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Hey everybody hope you’re all doing well
this is Joshua Swift live at the Minnesota State Capitol building I’m
your host for Authentic Intent thanks everybody for coming by and checking out
the live stream or if you’re coming in later appreciate you so we’re just
chillin getting ready to set up walk around there’s actually some people in
the atrium where I’m gonna be kind of canvassing if you will for the
International Women’s Day so women get a day it’s international hopefully they’re
gonna get their crunch –less doritos here pretty soon
flat earth vegans good to see ya aj206 Jared Wilkey hey buddy good how
you doing saw ya in Jamie brown’s chat about an hour ago on my way here good to see
everybody we’re just gonna it actually went live on accident I accidentally hit
the live button so you kind of surprised me so we got some people like I said set
up in the atrium so hopefully they’ll be able to hear my conversation and we’ll
try to wake them up so plane sailing thanks a lot unruly fellows hello
so wondering if it’s gonna stream by live chat I know that YouTube changed it
so that the live chat now streams so look at this we got some got some guests
here in the atrium for once this is all government propaganda here but you know
we’ll give them a chance let them say what they want to say so how you doing
we’re live here at the Minnesota State Capitol again folks full of propaganda over here
let’s check this out just gonna walk around a little bit again we got plenty
of visitors coming in and out of the State Capitol building here so we’ll
have plenty of opportunities show you some winners I got some paintings here hey David
Roche good to see ya NASA CGI LIES NASA CGI that is correct sir posted here in the eighth off off to the
side of the atrium these are artworks that people decided
to take and draw Jordan hatch good to see himawari thanks for coming by spending a
couple of hours here at the so on and so forth thank you for the First Amendment so
that I can share my opinions history is written by the winners not the losers
that’s why at this moment six million people are still burning in the gallows historical fort snelling ladies i do
them and terrific thanks it’s as satellites don’t exist yeah yeah as
prescribed by mainstream media and our school did you know that all the
pictures of satellites in outer space are CGI’d and made on a computer ok well
that you do know well what are you seeing the sky
okay well what’s this we stuff then what do you see in the sky okay yeah those
are balloons high-altitude balloons 150,000 feet or so on the sky and you
know Google Earth right okay that was a Project loon
so Project loon is actually just hundreds of thousands of balloons
traveling over our level motionless plane that is flat it’s not a sphere
that we live on and so that’s how we have our Google Earth and so those
lights in the sky I know you’re referring to you see lights moving in
the sky right so you assume they’re satellites right they May or may not be balloons “are you filming?” I am yeah
yeah we’re live on YouTube and and it’s public property so did you know that
your cell phone and your laptop actually film you know no so you have a problem
with the private citizen filming you but when he’s typing on his cell phone the
government’s the government’s looking right back at you though so just a
heads-up so I’d suggest you put electrical tape on your selfie cameras
private citizens can’t film ya but it’s okay for the government to, makes a
lot of sense these guys are Cowboys Cowboys how you doing fellas? good just hanging out with the signage here satellites don’t
exist well you know those lights in the sky
that you see like traveling over right exactly stars so you can see hundreds of
trillions of miles away right well I guess so
and so you’ll sometimes see like moving lights in the sky
most people would interpret those as satellites right okay well if you google
image satellites in space this is what you get our CGI computer rendered images
you will not find one authentic genuine picture of a satellite in outer space
and what’s taking a picture of the satellite my point is is that we don’t
live on a sphere hurtling millions of miles through space we live on a level
motionless plane and we’ve been lied to and if you believe we landed on the moon
you are incredibly deceived who said there’s an edge how far does outer space
go yep so our school tells us that space is infinitely expanding right how do
they know that and how was that measured how do you know that there’s an edge on
a flat earth where do you get that yeah circumnavigation right okay so let’s say
that this is a flat earth okay and if I was to start here in America and I go
around like this on a flat level motionless plane go this way no you’re
going this way around sir because you’re using compasses and gyros too I am I’m
live on face on YouTube and Facebook it’s it’s public property so you don’t
have a problem with the government recording you on your cell phone so
to prove the great feat of mankind uh well I’m trying to prove that the first
amendment riot is still being used in America and this is my opinion and many
others opinions and observations and so do you like to be lied to sir no I don’t
know you know I don’t like to be lied to either and when I found out that not
only is the moon landing a fraud NASA and SpaceX are a fraud and we being
taught that we live on a spinning ball that gives us our worldview and most
likely people believe in evolution yeah I was taught the same thing the Sun in
the summertime in Minnesota is more intense we were feeling it right now the
Sun and sure Marge’s way warmer than it is in November yep because we’re doing
this yep so how does that work with a flat sphere
and then how the circle or how the Sun comes up around the world you sure
totally totally yeah so can I ask you a really basic science question what is
the degree of our tilt 23.4 okay okay do you know the remainder of 23.4 is no
66.6 yeah well if you’re familiar with the Bible you I’m just saying it is a
coincidence so to your question with the Sun right here’s the North Pole in the
center okay here’s us here in the North North America okay the edge of my selfie
stick will be the Sun let’s say that the Sun is closer than 93 million miles away
and as it rotates around the North Pole it gets further away to create our our
winters and as the year pro it could be or circular there’s another
idea that the Sun travels like this and comes back you know but the most popular
idea of the Sun traveling around the earth is it actually goes around the
North Pole and the further away from the North America it gets the colder that it
gets and then as it becomes a summer solstice the Sun which is closer maybe a
couple hundred miles away actually spins and revolves and comes closer to the
North Pole well it’s more of a localized Sun sir how many how many let’s say how
many hours or minutes after the Sun quote sets do we see daylight right
probably like 90 minutes sometimes right the Sun has gone down and you see it
sometimes at our 90 minutes or so so what I’m saying is is that there’s noble
gases that the Sun is creating it’s not a fireball in outer space
so what it’s doing is it’s actually electrifying the molecules in the sky
and lighting up those noble gases to give us our light it’s that light like
we see here electricity it’s its own personal light going 80 mile an hour which isn’t as
fast as your spins not at all but that cool sunset took hours where is in here
sure so how can you explain that then that just proves that the Sun isn’t
moving as fast and the earth isn’t spinning as fast as we’re told no the
earth is not at all spinning I said then where you’re noticing that the earth is
not spinning as fast as we’re being taught
which means there’s an underlying lie well how do you know that it’s because
you’re chasing it how do you but you don’t know the it’s never been measured
that the earth is spinning man or if you’re down on the equator my experience
is that Sun when she goes she goes it doesn’t hang around it doesn’t but it
just it’s gone and to me the only way in my mind
if you are on a sphere you know what I mean so now you’re know I can understand
where you’re coming from and since you’ve been four you’ve thought about
the globe so NASA was a fraud yes sir percent no I’m saying that what
they’re promoting and what they’re giving us as a public is not real
information nobody’s been to space so they built all this equipment I just
come from the Cape Kennedy where they have the museum sure they’ve built they
