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We've Won the House, Here's What's Next

We won the House - What's Next (Image of the Capitol Building with a rising sun behind it).

Congratulations, Indivisibles! We've won the House, thanks to us and other hard-working #Resist-ers across the nation. And here in Washington state, we've also increased the number of Democrats in the State Legislature. This is good news because -- although we're nonpartisan -- Democrats are more likely to support us on the issues we care about. 

First, let's look at the upcoming meetings and events. Then we can catch up on recent news.

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Monday, Jan 14: Voter Registration and Engagement Team 8:00 p.m.

Please contact @ to let them know you are coming and get the meeting address.

Monday, Jan 21, 9:00 a.m. (Kilduff/Leavitt meeting in Olympia at the capital.

Sign up in advance if you want to attend: julieruth17 @ We will celebrate the elections of Kilduff/Leavitt and identify key issues for the WA State Legislature. Sign up & indicate issues you want to address.

Tuesday, Jan 22, Steering Team Meeting, 6:00-8:00 p.m.

South Tacoma Public Library at 3411 So. 56 th Street, OPEN TO ALL Indivisible members!

  • Reports from initial meetings or activities of each Team, further transitional
  • plans, ideas for next member events or meeting(s).
  • Legislative Action / Rallies and Protests
  • Voter Registration and Engagement
  • Communications and Technology
  • Membership and Outreach
  • Financial and Fundraising
  • (Allyship)
  • (Media and Press Coverage)

Tuesday, Feb 5 (and first Tuesday of every month), Legislative Action Team, 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Pierce County Library, University Place, Conference Room, 3609 Market Place West.

Friday, Feb 15 Indivisible Lobby Day at the WA State Capital.

Get ready to lobby for your issues with your Washington State senators and reps. If you want to join us, please email us at IndivisibleTacomaChapter 

So What's Next in 2019? 

We've spent the last two years playing defense against the Trump administration and a "unified Republican Government." Now that the Democrats control the House, we're going on offense. If you haven't read Indivisible.Org's brilliant new strategy document, it's here. Although the Senate will likely block anything we put forth, we have the power to put bills forward and set the agenda. Plus, we can start laying the groundwork for winning the U.S. Senate in 2020.

First, we need to have frequent meetings with our members of Congress, ask them to support specific items of legislation, and hold them accountable. Since so many of you said you support this in our recent survey on the Future of Indivisible Tacoma, we'll keep doing the in-person visits, plus phone calls and postcards. If you want to participate in meetings with our members of Congress, please email us at IndivisibleTacomaChapter @ Gmail.Com with your name, email, phone number (if you prefer to be contacted by phone), and your legislative District number.

Day of Action - Whose House? Our House.

On January 3 -- for Indivisible's Day of Action -- we paid a visit to the offices of Sen. Maria Cantwell, Sen. Patty Murray, Rep. Derek Kilmer (D-6) and Rep. Denny Heck (D-10). Decked out in festive hats and bearing homemade cupcakes, we wished them a happy New Year and congratulated Cantwell, Kilmer, and Heck on their recent victories. We also gently reminded them that members of Indivisible Tacoma helped make this happen through our voter registration campaigns. Also, many of our members also canvassed, phone banked, and wrote postcards on top of their work with Indivisible Tacoma.

During our visit, we presented them with signed letters asking them to support more investigations of the White House, HR-1 for electoral reform, Single Payer, and a Green New Deal. They were with us on the first two items, but not quite there yet on the last two ... Even though Single Payer and the Green New Deal are popular with both Democrats and Republicans. This means we'll need to do more letters, visits, and phone calls!

The photo below shows members of Indivisible's Legislative Action Committee with our friends from Puyallup's Indivisible in the lobby of Derek Kilmer's, Maria Cantwell's, and Patty Murray's office building.

New Steering Team

We know some of you haven't heard much from us since that big meeting we had after the election. That's because we're in a period of catching up and transitioning our leadership as we move into the new year. We now have a Steering Team.

  • Legislative Action Team:  Julie Andrzejewski and Liz Scott
  • Voter Registration and Engagement:  Nina Rook and Ellen Spencer Floyd
  • Communication and Technology:  Elisabeth Parker (We need a second lead, please!)
  • Membership and Outreach:  Pat Curran  and  Janet Hazelton  
  • Rallies, Protests, and Events:  Damita O’Dell 
  • Volunteer Treasurer:   Carol Weymouth 
  • We also need people to take charge of our Media/Press Relations and to lead our Allyship efforts so we can support other local groups.

To all of you who've been in Indivisible Tacoma's leadership, we thank you for all the hard work and great energy you've brought into this organization. We're also hugely grateful to those of you who are staying on. 

If you want to help with Voter Registration and Engagement, please email: @ For other teams, please email: IndivisibleTacomaChapter

Meeting with Leaders of Congressional District 10 Indivisibles

On Sunday, January 13, CD 10 Indivisible Leaders from Puyallup, Olympia, University Place, and other communities in District 10 gathered for a meeting, with Julie Andrzejewski, Ellen Floyd, and Damita O'Dell representing Indivisible Tacoma. We'll update you on this when we hear more.

Future of Indivisible Tacoma Survey Results

In our survey on the Future of Indivisible, nearly all of you said you want us to continue meeting with our members of Congress. Many of you also said you wanted us to work more on local issues and to support diverse groups in our community. These include the Northwest Detention Center Resistance and the Puyallup Tribe's opposition to PSE's proposed Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) plant with support from 350 Tacoma. This also means having more meetings with our state reps, mayor, and City Council members. We need people to help lead this effort. If you're interested, please email IndivisibleTacomaChapter

Special thanks to all of you to took the time to fill out the survey.

Photo: Composite photo illustration with photo of Capitol building CC K3nna via Flickr (filters and new background added).

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