CCA’s Young Adult Alliance | Children’s Cancer Association – We Prescribe Joy

The purpose of YAA is To help other teens going through treatment, helping making that journey better for them one of the biggest fears of having Cancer or anything like it, is going in for your next scans and making sure that everything’s still okay Like when you come out of treatment you, there’s like, you might feel that you’re sort of isolated because it’s like I think definitely some people like they lose friends going through all of this just Because they don’t get to see them as often Sometimes it’s difficult cause your friends they pity you We don’t want pity. To relate it to something I went through which is nothing alike. Yeah When people said you’re so strong I was like well, I mean, I don’t have a choice I didn’t have a choice I didn’t brave, you know, I was like I had to do this to live I wanted to live I’ll have your empathy but I’m not gonna have you again your tears I don’t want you to cry for me like you have your own life This sort of community has definitely helped me not feel as isolated or as alone as I think some people sometimes are It’s helpful for us because we’re coming together and when we talk about it We also process it and we help each other go through that process and it’s very therapeutic It’s all about giving back and sort of helping those in the future and those who are currently going through treatment And it’s beautiful, yeah literally gorgeous everywhere you go there’s something that you can look forward to

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