built all this up like the Saturn 5 rocket that could take this Capitol
building to fit it in yeah sure how much money do you they built that just of
course how much money do you think NASA gets an a date yeah did they did make it
to fool you you kidding they have that exact Challenger hmm not the Challenger
but Challenger is blown up showers are born oh yeah that’s what they tell about
the fullest yeah did you know that a majority of the passed court astronauts
on the challenger may or may not be alive right now they’re not alive how do
you know have you investigated such a concept yeah I have actually
that’s why I’m bringing it up NASA gets 53 million dollars a day people were
there what could you do with 53 million dollars that doesn’t matter that doesn’t
mean they went to outer space sir you’re on the ground still and then what you do
see you see it on TV order the Bible a little bit before with the six-six-six
yeah the Bible tells you that the earth is round
no doesn’t show me where it says that sir can you please quote the verse where
it says that okay yeah because in Isaiah it does say that the Lord puts his feet
on a circle a circle could be a pizza or a penny or a dinner plate or it could be
the earth no that’s not its own video what’s a footstool sir is it God it’s a
footstool us we are really tiny in I do this really how do you get paid
where do you go to school Minnesota yep would you I graduated from Buffalo high
school yeah anyway the university Minnesota would know I didn’t go to
school at all okay I can buy this yeah so go for sure sure yeah yeah I
appreciate that you know yeah man Bob do you guys use GMOs in your yeah we
do okay that’s true shame Monsanto and everything what’s wrong with that world
oh man that’s your red grapes you know I have yeah I’m in Buffalo there’s
hundreds of the firm actually my father lives up there I mean they have the best
left up in Alexandria did you know that I got my go to my YouTube channel on the
bottom of the description section my dad he sells lefse oh gosh know what
I can’t I can’t I don’t know but he actually got um one of the guys who won
American Idol he does like a cooking show now and he goes across the country
built something Hicks I can’t remember his name but he does a T doesn’t like a
cooking show on Toby and he goes around the states and he came to my dad’s left
this place so sure thing yeah I’d use enough same place you do okay so
you haven’t looked up GMOs or anything that has to do with GMOs yeah okay okay
so GMO problems maybe Google at what is wrong with Brody is what do you find it
well in from what I’ve found over a period of time and actually is starting
to change the human genome and giving people sicknesses and allergies that
they weren’t privy to previously do you think that could be
I mean what you get directly correlate that it says Jen it’s genetically
modified food sanitize they’re keeping their kids
clean I’m sure it I mean that’s the external though yeah yeah
so you’re promoting GMOs to give us a better immune system use all the plastic synergize I mean
everything yeah the other thing this glass everything is in a PLAs try to use
glass as much as I can I mean yeah you know I mean yeah so what’s the
alternative what should we be ated or organic I mean
I know that would the organic industry is probably just as controlled as the
GMO industry I mean you’re not gonna have organic come out and be like hey
you know this is so much better we can treat actually as civilians here in
America we get arrested or fined if we have a massive garden did you know that
people who handout I know it doesn’t happen in Minnesota I’ve seen people
getting arrested for handing out food to the poor on in the East Coast I don’t
know man it’s a news article type it in man google it I know but but we don’t
were over over a period of time it just seems in my opinion that as Americans
were losing our ability to have choice yeah yeah we should grow more organic
are we limiting by pushing matter we limiting Americans to have the choice
because we are I’m working for a farm no we are transitioning some land and
organic crops okay because we see how do you how can you do that with the soil
that you have now though we see the value we see the value that we can
produce because organic crops are selling for three times the amount of
yeah yeah so it’s GMO now though but how do you transition it to a non GMO soy
after okay okay I’m asking these questions because I got viewers you know clearly a better profit right on the
world we do and that’s I promote that too production about prices prices are three
times higher know that regular food sure and so now you’re telling those
middle-class lose those poverty those people living in poverty that you know
you’re starving but we’re gonna make your food three times more yeah not to
mention we only have so many resources in the world sure and we need to use
them as wisely as we can so if you’re using an acre of ground to produce
something you want to produce as much as you can to get so it can be as
affordable so people can sure you know and not to mention with fertility and
all these things so now I need phosphorus and nitrogen on my ground to
get the bigger yield yep if I just use a little bit I can get a whole lot more so
then like the diesel fuel that I use they’re hot right tell the grounder all
their production practices instead of getting let’s just say I get 200
you notice the beggar payback for society not for the farmer making money
for society better allocation and resources okay you know all told so then
then instead of you spending whatever half of your food and happier yeah I
mean it’s it’s like a dollar twenty nine for not for organic bananas for example
yeah you know for 89 cents a pound forget your money you have yeah for
whatever cause or whatever purpose you’re trying to you trying to mean it’s
now your dollar goes through time you brought up like the earth is you know
starving basically and I’ve seen it firsthand we are we’re the biggest
producer of food in the world yep and it’s and were the lowest cost
how did we get there because the people do drunk that the
people who run the earth need to have classes because we can’t all be rich we
can’t all have food in our belly and we can’t all have clothing and shelter so
they do limit the possibilities of others overseas developing a first world
country like ours establishment man hey I appreciate it you guys familiar what
Terminator seeds are yeah and they do sell those to third world countries so
they sell those through third world countries and then the next year to
those countries have to buy them again so I appreciate the information guys
thanks for listening and Christian 100% sir Jesus Christ is the only way to God
have a going all right well that was enjoyable thanks
everybody come by hanging out you know I did my GMO stuff years ago so I’m glad that they were here to share
that to everybody and yeah I am against GMO foods I don’t agree with how their
produce how they go about their business and so on when I did do my quote
research on the Internet’s it just left a bad taste in my mouth
and III saw some really good documentaries you know that I felt were
in line with revealing the negative effects of GMOs Monsanto is one company
that’s going to burn in hell for damaging genuine farmers and having
Monsanto seed you know flowing over to their their farm and then Monsanto comes
over to their farm and says hey you got Monsanto seeds in there those are
copyrighted you know you’re not allowed to have those so then Monsanto takes
over their crops so that’s kind of a Jay move but Martin won’t good to see ya Tim
Osmond that’s not your original profile you must have got banned again that’s
too bad praise the shrinking Psalm tine good
morning good afternoon good evening g/b good to see you yeah if you guys
want to post post your opinions about GMOs I’d love to read them see them
sometimes I get into interactions with people’s like it’s it can be difficult
to look at the chat it’s always good to have a lifeline to give me some pointers
cuz yeah I mean GMOs a couple years ago and just a lot of the information just
kind of slide in my my mind but you know they’re businessmen right
they’re places they need to go so burn lung set so crops right mo be good
to see ya I hear certain GMOs have been associated with organ failure of course
who knows for sure says GB yeah exactly GMOs are the transgenderism of organic
food their even turning our food into transgenders so happy International
Women’s Day out there all you women get another day Valentine’s Day isn’t enough
Christmas Day isn’t enough you have specific days when is the guy day
