Ben Shapiro: The Civil War Was An Apology For Slavery

>>There was a national apology for slavery. It was called the Civil War where 700,000
Americans died.>>So, that wasn’t quite an apology. So, how really works Ben was that all those
people died because the South wouldn’t apologize, wouldn’t even end slavery. And said, we’d rather die than treat black
people as human beings. And so, in initial numbers where people thought
about 620,000 people died in civil war. Now the new and updated once the coordinated
historians are closer to 750,000, but about 260,000 were Confederate soldiers. Many apologize for anything they said, I want
to treat black people as my property so badly that I will go to war against America to do
it. And a lot of Union soldiers died getting rid
of slavery and their American heroes, and we love them for it and we celebrate them. We don’t celebrate the cowards that were committed
treason, and have statues all over the South, those are our enemies. Those are people who betrayed this country
and killed more Americans than in any other war. But we do celebrate the Union but that doesn’t
mean that there was any apology ever given. So as usual, Ben Shapiro twisting any semblance
of facts to try to say slavery. Was it really a big deal? He, of course, is the clever thing of saying
caveats. No, it was bad, it was bad really. But, aren’t we past it? We already apologized and we know, no, we
didn’t know.>>So, we’re not past it, obviously. And, it’s very clear that nothing triggers
the right wing more than simple, clear, transparent information about this country’s history. Because really in our history classes, we
get a very watered down version of how America was founded and what the history of slavery
really is. How Abraham Lincoln really felt about the
slaves? What his political intentions really were
in freeing the slaves? I mean, these are things that you don’t learn
about in history classes and the right wing loves that. Which is why they’re so upset about the New
York Times Magazine coming out with a podcast series titled 1619. Now this project is all about raising awareness
and educating people about this country’s history. That’s what it is and he hates it. He’s about to explain why in this next clip.>>The attempt to paint America’s history
as irreversibly dark and immutably terrible continues to paste in our nation’s great editorial
newspapers. Jonathan Capehart writing for the Washington
Post has an entire piece called dismantling the myth of America and the white man who
founded it. You see they’re all evil and terrible and
no good and very bad. And that means that America’s founding was
very bad. He says, most Americans are unaware of our
nation’s problematic origin and messy history, of how the dualism of high-minded principle
and indescribable cruelty has defined it, has defined us. As Senator Tim Cain said at the same ceremony,
thanks to the 1619 Project of the New York Times, that is going to change. 1619, as folks are calling it, is a massive
retelling of the American story with African-Americans appropriately at its center. It is the kind of retelling that continues
putting the calls for operations in a proper context and makes the absence of a national
apology all the more galling. So in other words, it backs Jonathan Capehart’s
agenda. There was a national apology for slavery,
it was called the Civil War, where 700,000 Americans died. So that seems to of been kind of important
in American history. I’m completely unaware that race has not been
studied in America. I am fine with more attention being put on
slavery. I think American should know their history. But I’m pretty sure the media pays attention
to a lot of this and certainly, our history departments pay a lot of attention to this
on college campuses as they should.>>There’s a lot to break down in that clip,
but I do have to share my favorite tweet in response to what Ben Shapiro said there. And it said something along the lines of,
somebody got to tell Shapiro that his camera is not his laptop. He doesn’t look up at the camera once.>>Yeah, I know.>>Like it’s kind of incredible. But anyway, go ahead.>>I don’t know if he wrote out the whole
show and that’s why he’s got to look down the whole time. But, look, under the importance of, before
I was laughing because it’s so silly, this ridiculous argument, but now I’m kind of mad
about it. Because he says, 700,000, a little less than
half as I told you are Confederate soldiers. They murdered, in one of the battles they
capture a black Union soldier, cuz that’s about 10% of the soldiers were African-American,
okay? And the great Robert E Lee that they always
say such as gentleman, look the other way as they murdered every black soldier. Cuz they wanted to send a message to the North
and to the black community, you better not fight against this. How dare you. If a white man picks up a weapon against us,
we can live with it. A black man picking up a weapon, cuz that
would show that they’re human and they could do strategy and they could do warfare, etc. And it defeats their whole point of white
supremacy. And if you don’t get it, read their declaration,
the Vice President of the Confederacy said, we are doing this to show that the white race
is superior. He said, you can go read it. I mean this absurd insane debate that the
right wing is started as if the civil war wasn’t about slavery.>>Right.>>It’s just insanity. Why would you even say that? Look, and the second part of it is, Shapiro
says, they hate America and they think everything about it is bad. Nobody actually said that. That’s their caricature of the left. You know why we have the American flag in
the background? Cuz I love America, we love America. But we love the things about it that is equality
for all. Like, goddamn it, equality, we don’t equality
for all. It’s annoying, now we’re gonna give black
people and gay people, the same rights. Shapiro’s against that. One of my favorite moments is when he goes
on Rubens show and everyone says, well, I mean, you’d bake me a cake, wouldn’t you? And he’s like, no, Cuz he doesn’t like you. I want you to get that through your head. He doesn’t want you to be equal, cuz he doesn’t
