Centre of the Earth confirmed solid

The inner core is
like a heat engine, essentially, that
heats our planet. As the planet cools,
the inner core start solidifying out
of the outer core. This study confirms the
existence of shear waves or J waves in the inner core. This is a confirmation that the
Earth’s inner core, the deepest shell of the earth is solid. We concentrated on the
waveforms between 3 and 10 hours after large earthquakes. The green dots are receivers
on the surface of the planet and the red dots are
large earthquakes. It’s like a fingerprint
of the earth. The inner core could be thought
of as the deepest time capsule we are trying to probe
with these new techniques. This is where the magnetic
field of the Earth is generated and maintained. The geomagnetic field represents
a shield around our planet that protects us from
a cosmic radiation, without which life on Earth’s
surface would be impossible. We are in the
mapping stage when it comes to the Earth’s
surface, but we’re still in the
discovery stage when it comes to the deep structure. The earth holds
many more secrets that are to be discovered.

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