oh yeah that’s every sporting event right so here’s what’s going on here
these are exhibits set up here at the State Capitol building in the atrium so
you can look at that pause it later if you want to look at that grave stolen
restoration just want to give everybody in there a heads up where you’re gonna
end up since it’s here that’s where you’re gonna be here pretty soon a
couple years a couple decades maybe tomorrow where’s your skull David that’s a good
point where is my flat earth stall I think it could probably go right here
you could stuff right just set up shop right here huh that was nice of those
gentlemen Noda you know stop by and stop me
so just here’s our stall right here just set up right here all this one thanks eh I will save you all is one not this
say I know I’m pretty sure artificial intelligence is on its way if you
haven’t seen the latest x-files not the one that was not the one that’s being
filmed today I think the one today is or yesterday but it’s the one that was last
week the x-files that was last week has a lot
to do with artificial intelligence and computers
and stuff it’s kind of funny I’ll give you just the premise because that’s what
I’m gonna do spoiler alert Scully and Fox they go to
a sushi restaurant at the very beginning and they’re they don’t talk at all so
it’s kind of a bizarre first 15 minutes because there’s really not any talking
throughout the entire episode they probably have like one paragraph of
lines and so Mulder he doesn’t tip the sushi place and he finds out that inside
the sushi restaurant it’s being run 100% by robots and so he ends up losing his
credit card it eats his credit card because he doesn’t want a tip and
throughout the entire episode Fox and Scully are being harassed by drones and
robots and AI in their car and stuff so these gentlemen are spy you know taking
a taken home look mocking ridiculing I’m sure whenever they can see my sign from
down so hey Patricia good to see ya thanks
for the shoutout yesterday I’m doing well thanks good episode you guys
covered a lot it’s good to hear yeah I can’t I I just I’m starting I’m kind of
it’s difficult for me to wrap my head around the whole fake jet fuel airplane
thing that’s pretty difficult I understand it I get it you use the
gasoline to start the wind turbines and then boom
they’re just gliders but you know we got to get some more concrete evidence I’d
love to have some interviews with some you know plane technicians maybe this
guy will take a picture of me from up there I’m just standing here over my
sign so who are all the people is it a GMO convention no I don’t think it is I
think it’s just got the Minnesota Historical Society that lady over there
is just taking a picture of me and making it look like she’s not but we got
her on camera also I’m gonna go give her my card because you’re gonna take a
picture of me you either have to take my card or my DVDs that I have that’s that’s it P Mars did you lose in poker
put P Mars is trying to challenge me heads up online for poker play but I
don’t really play online I play firsthand live and I like the excitement
of getting two heads up I don’t like just to do heads up that’s just you know
the build-up to heads up you know beating you know six or seven other
players is good so P Mars thinks that he can beat me and heads up little does he
know little does he know what do you play P
Mars where do you what app what on your computer who do you go through Bravada
or something like that professional poker player gimme a break man someone says ladies gun talk and I’m
gonna go over there and slap slap give him my carb Journeys wait good to see
you thanks a lot for coming by we don’t have too many visitors in here yet I did
see a half a dozen school buses outside there is a lot to this area there are
tunnels that lead to the do the judiciary branch House of
Representatives Secretary of the states so there’s tunnels all over this area
which I’m sure Washington DC it’s kind of the same thing so we got some tour
people here well uh let’s walk around yeah let’s just go around hey we’re back yeah yeah there’s a nice eight-pointed
star in the middle and they tell people that these the star right there
it’s m’s so you can see the MS on the star represent the points that’s what
they’re telling the tour guides to tell civilians which is 100 percent line the
star is not eight-pointed because of the ends that they wanted to make give me a
friggin break Ephesians 6:12 Jordan hatch P Maher says that he over
abundantly plays poker with six windows open so he can be a money-grubbing so thanks man Carolyn good to see ya about 35 minutes in so got about 90 more
minutes to hang out guys got a t-shirt that says zero gravity on it let me see
if I can zoom in a little bit gravity we’re meant to be here folks see when you see stuff like that it just
it just all comes together just all comes together like peanut butter and
jelly don’t film me how you doing sir hmm
pretty cool structure huh yeah I know right
yeah yeah do you believe in the moon landing sir I got a question do you
believe that we landed on the moon sir do you believe we land on the moon okay
you were lied to and 100% deceived do you believe everything dick Nixon didn’t
during his presidency no okay so for the four years that Richard Nixon was
president he lied to you about landing on the moon six times yeah I know it’s
funny now but you’ll you’ll know the truth soon enough young lady have a good
afternoon cuz you’re gonna end up just like me and
you and everybody else when you end up here that’s when you know the truth
hopefully you have enough money to get a gravestone restoration in a couple of
years so hey I just wanted to say hi and give you my card
since I saw you taking my picture so I figured this fair deal you don’t take my
picture you get information so what’s your information here okay like what event is probably 2018 is
going to be like boom the big event okay okay in 1968 they told us we landed on
the moon 69 yeah 68 69
yeah so you don’t talk about the exhibit well I mean you see like what happened
in the last 50 years told me about 68 no that’s not very nice well I mean just
since I mentioned it do you believe when they ended on the moon you don’t care
either way so that doesn’t help shape your worldview about who you are as a
human name yeah all right well have a good afternoon Brad good to see you Brad so jibby are you getting into it with
Patrick regarding online poker bill G good to see you thanks for coming by it doesn’t matter to me but it did shape
your worldview whether you believe it or not that is the moon landing
Jim truth good to see you yeah I think the week of tax week I’m
gonna go hit up my Fed Reserve so first couple weeks of April we’ll just go to
the Fed Reserve here in Minneapolis Minnesota talk to people about that so nice such such nice people here I’m
gonna distract this guy by just filming him hello schmutz on the camera there we go that’s probably better what to say thanks to mark sergeant for
posting the Minnesota meetup today if you haven’t seen that go to his channel
mark Sargent posted the Meetup March 31st at the flat earth brewery I figured
there’s no better place to go for a flat earth meetup than the flat earth brewery
in Saint Paul Minnesota that’s gonna be the last Saturday of
March the day before the government tells you that Jesus died the next day
on Easter on April Fool’s Day so if you believe that April 1st is Easter and
that’s the day that Jesus Christ died you are a fool yourself we never landed
on the moon and so on and so on so that’ll be fun I think it’ll be a good
turnout and when I did go into the Flat Earth brewery a number of months ago none of the bartenders believed the
earth was flat they’re just like I just work here man so you know like
that’s that’s like an that’s like a flat earther working in in NASA or I mean if
you want to be like an agent and NASA and like let people know the secrets and
whatnot if you’ve got like super secret clearance
but yeah the flat earth brewery nobody in that establishment believes the earth
is actually flat so we’re gonna have some fun with them Brennan a Brandon
Esteban I thought April Fool’s was when the elite changed the calendar to
January 1st for the new year hardy har-har
I know right they want to tell us that March is the actual 1st of the year you
know hey what are you gonna do you’re being sprayed by raid good to see
you we’re in our Minnesota State Capitol
building right now we’ve kind of canvassed around a little bit I think
I’ll go over to these people here since they’re just talking to each other maybe