believe in American principles of equality, freedom. Freedom, they used it as propaganda.>>They do.>>Are you in favor women’s right to choose? Their freedom to do whatever they want with
their body? No, are you in favor with freedom to smoke
anything you want? No, are you in favor of even the freedom to
in any sexual activity whether you’re going to love someone of your own gender, or even
porn? Ben Shapiro goes, no, I don’t want you to
have that freedom, I want you to follow my religion and the orthodox view of it. Well, Ben, you hate America, so be honest
with your audience. America is a secular country. Have you ever read the First Amendment, we
shall not establish a religion and we shall a free exercise of religion. So what that means is, we are not a theocracy. The reason we fly the flag is because we believe
in those American principles. And yes, we’ve had bad moments to say the
least. And if you cover those up and you say, okay,
slavery it’s a big deal we already study, don’t talk about slavery. Here comes the New York Times talking about,
why do you care? Why do you mind? Why is it personal to you? Are you feeling guilt over it?>>It’s really weird, you’re right, you’re
right. Because there’s this, you only see this reaction
from the right, I mean, as soon as this project was announced. Newt Gingrich was all worked up about it on
Twitter and then he went gave some interviews about how ridiculous it is. But I wanna go back to what Ben Shapiro claims
about individuals who just want educate about this country’s history and how he thinks that
they hate America. Understand what he is doing there. That is his way of shutting down speech, right? Accusing people who want to shed light on
the reality of disenfranchised groups, on the reality of this country’s history, on
the reality of slavery in America. He wants to shut that speech down. The only time the right wing cares about protecting
speech, the only time they care about the First Amendment, is when their speech dollars
are on the line in college campuses. That’s the only time they care. If it’s speech that they disagree with, they
will find clever ways to smear people and intimidate people from sharing their point
of view, and even just sharing facts about this country. Now, I will say one other thing. I started listening to it, so they’re releasing
episodes bit by bit. And, it’s excellent, it’s so good. And I’m saying that as someone who really
felt knew this country’s history and knew the details of how slavery started in America,
but no, we’re all so ignorant about so many different components. I mean, look, Lincoln, yes, he was the abolitionist,
he was the one who wanted to end slavery for political purposes. When you hear about the way he referred to
black people, the slaves themselves, and how he planned on taking them out of the country,
even the people who were born here, he wanted them out. He’s like, we can’t live among them as equals. I don’t think most people in America know
that. And those were the facts that the right wing
doesn’t want anyone to know about. They wanna keep people ignorant about it. Now does that mean you hate America? No, it means, look, the whole purpose of learning
history is so you don’t repeat the same mistakes, right? And they will argue, no, you shouldn’t censor
people who want to teach about what Hitler did because you want to, I remember Jordan
Peterson making that point on one of Joe Rogan’s podcasts. No, you shouldn’t try to censor that speech
because that helps us prevent this type of movement in the future. No, you guys, don’t actually wanna learn things
from history. You wanna pick and choose things that suit
your narrative and your agenda but they do not care about educating people about the
reality of this country.>>So I said early today, we’ve had bad moments
in America, I mean, boy is that understating. So, slavery, genocide of the Native American
people, the fact that women couldn’t vote, didn’t have rights, gay people, I can go on
and on and on. But do you point those out to go ha ha? No, you point those out so that we can fix
them, so that we can actually live up to American principles. Now, if you say you don’t wanna live up to
those principles, well, then you would wanna talk about the problems cuz you don’t really
wanna fix them. See, and if you loved something and you cared
about it, you would wanna make it better. But the reality is, they wanna put all those
things away and never ever talk about them. Because they view it as, and this is the most
damning part, as something that they feel and think, and so they don’t want people blaming
them for it. If you’re a person who doesn’t feel any animosity
towards black people or any other races, why would you care if we learn more about slavery? Why would that be a thing that bothers you? It literally makes no sense to me. It says I don’t get it, and I don’t feel guilty
about any of those things. Mike, why do you care if we talk about what
happened to the Native Americans or African Americans? Why wouldn’t you be in favor more speech? Because they take it personally.>>Yep.>>And that’s very telling of who they are. Look, one thing I wanna add to this real quick
is that, he’s actually originally triggered by a poll where young people are saying that
they don’t value patriotism as much, because patriotism is just a labeled, principles are
what’s real, right? So if you ask young people, do you care about
the equality for all as an American principle? They would say yes. Do you care about freedom? Yes, but if you say, hey, I’m gonna be a patriot
and it doesn’t matter why. Then they say, well, it doesn’t make sense. And the thing that really triggered Ben was,
young people now, only a third of them think being religious is an important value. And he’s orthodox, so he’s like, no, you must
be religious. No, I don’t, it’s called freedom, look it
into it. In other part of the pole, they said having
kids is no longer an important value for young people. So what?>>Well, most young people can’t afford it,
let’s keep it real.>>I love my kids. Why do I want other people to have kids and
demand it of them? That’s so weird. I don’t want that at all. I want you to have freedom, but they don’t
actually believe any of those things


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