what's going on everybody welcome back to another video and today we are going to be reestablishing communism again right now I already did read reestablish tribalism but the audio on that recording got screwed up so I didn't show it so I guess we're technically re re re establishing communism alright so yeah it goes like the video edge you like what I do here like subscribe follow me Twitter yada yada and lets RiRi be established no hang on yeah rere re-establish communism okay let's go you you lose hello comrades today we shall reap breathe REE establish communism can I get a comrade in chat come on guys give me a give me always Conrad call me comrade caller there we go now since how are you know communist lag was removed I think it's I think we're gonna have to add it back which usually this takes me like way way too long I think I know how to do it now I think I could do it we will ban you frosty if you don't join us ok frosty you have to join us I will bear me no we will ban you get it right all right there we go I think I completely failed the sickle yeah looks so awful you lose and of course in true innovator lens fashion these idiots literally just stand there and shoot this thing over and over again with arrows I mean seriously every time I build anything it literally just like 10 of them just stand there and start shooting it repeatedly with their arrows like y-you know what I could do I could just set it to 0 and let all of those arrows fall I didn't do and then there you go it's back so I'm still not exactly a fan of that sickle but it's good enough so there you go step one of reread reestablishing communism and there you go I guess if Frosty's online we can ask him to help us frosty do you wanna help us RiRi re-establish communism yes or no is he a ok frosty is afk do we kill him or no let's just smite him to death I guess uh he's a he's in vanish okay get him out of vanish are you kidding me is he in mod mode to thank you okay but he loves I couldn't kill him I just wanted to kill him and he just leaves okay well I guess he won't be helping us riri reestablish communism you lose look at me I am level 100 a communist boss when it was my name again like Gorbachev and my Gorbachev I think I'm Gorbachev know your level 10 crook now look at me I like the leader of communist Russia come on that's how mafia works all I remember is Gorbachev was supposed to tear down this wall mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall so what we're gonna do is we're gonna take half of this right and we're gonna set one half to Dimond and then we're gonna take the other half and we're going to go ahead and set it to Emeril and what we're gonna do is we're gonna have a pick a side and then we're gonna build a wall down the middle and just go ahead and sub some alerts you know to tell people to come to warp fps so that way they can help us read read reestablish communism we're going invisible because I'm sick and tired of people shooting me with bows like oh my gosh look at all of these arrows these kids have like problems or something and now we're going to tell them to pick a side either emerald or diamonds all right so there we go we built the wall and I have no idea which light has more people it looks like emerald got the most players yeah emerald clearly is the more popular block out of the two we're going to have players vote pick a side to dog there is not enough resources for all so we must kill as some players his life is left unchecked life who cease to exist we can't just kill whoever we want it needs to be kind of you know fair they need to vote which side dies emerald or diamond yeah I know surprise that I'm definitely seeing a lot more diamonds rip diamond do they are all dead and gg emerald you live yeah now despite the fact that the wall was there multiple people still managed to find a way to cross said wall so here's where we in jail we're gonna build a parkour and the first person to make it up top to this parkour and down to the diamond is going to be our way and the new leader of communist Russia a little longer than a few minutes later alright so yes climb all the way up here grab onto this go to here climb out all of these ladders which this might not actually be possible let me just right now it's possible and then you go up here you go onto this one you jump around you climb up here you jump down onto here let me make this jump this jump you get onto here I'm gonna here here and you have to like jump around and onto this thing then you climb up to that you jump this this onto here onto here and all the way up here and I imagine again this is gonna take quite some time before somebody is able to beat it I estimate this is going to take a very very very very long time also I guess I should say quick sidenote you may wonder this have to do with communism again well everybody knows that Russians are clearly very skilled because that's you know a thing that people know about yeah Russians are very good at parkour especially during the Communist period and again they're trying to be skilfully go ahead at parkour so that way they can climb over the wall and into the good place with um with cake yeah cuz you want cake that's why you want to climb the wall so yeah don't question it this is clearly all about communism all right justjust don't question it oh hey God hang on this kids getting very close this if he completes this this would only be a few minutes dude nobody's made it's like here other than him are you actually gonna make me sit here and wait for you to do this just do it already and he completed it there we go it's all this wins now that was actually much much faster than I thought it was gonna be again it took like less than five minutes for adult nough studi that let's just ask him adult this what what's your first order of business as the Communist leader what do you want us to do ki all he says he'll I guess he is the communist leader and you know it is fair our communist leader it is asking for a key all and and a communist states we are all equal meaning it's what only it'd be fair if every a single person I've got one Athene it would only be fair guys right