they can go and interrupt their conversation because that’s what I do Jace Swift is going over interrupting
conversations so you know what is your display here American colleges and then I also okay okay
okay awesome look I appreciate you got a lot to do I mean that’s a lot of I mean
do you have any free time to go yeah I like I like South Asian Asian food
you know more but I think every American should venture out and try different
food do you are you familiar with what cognitive dissonance –is you said there
were cognitive right could you explain it just yeah cognitive dissonance yeah I’m live on YouTube I’m uh I’m live
on YouTube and I’m here live doing a social experiment kind of doing some
protesting informing the public about various topics and information so I do
have a YouTube channel I’d love for you to check it out but cognitive dissonance
is the inability to let go of what you’ve been taught or learned in the
past when given new information and we tend to find that here in a community
called flat earthers where we have our under this understanding that we live on
a level motionless plain and not a sphere like we’re taught in school and
so most of us don’t believe in the moon landing that outer space is real
people in this community yeah most humans do because they saw it on TV and
they were taught it in school so they just believed it right but they don’t
actually do another personal investigation to see that they’re quote
astronauts on the moon were actually carried by harnesses so I mean they had
backpacks on and they had harnesses to help give them the idea that they were
on the moon and when they were if they were actually probably on a movie set so
it’s just something to think about that’s what I do with my information
here I come here and I just kind of do the same thing and just let people know
so I didn’t encourage you to investigate the idea of the earth being a level
motionless flat plain because none of the pictures that you’ve seen in outer
space are real they’re all CGI like satellites in space that’s not a real
picture of a satellite in space so nobody’s taken that picture either so so
yeah thanks for listening yeah thanks a lot
so the rolling of the eyes is always number one by people but that’s fine
they want to roll their eyes and act like I’m the black sheep
that’s 100% totally fine so we’ll give it a couple of minutes and
then we’ll hit up another kiosk if you will oh hey we got a – a guy here yet tommylee exactly she has that who
look I hear you speaking but I don’t really understand I care what you’re
saying because I’m totally comfortable with my life I only care about American
Indians bullit good to see ya it’s up peanuts Clark in the house
Nathan Oakley yeah this is a good this is a good day we got a lot of Tours got
a lot of you know older people to tell them that we never landed on the moon
then you were lied to but I’m not mocking you I was great where there with
you actually you know I didn’t really 100% believe we landed on the moon but satellites aren’t designed to take
selfies I know right so they spend an extra couple million dollars to send a
selfie satellite there’s a selfie satellite in outer space right now selphie satellites just hovering around
orbiting this 25,000 mile and circumference sphere of an earth taking
pictures of all the satellites in outer space too many wolves in the chat may
you walk eternally with Christ 100 percent that’s the only thing I can
trust in certainly won’t trust in any of these people a lot of people say so I
overheard this idea in a chat room the other day and I thought it was kind
of interesting about why does it matter well it matters because you’re being
lied to right and in conjunction with that you’re also being videotaped by
your selfies camera audio is being recorded through your phone your TV is
recording you your xbox is record so I mean you know you’re being recorded
through your emails what you buy so on and so on okay we got the picture
they’re building a case against you so with the idea with that being said
they’re building the perfect world leader think about that everything that you do is being recorded
everything your pooping habits when you go buy toilet paper what you buy at the
store is being recorded and so over a period of time they are going to put
give us a world leader and it’s gonna be the perfect world leader one world
government and billions of people will fall for it the worship this said leader
hate to tell you on International Women’s Day the world leader most likely
won’t be a female but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was to be honest with
you because the establishment does everything opposite of God and so I just
thought that was an interesting idea that you know they’re using all the
information that they’re recording us with through our cell phones and you
have these people who are saying well I don’t care I’m not doing anything wrong
well that’s fine you know but they’re recording you so that they can give you
the best leader ever and they’ll put this best leader ever up against you
know somebody you know that doesn’t have the best reputation if you will so it’ll
be a clean clean sweep if you will so so I thought that was kind of interesting are you and Steve good man 81 Eric Dale
good to see ya thanks for coming by don’t have name badges if you don’t want
me to call you by your name young lady is curious but what’s going on why am I
wasting my time here my cell phone doesn’t have a camera on
and it’s in it never and it’s never on well unless you cover it with electrical
tape or you have a clamshell Oh see what these guys are up to this guy’s
just coincidentally walking away how you doing today I’m terrific Thanks what is
it that your display is sharing okay well since you’re offering I’d love to
take a bookmark and then I’ll give you something of mine yeah it’s my youtube
channel and live on YouTube right now and I’m just sharing information with
the public that they might not be privy to so are you familiar with what
satellites are you don’t know what a satellite is though okay sure did you
know that they they orbit outer space that’s what they tell us right although
it’s never been documented that a genuine picture of a satellite has ever
been taken did you know that so okay sure do you just really quick do you
have an idea that we live on a sphere spinning and out well if the earth is I
just give you this a fear this 71% water and water always finds its level when
it’s in its container right like a bathtub or a lake an ocean how is it
that gravity is so strong that it can keep trillions of tons of water into a
sphere shape when we’ve always seen water level and most when it’s a
motionless it is and I would encourage you to explore that and it might change
your entire life so have a nice afternoon Thanks do you need doobie Doo yeah that’s the pretty much it the
rolling of the eyes bummer yo that’s too bad yeah I did cut
out there at the end but basically I just told her that 71% of the earth is
water it’s always level and we don’t live on a ball lady and she rolled her
eyes a couple of times information that I’m sure she’s just gonna go home
curl up with half a gallon of yogurt frozen yogurt and some cookies and watch
a your Dubai video Sawadee Cobb Eric Dubay saw your
interview with that young Lee walking around the
dinosaur zoo that was interesting that makes me miss Thailand so much like
watching that there are so many lost people in Thailand wonderful food good
people though good atmosphere yeah Carl hey there you go I mean that’s
a good point but I’m gonna use their own ammunition against him right I’m gonna
pick and choose what I want to say I’m gonna choose to use 71% water because
that’s what they told us and I’m gonna use it against them in a court of law
don’t don’t those guys are still hanging out up there
it’s not the establishment up there the wave till next time you look down monka monka monka bang fun look we’re not going to look so how’s
everybody doing Joshua here still at the Minnesota State Capitol building
it’s got probably about another hour we’re gonna hang out here some argue that veganism is the new
world order diet right praise Jimmy Jedi brian blazer some
symbolism on the floor yeah eight pointed star actually I’ll go up on the
top shout out to the women I know right International Women’s Day because they
don’t have enough holidays right so for all you newbies here that may have not
seen my previous streams go upstairs give you a quick little just when I come up here to it’s kind of
a lame sauce Oh courts in session I don’t know if you
can see it justice is the idea of God the ideal of
