Building Communities through Music Part 3

today oh and there's lots going on in hexam there's all sorts of things like drama groups and lots of music going on poor music has been fantastic it's really like the music itself and they're doing all sorts of things there they're singing groups community bands of all sorts that's a jazz band that I've played play with occasionally just over there's the folk band which I know that's good to funders are the innocent village can you go just lots of things generally music has been very important to my life I can't imagine life without music I think it's very important for children have access to music and doesn't there seems to be a decrease of importance in music in schools it is very difficult for children to have access to music and it's so important for both sides of the brain and for digital dexterity and the music can really hang in all areas of Education and I feel quite passionately about that and I feel quite passionately that it is a downward step tensed to stop music in schools if you want something to do going to call music or find late don't go today [Applause] hope you have got you

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