BTS on First Impressions, Secret Career Dreams and Map of the Soul: 7 Meanings

-Our guests tonight, one of the
biggest groups on the planet. Their new album, “Map of the
Soul: 7,” is out now. BTS right here! [ All cheering ] -Okay, sit down. -Welcome to the
New York City subway. What do you think? First impression.
-Hot dog, coffee. New Yorkers, like,
scarfing, like, “I’m so busy for the business,”
and you know… -Really?
-Yeah. -Yeah, I love the movie
“Home Alone.” -“Home Alone.”
-Yeah. -“Home alone”?
-Yeah. -That’s a classic.
That’s a classic in Korea. -No. “Home Alone”?
-Aaah! You know the face? -Macaulay Culkin?
-Aaaaah! -Really?
-Yeah. -How has it been coming to
the United States and having people
respond to your music? -I love the army. -Are you surprised with
how big it became? -Yeah, of course. Like he said,
we came from a small isle, in a small country from Asia. So I think, you know, we can
prove that someone from, like, outside could be
in the mainstream. Yeah, so I think that’s why
we feel so happy. -When you see Americans
sing your songs, what does that mean to you? Who is the hammiest out
of all of you guys? -Um…
[ Laughter ] -Okay, um…
-Yeah. Yeah. -Okay, yeah.
-Easy, easy. -Alright, you guys swept
the MAMAs. You won Album, Icon, Song,
and Artist of the Year. I presented it to you guys.
-Yeah, yeah. -I was so excited.
-It was special. -That’s crazy, right?
-Because of you. -What did your family think? -She knows you.
-Mom, I love mom. I love mom. -Before BTS existed,
what did you want to be? -Businessman.
-No. -Study hard and go into a —
you know, get a nice job. That’s my dream.
[ Laughs ] That was.
-V, what about you? -Saxophonist.
-Saxophonist? Like here? The saxophone?
-Yeah. -Do we have a saxophone?
What was the — George Michael. What’s that? [ All vocalizing
“Careless Whisper” ] J-Hope, without BTS,
what would you be? -Tennis player.
-Tennis? -Tennis player.
-Yeah. -Tennis? -Ha!
-Hyah! -Ha!
-Ho! -Ho!
-Oh! -Yeah. -He have bronze medal.
-Out of three teams. -Three teams. Three teams.
-He got bronze. -Jin, how about you?
-I’m actor. -You wanted to be an actor?
-Yeah. -No, no, you can’t don’t do
“Home Alone.” Already did that.
Jungkook, how about you? -My dream was pro gamer.
-Pro gamer. -Pro gamer.
-A gamer? -Yeah.
-Jimin, what would you do? Host a talk show?
-Oh, maybe. -Don’t take my job.
Don’t take my job. -Maybe Jimin Fallon.
-Oh! -Jimin Fallon.
-Jimin Fallon? -Suga, if not for BTS,
what would you do? -Producer or songwriter.
-Oh, really? First impressions — what did
you think of each other when you first got together? -I saw RM.
-Yeah. -And then I thought —
-What did you think of him? -He was amazing. -Oh, thank you. But, Jungkook —
when I first saw him, I was only wearing
the underwear. -Yeah.
-Wait. What? You were only wearing underwear?
-I mean in the house. -Yeah.
-In my home. -What? -Yeah, he came like,
“Oh, I’m the new member.” I was, like,
only wearing panties and — Yeah, that was
the first impression. -So, who put this together? You? -No, I was just, like,
the first member for this group and — -You were?
-Yeah. -Number two?
-Yeah. -Three.
-Three. -Who’s three?
-Three. -Suga, you came in,
what happened? How did you hear? -We were boys. -Did you ever think BTS
would become this big? -No.
-Never. -No.
-Never. -When you doubted yourself,
what got you to the next level of like,
“Hey, I can do this”? Do you remember the
first time you ever performed in front of a crowd? And what was that like? -It was our debut showcase. There were about
200 to 300 people. -300 people.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -Now you have
billions of people watching. But 300 people
meant a lot to you, right? -Right, of course.
-I still can never forget it. Everything happened so fast,
and it was overwhelming. -It was.
-Yeah. -And I cried after the show. -You did?
-Yeah. -Everyone cried.
-Yeah. -Everyone cried.
-Everyone cried? -Yes, yes.
-Yeah, because it’s a big thing. “Map of the Soul: 7”
is out now. Yo! -Yo! -What is the significance
behind the “7”? -You know, it’s a
lucky number, of course. -Seven members.
-Yeah, seven members. It’s been seven years
since we’ve been together. -Wow. Seven, seven.
It’s good luck. -Yeah, 7-7-7,
so it’s like a jackpot. -Jackpot.
-Jackpot. -Like jackpot.
-Jackpot. -So, it’s very important. So, like, we just want to put
the number, like, as our title of the album. So, like, that’s why.
-The lead single is “On.” -Mm-hmm.
-What does that represent? -We’ve been having
our reboots, so, like, our second single was “N.O.”
You know what I mean? So, like, it’s a reverse
of “N.O.” It’s like “On.” And “On” represents, like,
you know, like, “bring it on.” Like, so, we admit our shadows and, you know, the honors
at the same time. We could stumble time to time. You know, we’ve been through
all these paths with shadows and lights
at the same time, but we admit all of it,
and, you know, bring it on and bring the pain and we’re
gonna stand it, and — Yeah. -What is it about your music that you think fans
are attracted to?


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