man law is the embodiment of the moral sentiment of the people the people’s
safety is the law of God well which God are they talking about because I’ll tell
you what most of these people are freemasons
so there she is Yeah right it’s an eight it’s an a
pointed star because it says the MS see the MS see the MS kids the M stand for
Minnesota that’s why it’s an eight-pointed star come on got a statue
are you going to be important enough to have a statue made of you earth Lattner
lunch yummy yummy hey I’m into uh another
channel update because of wonderful subscribers like Flat Earth flattener
and others I have Minnesota timber wolf tickets
coming up so we’ll be at the Target Center to watch a Minnesota Timberwolves
game and share information with the public no not good to see me that’s not
kosher but you know that’s all right oh this the signage says towers from one
hundred and forty six miles from one point of land to another who said that
there’s an edge why does it have to be an edge though sir I mean why does that
why does why is outer space infinite who measured that well I can I can give you
a really quick thing really quick okay so okay well you know I just wanted to
show you how you can circumnavigate a level motionless plane but good to see
you again I’ll probably see you soon yeah have a good one ah you know I don’t let new information
I don’t like new information so he runs away but you know whether whether
anybody believes this or any other conspiracy theory that you have we live
in America and this is the First Amendment right hey fellas how you doing
okay good the earth is flat and not a ball like we’re taught in school okay
and it’s good for us to use our First Amendment right here in America and
share hey they took my spot where am i oh okay and just share information with them
okay I think we might have to do a reset here hold on everybody give me a minute
all right we’re back so I think that that’s one thing that
people are kind of getting confident about is starting to openly share their
opinions and and their disdain if you will of the United States government
particularly and so hey do you want to hear about what’s in
the case sure yeah thank you okay I am
live-streaming you okay what where to YouTube
yeah you want to share your information with everybody right yeah okay just get
this all okay oh I’m sorry they are smiling from all different
periods of existence people have lived on that land for thousands of years
okay that was found during excavation work in
the sixties and we know is from the earlier period we don’t know if it was
used on soldiers who were in trouble or enslaved he bought the form this is a
list of enslaved people at the fort that we found in Lawrence Tolliver’s papers
so he has all the names listed there and at the bottom it says 21 freed from
slavery 1839 40 and 43 mm-hmm and they were freed by him because they were his
slaves okay it’s really kind of heartbreaking this is the newspaper and
we I put this in here because it talks about four it’s on but it’s also one of
the examples of our digitized newspapers Labor’s are so great because they can be
the search by keyword instead of having to go through all the microphone oh so
honey what did you do that like cuz I mean it was printed once hey did you
have such high quality that it can be read so that’s great
um this show this is a basket that was made after World War one was is he came
back from the war and either they were injured physically or mentally they what
we call PTSD now and they called the shell shock thing okay and so they came
back and they were in a state that they needed help and so they went to this
occupational therapy sort of hospital at Fort Snelling so that was one of the
pieces that was made by a soldier and then addition a couple pieces from World
War two so here we have some soldiers leaving the port walk toward 1941 this
is a picture from the Japanese translators
and they typically thought and this is an armband that I was working from the
Women’s Army for that’s why this jar has seven points and
that’s cool I like it also his it’s yellow which is the traditional college
color for suffragette movement so it’s particularly one thing so that’s what we
have terrific yeah I don’t if you date these items at 6000 BC is that how it
that would that would imply that the earth is older than 6000 BC right and I
can’t I wouldn’t agree with that sure thing and I would love for you to check
out my information here I got a YouTube channel well thank you man thanks for
listening thanks for sharing all right so I believe in science she blinded me
with science no sadness all right science and we’re back
yippee every time I go upstairs it seems like there’s always an issue so it’s
like I got to reset the camera and research this reset the strip garbage Nathan Oakley 3G only on Mars hey did
you know that Elon Musk is gonna send a 4G network to the moon so so if you
google that type in for Elon Musk 4G moon landing you’ll get some information
about that I don’t know why it’s not gonna be 5g you know considering that
that’s where we’re headed we’re back YouTube is being funny Yeah
right they’ll only get 3G on Mars you know I feel terrified slightly terrified
for those two people that are supposed to be going to the moon and eventually
going to Mars considering that Elon Musk and his team
of oh you tube YouTube YouTube YouTube is being funny
and so with his crack team of scientists Elon Musk
missed the moon with his Tesla car so good luck with that it’s good luck
trying to get people to sign up to travel to the to the moon and to Mars and as team of husks the 4G network to
the moon is great news for all people who live on the moon I know right
they’ve been probably struggling with 3G for quite a while won’t be long before
Richard Branson starts laying virgin fiber optics in the moon they will have
to shut the moon down for weeks for hate well I mean yeah what are you gonna do
you’re gonna have you’re gonna cause accidents up there with all the
satellites with the fiber optics from the earth to the moon
people are gonna be doing the limbo trying to avoid all the fiber-optic
cables I think she’s drinking a glass of wine
I’ll bet you I’ll bet yeah so thanks a lot for
everybody hanging out got 45 minutes to hang out here and do maybe don’t have
any school classes say I saw somebody coming through here
Vinny Vinny TV good to see ya Vinny bot is it GB says just make sure
they’re your signals are enough horsepower to penetrate the ionosphere
great flattered Cormac goldfish brain drop satellite fiber-optics
eight times faster Zain says I feel like no one person will
look into Flat Earth maybe we need to go to the universities next time yeah I do
go to the universities I’m sure you remember but it’s still pretty cold
outside just don’t want to stand outside I’ll start hitting up the university in
April most likely no I’m sure there’ll be a
couple of 50 degree days in April that I could venture out to U of M campus I
feel more at home there because I look like a college student
especially if I’m wearing this if I’m wearing this Golden Gopher shirt this
hoodie let me show you let’s not let me go to selfie there we go so I got this guy here I
mean yeah Minnesota Golden Gopher hoodie so
you know we look like a 22 year old anyways we’ll fit right in yeah we just pick up some some different
ideas as we progress through the year always gonna try to hit up a Twins game
they seem to let me canvass their area and not give me too much about I mean
they did give me kind of a hard time last year but you know this guy how you
doing good we didn’t land on the moon okay sir stop spending our tax monies
and giving it to NASA okay liar
oh I see I see what it’s doing see I have here’s the catch-22 I have my my
apps on Google to update on Wi-Fi only and I never use Wi-Fi you know cuz I I
got the Sprint right and it’s pretty good service and that’s what I use when
I’m out in public because there’s never any Wi-Fi anywhere and that’s the only
time that my apps update so now my apps are updating because I’m connected to
Wi-Fi they just want to connect right now and update coincidentally enough
while I’m doing this thanks Google YouTube appreciate you thanks for having
no idea that I’m live-streaming on YouTube and I need bandwidth to stream
and you’re taking up all my bandwidth by updating apps I never use so yeah they seen we have youngers we
have students coming in here I mean I don’t know the schedule of schools that
come through here you know we had a good conversation with about what do you
think we had 8 or 10 teenagers that just drove up for a wrestling tournament so I
