Cenk DEBATES Ana on Russiagate

>>Donald Trump has been in France for the
G7 Summit, and as you can imagine he has been as cantankerous as you could expect him to
be among our allies. And one of the issues that he brought up was
the fact that Russia is no longer part of this annual event. Now Russia used to be part of this annual
event until the annexation of Crimea happened in Ukraine. Trump argued strenuously that Vladimir Putin
should be invited or reinvited back, five years after Russia was rejected from the then
G8, for its annexation of Crimea. Now he makes the argument in the next clip,
let’s take a quick look. I mean, a lot of people are smart, a lot of
people say having Russia, which is a power, having them inside the room is better than
having them outside the room. If I wanted to go strictly by politics I’d
probably poll that. And possibly I’d say gee, I don’t want Russia
in. But I really think it’s good for security
of the world, it’s good for the economics of the world. Remember, they’re building a big pipeline
in Europe going right up to Germany. And I said to Angela, who I had a great relationship,
but I said, you pay Russia billions of dollars, and then we defend you from Russia. And I say how does that work? Okay, so, he wants to put them back in the
G7 for no apparent reason. Now, no one has his business ties to Russia,
Molar did not so that at all, at all. He thought it was outside of what he was asked
to look into. He was asked to look into the election, so
he looked only at the election. There’s this giant business ties with Russia
just looming there. Both of Donald Trump’s sons have said we’ve
got all our money from the Russians for the golf courses. So does he owe them something? Nope, nope, nope, nope. No idiot Democrat wants to look into it, they’re
still playing patty-cakes with him. They won’t even take his New York City taxes,
which New York has offered to Richard Neil. And Richard Neil, the head of the Ways and
Means Committee in the House, won’t take it, Pelosi doesn’t want it. So nobody’s investigating him, it’s outrageous. Now, the Right Wing I get, I don’t even wanna
bother talking about you bring in Russia, it’s awesome it’s strategic, it’s brilliant. Okay, whatever. So now let’s address the portion of the Left
Wing that I disagree with, to say the least. Really, you’re gonna make an argument that
he wants to bring Russia back to G7? Cuz he really cares about geopolitical circumstances
in a world, and thinks that he’ll lead to more international instability that Russia
is in. You really wanna die at that hill? That Trump is doing this based on principles
that he has about geopolitics? And you just heard him say he knows it’s not
popular, but he wants to do it anyway. When’s the last time Donald Trumps did something
that didn’t benefit him personally? Mm-hm. That would hurt him politically? Yeah, that’s a great point. Look, I don’t know if this type of behavior
would hurt him politically with his base, but I will say, look, there’re two separate
issues. First off, what motivates Trump? Why is it that he decided to bring Russia
up? I do not buy for a second that he cares about
geopolitical politics. I don’t believe for a second he has any strategy
in mind. However, if you just take Trump and his ties
to Russia completely out of it and think about it in a non-Trump context, I do think that
Russia should have a seat at the table. No. You don’t? No. I think it’s important to have them be part-
Not on this- Not- No. Listen listen. Not to negotiate with Putin and concede to
what he wants, but I do think that it is a significant power in geopolitical politics. And I think it’s important to apply pressure
both diplomatically and through other means, Okay. Like sanctions. Okay, so tell me why you disagree with that? Okay, so first of all on the substance, I’m
not what the mainstream Democrats who are like, Russia is the boogeyman and we shouldn’t
start conflicts. And them doing the election interfering is
tantamount to war, that’s crazy talk, okay? I want stability with Russia, I don’t want
any conflict, I don’t wanna start any new wars, etc. But that doesn’t mean they have to be in the
G7. So they annexed Crimea, they still have troops
in eastern parts of Ukraine. If you allow them back in the G7, it rewards
their aggressive military tactics, which would cause them to potentially do more aggressive
military tactics in other countries that actually destabilize the world. It doesn’t mean they’re not in the United
Nations, it doesn’t mean you should never work with them, but we don’t have to let them
in the NATO and we don’t have to let him in the G7. They were ejected from G8 for very good reason. And this is not a conservative position to
bring Russia’s back in. Even Boris Johnson from the UK is like, no,
no, no, we don’t want the Russians. I know, it’s pretty amazing. Yeah, so almost no one backs Trump on this. He’s all alone because there is no principled
position, there is no conservative position, there’s certainly no progressive position
that supports it. All there is is Trump going on Lord, what
do you need? What do you need? So look, we could argue about this till the
cows come home, and I know I’m never gonna convince that portion of the Left Wing that
is they think I lost my mind on it? Fine, whatever. I think you’ve lost your mind completely and
utterly. You’ve become so bias on that issue that you’re
not open to new facts. So when Trump out of the blue comes and goes
I need Russian back in the G7. I need it right now. Even though that’s gonna hurt me politically,
but that’s okay. I really want it! Why? Because I care about world civility and less
conflicts, and I really care about this cuz the pipeline which I’ve criticized before
in Germany. He doesn’t care about that at all. Really, really, really? You don’t believe that. Okay, hold on. Look and I’ll even address it to, look. Hold on. I’m not questioning your intelligence, cuz
I know Glenn Greenwald’s really smart. I know a lot of guys on that side are really
smart. But Glenn, you don’t believe that, you know
you don’t believe that. Saying that is ridiculous. Okay, wait, there’s one other thing that I
wanna pose, and I wanna get your thoughts on it, cuz I think this is also a possiblity. So I agree with you. Again, I just wanna repeat Trump doesn’t care
about geopolitical politics. I’d be shocked if he ever thought about it
for a single second. However, what we do know is that Trump is
motived by his- Money. Money and also- That he owes the Russians. Hold on, money and there’s one other thing