okay cuz it's all about us we it would only be fair if we all got a key so that's what we're gonna do I'm just gonna really quick send to everybody to spawn there's so so much lag when I send to everybody to spawn I guarantee you I crashed somebody's PC now usually I just give everybody like a vote key or an event key but we're gonna give everybody a Nevada key because it's been actually quite some time since we did a key all with like an invading a key all right you guys ready give me a countdown from ten I wanna oh my gosh chat just absolutely i spammed they're just saying like random numbers oh my word one three I don't know let's just say now now's good enough GG you all get a key I already like immediately regret doing that because usually I save a key all for the end of the video because chat is just gonna be spammed with username is opening and invaded chest for like the next 20 minutes please for the love of sanity let me win that potato daggits I wanted the potato oh my word the lag yeah this is usually alright wait for the end because everything just starts lagging dude I feel bad for the people that like log in a second after I do a key all how many people do we just give a key to there's a hundred and ninety five people on kit pvp oh my word Tia want you to seventy eight on the network I just gave nearly two hundred people a cranky oh my word yeah there was literally like one ninety when I joined now there's 276 I didn't okay okay sure now I'm not entirely certain how else we can make this entire server a bit more communist thick I think we need a little bit more like red and gold now we got the gold here so I'm gonna rage of thirty we're going to replace snow with red wool so there you go now it's a bit more red and gold all up in the middle here so it's a bit more communist thick so there you go that's pretty good vote for one person to be a band I don't know why I'm having them vote for one person to be banned I guess it's sort of a communist thing to do I don't know zel kam they're all saying zell cam i mean okay zell cam it is span zell cam okay i mean that's why you play on your own lads that is the literal reason why you play on your alt accounts gigi gets rekt by facts and logic communism wins again what else can we do like what was communism known for anyway it's hit up google here what do you gotta say google and a political in social sciences communism for latin blah blah blah blah is this Mostafa cole social political and ecology ed movement whose ultimate goal is the established of the communist society which is a socio-economic order structured upon the common ownership oh my gosh Wikipedia get a life we're gonna take the flag and we are literally just going to paste it all around the PvP zone so that way wherever you go you're gonna see that communist flag and oh my word the server is lagging so much doesn't help I'm using up was that just me or did I crash a server I think that might have been just me yeah it was just me okay all right there we go so now that we're doing pretty good because we've got the Communist lags a spawn oh my gosh so many people online the server's not handling it well we got the commies lags all they respond we got the red and gold it is looking pretty good okay you know what's poppin would you head on to Advaita lens and if you go to warp fps you'll see that there is a wall here which on the other end of the wall things are looking pretty good with a lot of cake what's the barrier is there and literally the only way to get to the good end is by completing my parkour which I have yet to put back so here you go now see communism is all about equality and honestly I don't think this event is very equal it's just really not so the way that we're gonna make things equal is this event is going to be purely luck based so we're going to go ahead and select the entire floor and set it to zero so now it's purely based on when you happen to fall so there you go that makes it a little bit more fair it's not based on your PvP skills it's just on when you happen to fall which granite people who are higher up or gonna have a higher chance of winning but that's still more fair than having people PvP so you're welcome and I guess it would only be fair to efficiently end this with everybody at being equal and what better place to make everybody equal than by disguising every single person as owner masse say we are now all equal so there you go that is the ultimate sign of equality by having everybody as the owner rank I mean some people aren't I don't know why some people don't get disguised I guess they're just unlucky I don't know most people are equal I think do you like the owner right comrades students do by combats like their owner rank oh they do they're all saying yes they like their or king of the hill King no that's wrong we cannot have any king of the hill up in here it is absolutely completely undeniably unfair to have a king of the hill so we're gonna is gonna go ahead and just you know set this entire hill to barriers and these poor souls in there are gonna have to suffocate which I mean if that's your own fault for trying to be the king of the hill now that's really just unfair it really is I wonder if it will ever force end I guess we'll come back in an hour and find out if it's still going or not anyway if you like this video and you like what I do here know if you guys like this video and you like what we do here there we go then please be sure to hit that like button consider subscribing following my Twitter all of that and if you guys like the new communist in valence please be sure to let me know and I will fight now we will fight to keep it here right because I know other staff members are gonna try to remove our flags and put everything back to normal and they're gonna I get a like in as I go no I we will fight to keep it like this if you guys like it so just let me know if you do oh my word and if anybody tells to remove it then we are going to re re re re-establish communism okay for a fourth time I will do it don't think I won't anyway I will see you guys in the next one so good luck


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