talked to them a little bit so I mean here at the Capitol it’s hit or miss you
know but we’ve talked to some people you’ve handed out some some cards people
just might look at the cards go to my youtube channel or check out the various
documentaries that I have for spite you just you don’t know what people are
gonna do when they go home you don’t know they might throw my authentic
intent card away but remember what I said about Flat Earth and check it out
sometime I might have some closet flat-earthers subscribe to my channel
who don’t want you know who mocked and ridiculed it before and now they you
know so you just you don’t know what people do when they go home Jordan yeah right exactly exactly jiffy you got a point me in the right
direction to get my authentic intent t-shirts that would be fun I mean I’ve
explored that a little bit I don’t necessarily care to promote my channel
or it would be more like an idea or saying I mean we could you we could use
it as a pun we could use it like I have an authentic intent to tell you the
earth is flat or something like that you know if we weren’t having fun we’re
doing it wrong I know right gotta have some fun with these people you know had
some fun with the Cowboys earlier funny that they did their farming up in
Alexandria right where my dad was it was meant to be
hey we’re live we’re back so yeah my phone is downloading apps now so that’s
awesome downloaded Facebook pages good thing you know I can’t live without
Facebook hey and in addition to that I have a LG
g6 phone it came with Facebook already
pre-installed on it I can’t delete Facebook off my phone or or Facebook
pages I can delete facebook Messenger though Tim truth says Elon Musk is gonna put a
man on the Sun geocentric love maybe you can turn off the updates completely oh
but I need my updated you know Domino’s Pizza app yeah but III just coincident
use Wi-Fi I mean rarely I should well what I should do is you know I’m gonna
have to like put two 10 minutes put ten minutes into updating my phone before I
head out so that doesn’t happen that’s what I’ll do and I thought I updated my
phone like a couple days ago but geez Louise like constant updates give me a
break plus all those apps are constantly sending information back to the source
so yeah I mean that’s a good point generally though I mean we do tend to
have a fairly we’re back generally we do though have a pretty decent stream
I don’t think it’s downloading anymore yeah exactly they happen when they want
it see I connect I connect to my Wi-Fi at home sometimes on my phone garbage alright so he didn’t like a hard
reset it just reset my phone so maybe that’ll help
we only got 30 more minutes to go yeah my phone is counting down the time live
now so yeah it definitely is a YouTube thing
YouTube’s on to me good times good times had by all some schmutz on the camera well if you haven’t already like share
subscribe dislike you know do all those things that you do on YouTube if you
like it if you don’t that’s totally fine if you do that helps this content move
up the ladder on Facebook in their algorithm that’s what they tell us right
and also one thing too I don’t think a lot of people do is check out the
description section I updated my links I had some dead links from some channels
that were deleted and some videos that weren’t up anymore so I went through
that and I posted some new videos some good you know really good documentaries
one of them is regarding MKULTRA it’s called the feeding
Phoenix program that’s in the description section it is fascinating to
see how the United States government uses microwave technology and various
other forms of radio waves to control the population people don’t think that
they do that but they do Al Gore al al gore a rhythm mini TV my
whole channel is gone yeah so he were telling me but you know all we can do is
post another one when I was live at the Minnesota Wild Game I took a screenshot
of this but I went into my video manager after the wild game and saw that that
video is not suitable for some advertisers even though I don’t monetize
my videos anymore that was two hours after it got uploaded onto YouTube it’s
like what is not what is not okay with this video why are you telling me this
and then today I looked and after my review that a garbage its I you’re
kidding me all right we solve that problem then no
more updates I had to gravity keeps hitting me here all these
satellites unreal unreal yeah it’s pretty it’s getting pretty
ridiculous I stopped the downloads but then I had
to restart the Wi-Fi so maybe it’ll work better now but it’s just I don’t I don’t
tend to be like that like when people are in our Google Hangouts and they’re
like oh it’s getting pretty choppy the government must not want us to talk
about this give me a break you’re not talking about anything that’s
controversial seriously you have the same two or three
people on your channel every single day oh and then they openly say the
government must be on to us it’s like really like you have the biggest and I’m
not talking about Nathan Oakley so let’s clear the air though but in other
flatter chats you have the same two or three people on your chat and when it
gets choppy come on like it might just be that particular time something’s
going on I mean you need to you need to just not let you need to let go of you
being targeted individual you’re on YouTube talking about stuff like as so
is everybody else you’re not any more special come out and show your face on
public property and videotape it and see what happens you know anybody can talk about the stuff that
you’re talking about but to continually continually have the same echo chamber
on your channel talking about the same stuff you know
oh no the the the firmament is called Nutt and UT give me a break and then
you’re going to complain that the government is trying to shut you down
no you’re promoting the philosophy that the establishment wants you to talk
about why would they want to shut you down or are you playing like possum you
know I think that’s another thing too is like people they they have other
channels come into their channel and snipe them and then they make it look
like oh no I was sniped oh I’m gonna play the victim now you know it’s
unbelievable you know and one thing that I’m gonna address that mark Sargent
brought up with PD PI and the fake subs and the fake view counts and stuff that
is 100% happening in the Flat Earth community I hope you know that and you
need to be aware in the truth of community these people that you follow
and that you praise and the you lift up in this community after three or four
months they have 20,000 to 30,000 subs they have a million views when typically
they have a couple hundred views couple hundred views for like um 95% of all
their videos and one just happens to go viral give me a break no that’s not
that’s not how it happens I not necess it’s not how it works I just I don’t I
don’t believe that and that irritates me because these
people they call themselves truthers in this community or in the truther
community and they can’t see that channels are buying their views you can
type in YouTube by my views and you’ll get two dozen websites that will give
you the ability to buy views for your channel and then there are they’re
genuine views too because they’re just like college students who signed up for
this who have a contract with this website to give a genuine message or
report about it like if you go into the some of these true their channels okay
and you look at their comment section and you see their view count and their
thumbs up are like 20 to 1 look at their comment section and you tell me how
genuine those comments are give me a break and some of those channels aren’t
even real I’m just saying it just irritates me to
the fullest to see people following other truth channels or other Flat Earth
channels and not being able to see through that you know you you stop at
you stop at Flat Earth is what I think a lot of people have done you’re not
continually investigating you’re not continually having your ears perked up
and saying hey you know what I just I don’t know about this people of people
have made videos about some flatter channels you know there’s one flat earth
channel that gave it up and left was around this time last year had 15,000
subs you know and now everybody’s moving over to twitch yeah well nobody’s gonna
watch your content if you call people names all the time and you buy your
views and your subs you know just because there’s a topic or
a particular thing like I don’t know a supermoon and you do a video about the
supermoon where as weeks prior to that you had maybe a couple thousand views