that Trump is motivated by, and that’s flattery. He likes to be around individuals who are
complimentary toward him. And he has done such a great job at demonizing
our long standing allies, members of the G7, that maybe there’s a possibility he wants
Vladimir Putin to be part of these meetings again. These annual meetings because he knows that
Putin is gonna tell him all the lovely, fluffy things that he wants to hear about himself. But even that’s not true, because if you’ve
noticed, Putin actually has barely said anything about Trump. And unlike Kim Jong-un and other leaders that
have gone around kissing Trump’s ass, at least verbally while doing other things in the background,
Putin hasn’t done that. It’s not like Putin and the press conferences
goes, I believe US intelligence rather than Russian intelligence. I think Donald Trump’s a great leader. He hasn’t said any of that. He just says, comes to the press conference
and goes Trump, heel! And Trump goes, yes, I believe the Russians
instead of my own government. Yes, Vladamir is a strong leader. You need strength, he’s very strong, right? So comes in and bows, but I’ve never seen
Putin bow. I’ve never seen him give like big compliments
to Donald Trump. Well, look, I think that he’s been very friendly
with Donald Trump publicly when they have met and when they’ve done like joint press
conferences. But one other thing is, remember they’ve had
a number of private meetings. Now of course why do they want those meetings
private without any US officials part of it, without any transcript or any record of those
meetings? They could be talking about some of their
shady deals or whatever, but- 100%. Look, I just think that Trump has this affinity
toward dictatorial regimes. I think that he loves authoritarians. I think that he sees authoritarians and he
feels this connection. There’s like a love connection. Nonsense. And it’s happened with Duterte, and it’s happened
with Bolsanaro in Brazil. Look, I’m just I’m giving you all of the possibilities. Look at Reek in that picture. I know, I get it. I’m giving you all of the possibilities. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t deny that
there are some business deals going on behind the scenes that should be investigated. Okay. With that said, I do think that if you do
care about geopolitical issues applying pressure through economic means and sanctions is great,
and I would lean in that direction. But I want Russia to be part of the conversation
and apply pressure that way as well. That’s where I’m coming from. Yeah, okay. Yeah. So look, there’s dictators he doesn’t like. I agree with you, he likes authoritarian dictators
that are on his side, but he doesn’t seem to like the Iranian leaders. He doesn’t seem to like Maduro, so he’s pretty
selective about the dictators that he likes, right? Well, you could argue about whether Maduro
is a dictator or not, but certainly Trump thinks so. So there’s 50 other dictators in the world
that he doesn’t love. He wants Venezuelan oil, also. Okay, yes, it’s always about the money. Okay last thing, guys. You can think anything you like, but you’re
wrong, okay? Jesus. No no no, you are. And so, I don’t care, and you can cry about
it all day long, too. So, the reality is, you’re ignoring obvious
things. He goes into meet the Russian leader without
an American translator, let alone any American government official. Like you can go and be like, that once happened
in 1837 as well, when there were no translators. Anyway, so I’m having fun there, but overall
they were like, maybe that happened once or twice before. That’s not even true. You’re trying to find excuses. His son says, we got all the money from the
Russians, he does almost everything on behalf of the Russians, including weird, out of the
blue things like yeah, let’s put them back in the G7 when no one else, not even any other
Conservative agrees with that, okay? And then on top of that, he goes on secret
meetings with Putin, where he doesn’t want any American to hear what they’re talking
about. The answer is super obvious. Okay. He has business ties with the Russians, they
have leverage over him and they tell him what to do. If you wanna cry about that, go cry somewhere
else. No way, I think Trump is really honest about
Putin. He’s dishonest about everything else, but
he’s really honest about beloved Putin in Russia. I think you’re crazy for thinking that. I have to mention one other thing. I would feel terrible if I didn’t, so I’m
gonna do it right now. Look, there was the foreign minister of Iran. Look, Iran is not part of the G7, however,
Zarif who is the foreign minister of Iran was invited as a guest. And so I don’t know, is there a possibility
that having an Iranian presence there upset him to the point where he’s like well, if
Iran gets to be here, then Russia gets to be here, too. Nope, nope. I’m just putting that out there, too. No way. Okay. He planned this long ago. And of course this, no. Guys, you’re trying so hard- I’m not trying
hard. Not to see the obvious. I’m giving you details. The Russians own him. I can’t wait to have any kinda power where
we can prove that out, okay? So you can’t say based on this, obviously
I can say it all day long, I’m not gonna put somebody in prison over our assumptions no
matter how obvious they might be. But what God damn prosecutor look into his
business ties with Russia? What is wrong with you guys? It’s the most obvious thing in the world. And don’t tell me they’ve looked into it because
they haven’t. Show me the case where they looked into it. You don’t have it, you just go, but won’t
you look into it. So you must be guilty, he must be innocent. And if you’re on the so-called left, and you
keep insisting and screaming from the rooftop how innocent Donald Trump is, even though
you know they haven’t looked into his business ties with Russia. What’s your motivation? And I think your motivation is that you’re
too, you dug a hole too deep, and you can’t get out, so you’ve surrounded yourself with
your own bias. Nope, Trump’s totally innocent on Russia,
totally innocent. No, I don’t want to see his business ties. I don’t want to see the hundreds of millions
of dollars he took, and I don’t want to talk about whether he might be biased about money
and his own personal interest. He is on everything else but not this one. On this one he’s pristine. Okay. Okay, well, have at it, Haas, make that argument. And get mad at me, but you’re wrong and I’m


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