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Multinational companies are confounding their
image as supporters of repressive regimes and are increasingly in the vanguard of efforts
to protect whistleblowers and safeguard human rights. CAFs new report, Beyond Integrity,
tells us that companies should, and in some cases already are helping to protect the rights
of civil society campaigners and activists around the world. Furthermore, it makes a
strong business case for doing so. With the help of academics from the London
School of Economics and Political Science, we were able to identify four compelling examples
of such cross sector solidarity. In Angola, International diamond companies
signed an open letter calling for the release of activist Rafael Marques, who had been detained
by the government after exposing abuses in the industry;
In Cambodia, Major multinational clothes retailers intervened on behalf of Cambodian garment
workers to stop violent repression of protests demanding a higher minimum wage.
In Pakistan, leading IT firms publicly committed to decline biding for a tender by the Pakistani
government to sensor the internet. In Thailand, Industry associations in the
Thai food industry provided funds as bail for Andy Hall, a journalist who was arrested
while investigating abuses of migrant workers. By interviewing key people from the companies,
civil society organisations and activists involved in these remarkable case studies
we have been able to extract guidance that can help both sectors to work together in
safeguarding a space for campaigners to challenge corruption, represent marginalised voices
and hold governments to account. Ultimately, such actions are a crucial part
of preserving and strengthening an enabling and sustainable environment for both civil
society and business. Download the report now to see what lessons have been identified
and how your organisation can take them forward.

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