because you’re doing live Google Hangouts and an open panel and now all
of a sudden you do a video about the supermoon and you have five hundred
thousand views within two weeks you gotta stay up you got to stay up on
top of this stuff people please you know there’s channels out there channel gets
deleted and then six months later it has more viewers and subs than it did before you can do this YouTube and their
Community Guidelines allows you to buy your views in your son’s it’s it’s not
it’s not a terminate to a channel termination
you know offence yeah Zain there you go you said it not me so you know just just putting that out
there for everybody hey gourds illa good to see ya thanks for lot for stopping by
Jonathan why is this kid bought her wait he loves drama hence which is even a
flat earther in the first place it’s not drama
it’s just I’m speaking my mind it’s my opinion and I’m trying to wake other
people up it’s not drama didn’t name any names did I name names no I didn’t name
names I’m just saying hey you know what
there’s plenty of people out there that choose to buy their subs and their views
you know some people will say well what’s the big deal about buying views
if it brings the view count up then YouTube is gonna promote it so then our
message is getting out well that’s not a very genuine way to get views and subs
and it taints the integrity of people who are genuine truthers they delete subs from normal channels
they do they’d certainly do or people leave you know I mean I lost you know I
mean not a not a whole lot you know but I mean I lost 20 people 20 subs you know
from the hiatus people are more subtle at first they only buy 10,000 views and
subs not millions yet exactly P Mars like how you taint the integrity of
truthers when you say satellites are fake well like your poker playing I can
we can show that we’re playing poker online and we’re using animation to play
poker this this is an animation okay that’s an animation dude so if I
regularly see something that’s animated on a computer and you’re telling me that
that’s how we communicate on earth then I’m gonna kind of come to the assumption
that hey you know what we probably don’t have to use satellites because 99 are
what is it yeah 99 percent of all communications on
earth are through ground towers fiber optics balloons drones probably
airplanes you know like that was my big thing last year when I was talking to
the college students give me you know and that’s fine hey if you wanna if you
desire that to be true you think it’s true or you’re told that you have to say
that that’s on you and you will be judged for saying that it doesn’t seem
like a big deal now to be judged for something by God but you will be so
either leave or stop saying that satellites exist in their physical
objects orbiting Earth right now because you and I know that that is not true not
only I’m talking to the trolls but I’m talking about you know other flattered
others they know that there’s over 4,000 satellites in outer space right now
supposedly orbiting Earth not one of them was shown during the Tesla car not
one airplane is viewed from the ISS traveling over the earth not one
airplane you can’t see one airplane from the ISS you know you can’t see one satellite
from the ted’s Tesla Roadster if that was real it should look like bees
surrounding an irritated beehive when you take pictures of the Earth from
outer space that picture that they took or that move that movie right that they
had to hide the alien bases of the Dark Side of the Moon from a million miles
away and they took that video the earth should be surrounded by tiny little
satellites you shouldn’t be able to see the surface of the earth the earth is
fake from outer space we have never seen what the earth looks like now whether it
looks like the AE map or the Gleason’s or pac-man we don’t know but it sure as
hell is not a computer image in outer space you know the moon is not a
physical object that can be landed on okay yeah you can bounce a pork radio
off of it big Brit who cares you can’t tell me
that they figured out how to bounce lights or radio waves off of an object
in the sky like the moon you can’t tell me that hundreds of years before you
were ever born they figured out how to bounce a pork radio off the moon and now
you say you’d do it so that means it’s a physical object that can be landed on no
it’s not you cannot land on it as a human being you might be able to bounce
stuff off of it that doesn’t mean that you can go there and play golf so you know these people here all these
people here are going to be woken up whether they like it or not they’re
gonna have to meet God they’re gonna they’re gonna have the revelation that
they were lied to while they were here on earth and they chose to be deceived
they chose the easier path wide and broad is the way to destruction narrow
is the path to truth and these people are all gonna figure it out that they
live on a flat earth what’s up by uh this is public property I can go film
and talk all I want well then don’t open your mouth ma’am okay
now I’m not invading anybody space I’m certainly plenty far away here okay and
if I was to ask you for some information you know you would have to help me so or
I could just sit here and I could look at your information and your periodicals
you know learn your rights ma’am please it’s called First Amendment okay soon
we’re gonna be using a second so wasn’t even talking to her and so you know I’m just I’m just
getting yeah I’m getting irritated you know and I’m showing my disdain for this
reality regularly and we’ll see what happens we’ll certainly see what happens
as we progress throughout the year who’s with me
you know who wants to be you know in public show their face you know people
think that they got privacy you got privacy you got a webcam on that iPad
there they’re watching you you know you take your cell phone camera into the
bathroom with you you don’t have an electrical tape on it guess what you
know figure it out put two and two together there but
you know I’d love for people to come down III let people know here in
Minnesota when I’m gonna come when I’m gonna go live so people want to come by
and I plan on coming to the state capitol at least twice a week hopefully
at at least once a week I’ll be here you know and so people think that their
information is more important than somebody else’s like this this is
important this is important information for us all to learn about like they feel
like all this information here is important enough but my information
because it doesn’t go along with their ideals is a conspiracy you know my
information isn’t important enough but everybody else’s is you know your
information is more important than when I’m sharing give me a break you guys are
all being brainwashed it’s unbelievable and you like it you love the lie that
you live in and you will all be totally deceived like I can’t even explain this
think you guys think you’re being deceived now I could give you all the
conspiracy I could give you the top 10 conspiracy theories that are true that
actually came to be true and you still wouldn’t believe it documented how gorge
Bush propagates lies on national news they can openly propagate lies on the
news it’s documented yeah find something to fight for
see that they still they still sit mock and ridicule find something to fight for
and do something instead of sitting on your hands this is why their country is
the way that it is and that’s the thing – so I’ll bring it
up again idiocracy right the movie idiocracy it takes place you know the
the main part of the movie takes place in 2500 but that movie pass this has has
to have been set up for the 1500s up until now and just showing you how the
progressive state of this country has become that’s us right now the average
IQ cannot anywhere be over a hundred right now there’s no way there is no way
our IQ in this country is over a hundred on average and so as we start to become
more open in public to share the truth with these people you know it’s like P
Mars is saying yo hey come play heads-up with me online I play live poker man so
both of us are gonna be out of our elements if you come down here and we
play heads-up poker in person it’s different than it would be if I was to
play online this is a different animal here you know people say that I’m a jerk
I’m aggressive I’m stalking yada yada this is that’s because you’re so used to
being online and Google Hangouts watching videos making comments sitting
in front of your computer screen have have your names thrown at you be mocked
