don’t
even know if I can film live inside period because I don’t know if the
reception will stay on otherwise I do have a memory card and I’ll just record
it you know I’ll just record my interactions but I was able to film inside the wild
game for over an hour and the only reason why I got kicked out is cuz some
a booth next to me nerfed on me because they thought I was like filming them on
purpose like I could care less China Jones love you too thanks for came
up coming out I hope you have a nice hot coffee available I could use some hot
coffee right now with some chocolate in it for sure you’ll see what the prices
are inside $10 for hot coffee and it’s like this
little Dixie cup miss Richardson good to see you now I wasn’t I wasn’t filming the casino
people Scott the casino people next to me complains why don’t you keep up dude
maybe if you interpreted the filming properly and listened to the security
guards you would know why I had to leave I was filming yeah inside the stadium
but those the lottery people next door thought I was filming them dude
so well you come in here and you act like you’re a know-it-all do didn’t
you’d know nothing so yeah I’m gonna regulate are you guys doing hey I’m
terrific Thanks has it ever crossed your mind that we don’t live on a ball in
outer space no yeah like a flat earth for example I
got a YouTube channel I’d love for you to check it out yeah enjoy the game yeah
yep run yeah we had a cameraman earlier go to the power trailer you will see the
UN grin on it gotta go for now see you china ephesians good to see ya he took off and left it’s a woman I know
right this basketball to be played man ain’t got time for wait phone don’t
women are you guys doing terrific thanks all right so what I’m going to do is start heading
towards the entrance see what time it is for the game and then get my bearings right here so we’re
gonna go inside folks I wonder if they’ll have an issue with
the selfie camera the selfie stick I’ll have to put that in the pocket so bear
with me here all right let’s get to it let’s get to how you
guys doing let’s get to it has it ever crossed your mind that we’re not
spinning at a thousand miles an hour on a ball everything does okay well I’d
love for my youtube channel to cross your mind I got a card here I’d love you
to check it out entertainment for tonight it’s better
than that foot it’s better than Netflix Wow he’s trying to get you to quit quit
smoking hon right all right see how long this lasts yeah everything
crosses her mind acceptance quitting the smoking quitting the smoke we’re gonna put me in
my pocket here ma’am I got a look at your bag this can
come in either throw it away or take us to your car yeah just throw it away bagels so phone keys wallet felt wins money
clip should not be repaired to get your behavior bells won’t know that cannot connect that can’t committee
oh wait what is it it’s not like a selfie stick yeah is it okay throw all
this stuff away did I get that so tell us you’re in a grey shirt but you have
to go back to art and they will scan your ticket okay and then you’ll be able
to come back okay how’d you go back to my car you’re
coming back in yeah why do you need pepper spray yep thank you all right see the TSA
entrance got the selfie stick as a weapon deal I was trying to take my belt
off I thought it might be able to get away with my belt but so I mean the
pepper spray was eight bucks on Amazon I was like well I’ll deal with that but
then they wanted me to throw my selfie stick away too
and that’s not gonna happen so my car isn’t too far and I got just got to walk
up to the Skyway so it’s not too much all is one bring a gun next time and not
the pepper spray wish I had a taser gun that’d be cool so
and then I could just leave all my stuff in the car because I’m in the Skyway so
I don’t need my hat I can leave and I can walk right into there so because what I was gonna do is just
gonna leave my jacket and everything on my seat and walk around hey you’re still
here this will give me a opportunity to know how to get back to my car Morgan good to see ya
positively butt hurts in the house leak rinse fuller Tony good to see you Tony
well I got to go back to my car and drop off my selfie stick and my pepper spray
cuz they won’t allow it because if they’re gonna pepper spray
anybody it’s gonna be them they’re gonna tase anybody it’s gonna be them so
that’s how they disarm you going up then you got the red flower
vase had we known that if we got a little further turn to the left and
there was a bar there we went started there yeah got a sandwich and chips I didn’t look
at how much she sandwiches some water works look there she is my chariot awaits Kimmy good to see ya Gary more so if you want to go get a
sandwich go to the bathroom get something to eat I’ve got a bit of a delay here I gotta
go back to my car so all right so I just figured we’d get rid of the
jacket and everything since I got to go back to my car anyways at the end of the
game to get the selfie stick so so I’ll just leave my hat and everything so I
feel a little bit more comfortable leaving my seat third floor going down all right so we’re walking back to the
game thanks Wes for your help appreciate ya and then I’ll probably leave sometime
middle of the fourth quarter to go back to my car and get my stuff so I can head
back to the corner until then we’ll see how long we can stay inside well thanks for bearing with me folks let’s get ready to go inside here


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