and ridiculed by every single person that you talk to when you think that
what you’re sharing is truth okay bring it out to the public and be nice to
people you know like like honestly like have compassion and and a desire to
share the truth with these people and have them spit in your face
verbally and metaphorically by mocking and calling you names because you bring
new information to them that they’ve never heard of
they love their schooling they love their education they love mainstream
media you can’t put enough cold water on these
people and wake them up there’s not enough cold water to dump on these
people who are asleep because they want to go back to it they keep going back to
it you know the pig returned you know it’s like it’s like the the proverb the
pig returns to its slop after it’s been washed a dog returns to its vomit you
know you’ve got a dog that’s gonna throw up its gonna lick that vomit right on
you know but you share new information with people tell them that they’ve been
lied to hey you might want to look into this they laugh at you and that’s fine
some people just they’re just never they’re not destined to wake up they’re
not gonna wake up they will choose that is the great part about this country is
we have free will and we have free speech to an extent right I mean if
you’re gonna start mouthing off hate speech I mean you’re gonna have some
difficulty saying what you want to say you know but I mean if you have opinions
and you have viewpoints that don’t line up with the main agenda of this country
and this earth you are gonna catch some clap there’s nothing wrong with catching
flat for what you believe it and that’s what we have to do you know
eventually over a period of time I think there will be people out in the YouTube
lands who will be ready to publicly come out and and either join me or go to your
own state capital you know this is where things get done I mean laws you know I
can go to a committee meeting I can find out when that stuff is and I can have my
three minutes but I think I think in a in a in a general sense
yeah truth is the new hate speech hippie good exactly the truth is in the new
hate speech but I think I think overall the University campus is probably the
best place for me to go because that’s really where kids are that’s where our
youth is our future and we got to start waking them kids up you know you’re you
know you’re mid to low 20 year olds sporting events and here you know it’s a
great place to meet younger kids and and talk to them and say hey you know what
you live on a ball yeah we do blah blah blah and then they mock and ridicule you
and then you say hey well go home and ask your parents who’s Santa Claus is
see where that goes okay I can’t prove to you that we live
on a ball or a flat earth here in this place but I can tell you to go talk to
your kids about San Fran’s hey doing sir I am terrific Thanks
hey right on man hey do you believe that satellites exists and they’re orbiting
earth right now no no no no not at all are you mocking and ridiculing or you
just clammed up have you ever seen one with your own physical eyes yes you have
like a light in the sky or you soon lately okay so you assume it’s a
satellite right I’ve been told as his headlight I was told to so you would
think that it’s probably something like this guy in outer space right okay yeah
it looks more like this are you familiar with what CGI is and like Photoshop and
everything is okay does this look like a genuine picture of a satellite in outer
space then it is then 100% of all your satellites in outer space on Google are
this I’m just trying to draw a conclusion together and see if you can
meet me in the middle at least if all of our satellites in outer space are CGI
images and I was to take a picture of this on the ground where would that lead
you because this is on the ground but then they tell us that this is up in
space that would lead me to believe that that’s right okay and so if I was to
hand you an article that says 99% of all Earth’s communication is through fiber
optics and ground towers what would that well satellites don’t exist where else
are we going to get our communication from yes your question is satellites
don’t exist hmm they’re probably 99.9% is through
fiber optics and there you go so I got a run Hey right on I got a YouTube channel
it’ll help you explore a little bit more have a good afternoon
what’s your name McDonald John McDonald Joe McDonald thanks a lot man good to
meet you I’ve safe out there thanks yeppers Joe McDonald good to see you
thanks for stopping Martin
still here good to see you thanks for hanging out yeah could be yeah he stops
you know he was in for who’s interested so that’s what we’re looking for you
know we’re always looking for people who are like what is this idiot doing why is
he walking around so Jo Jo MacDonald had a farm eieio and on that farm was GMOs
EW I oh so I don’t know I got a couple more minutes you know hey hey
frequencies the guy came up to a I think it was gonna be a cakewalk and then BOOM he’s told we don’t live on a sphere
satellites are fake and you’re all being lied to by your mainstream media but
that’s okay cuz you got a job and you pay your taxes right oh no no sir no
siree Bob it’s not it’s not actually in the Constitution sir so it’s not legal
and on that farm we had some corn the IE is yuppers so i hope everybody else has got
something planned later I might go live tomorrow or Saturday just to kind of
rehash what we went through today and tomorrow so ask him if ask him at the
stocks and companies that make money from ideas from the idea of space oh okay asking that they have stock Oh hopefully I’ll be here tomorrow so mark
your calendars folks maybe we’ll have some youngsters coming in Friday’s maybe
you’re like school days for you know to come out to the state capital so stay
tuned tomorrow at some point we’ll be live at the Minnesota State Capitol
building and then sometime soon we will be at a Minnesota Timberwolves
game hanging out yakking it up with all your patrons I like I like the NBA
overall but I mean out of all the sports I think in terms of like skill level
it’s it’s pretty up there if it’s a genuine basketball game but the NBA is
so rigged it is the work the NBA is the worst at like flopping Marcus smart got
trolled for being one of the biggest floppers at Oklahoma State University so
it’s funny that Marcus smart is speaking about somebody else flopping or
complaining about calls so we’ll be there to ham it up next week you know we
got the state capitol building again maybe it’ll be nice so we can go to the
state campus the Minnesota University of Minnesota campus but I doubt it so
we’re gonna start to close up shop I really appreciate everybody coming by
and hanging out for the duration or if you’re coming in after the livestream I
appreciate you put me on 1.5 speed so you can hurry up and get this video over
with right and if you haven’t yet like share and subscribe this video let’s get
it out there if you don’t like how I do things
email me let me know my email is in the description section below
J swifty 1981 at give me some pointers some advice other than
troll-like behavior you’re an idiot here’s some pictures of
satellites in outer space yadda yadda yadda you know I mean hey that’s cool if
you want to troll my email that’s fine earth you know send my email out to spam
type behavior so I get my spam box you know I started putting my email out
there and I got spam like what a coincidence right so a lot of integrity
out there with people’s emails not so you know I’m always looking for help
people that come out and hang out get some grub afterwards yeah we
circumnavigated that area a couple hundred times I should use that has
nothing to do with the eight-pointed star that they use in the occult
symbolism and stuff no why would they why would they do that
right did two tunnels so you know when to walk outside everything is a tunnel
here so give you guys another look got some important people brassed up on top
of old smokey so they’re important so there she is
your Minnesota State Capitol building we were live here I appreciate everybody
for coming by flat accord music a person Jorn hatch yeah we’ll be checking out
the Soylent Green Factory at the Minnesota campus your McDonald’s Martin
thanks for staying up and hanging out and watching appreciate you
Vinnie TV yeah peace out guys everybody this has been another broadcast for you
guys not just me I’m doing this for you and all of our asleep human beings on
this level motionless plain have a good afternoon guys have a good night we’ll
see you soon


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