Christian Truther & The Flat Earth Debate (Part 3)-Satellite Data Faked? DARE YOU TO FINISH!

Hello, world. Christian Truther here, and
I’ve got part three for you on my multi-part series on the shape of the
world. Is it round, is it flat, and we’re looking for objective truth that’s still
true regardless of what we think about it. So, please join me in this discussion.
Before I get into the satellite data topic that I’m planning on, let’s cover
some housekeeping. First of all, my ground rules, that I won’t read aloud, but the
first two are my promise to you and the bottom two or what I’m gonna hold you
guys accountable to. So, join me for a fairly short and civil discussion, and
it’s about 10 minutes, and you can let me know what you think in the comments. Also, I do highly recommend my first video because I talked about why I’m even
doing this and my methodology, as well as tackling a completely different subject.
And, this time only, I also recommend my second video because it also talks about
satellites, but more about their existence than the data that we’re
supposed to be receiving from them. So, because it kind of is a relationship
with the material presented here, I recommend that video as well, but, as
always, this is unscripted, unedited, no green-screen. I don’t think my arguments
need the help. So, we’re gonna go into this, dive right in, point the cannons at each
other from each side and fire, and we’ll see which side is left standing.
So, let’s dive right in. I think we need to start with Global Positioning Systems.
The heliocentric model says the world is round and we have satellites in orbit
and they’re sending us data for location. And almost everyone has
experienced this because almost everyone has someone in their life with a
smartphone. Now, GPS was supposedly created by the US military, but obviously,
the US military, if there was a conspiracy, would be in on it.
So, um, but moving past that, they say they created it so they could locate their
soldiers and also deliver ordinance on enemy targets with pinpoint accuracy. And it was used, I think, for the first time in the Persian Gulf War to great
effect. Saddam Hussein had no answer for it. The Flat Earther says, “Well, satellites
can’t be real, and you don’t need them anyway for GPS because we could just use cell phone towers’ telemetry and triangulation. So, sorry don’t need the
satellites.” Let’s expose which one is accurate, because I think we can
actually determine that. First off, remember if this is something
that’s ground-based, Saddam Hussein should have been able to shut that down
and denied the US military-led invasion of Iraq during the Desert Storm war, and
should have been able to, uh, hinder their efforts. So, it was something out of
his control, or seemingly so. So, that’s smoking gun number one. Smoking gun
number two: You’ve gone, I’m sure, some place, in North American 2018, there are
still places that are dead zones, and you’ve had difficulty getting a signal
on your cell phone. But yet, you can still get GPS information in those areas. Also,
and this is related, my boss owns a boat. We live in Michigan, he likes to boat
across Great Lakes, and he can use his maritime GPS unit independently when he
has no cell phone coverage. No cell phone towers required to operate off of
large bodies of water. We know it works across oceans, even. So, it doesn’t seem to be ground-based. And, we can prove finally that it’s not; all you have to do, and
this is experimentation time, take your own cell phone, go to a department store,
a mall, something like that, get away from windows, skylights, make sure they don’t
have any of those. Make sure you’re well enclosed, and pull out your phone. Make
sure the Wi-Fi is turned off, because we don’t want to get location data from the
Wi-Fi routers in the store, even though those aren’t highly accurate. We want to
remove all of that, and you’ll see this big, blue bubble that says, “I don’t know
where you are. You’re somewhere in here.” But it’s pretty big bubble, and that
bubble is cell phone tower triangulation, which Congress ordered cell phone makers to start putting in the phones back in the early 2000’s. So, this is something that is
evidence that your phone is needing something from the sky. It doesn’t know
it’s in doors to trick you, so it needs something from the sky. You get close to
the windows, you get it underneath the skylight, and it can get data again from
satellites, and you’re able to then navigate. so this is a really strong
evidence that you yourself can experiment and try. Next up, we’ve got
television. Also, there is satellite internet, but I think the satellite
television is far and away the most popular ways that supposed satellite telemetry makes its way into consumer households. Now, I think it
would be very interesting if someone believed that the world was flat, but
also had a satellite data service. If that’s the case, let me know in the
comments, but also, if that’s the case, you can perform an experiment yourself. All
you have to do is just aim your dish away from the equatorial plane towards
the sky. See, in the northern hemisphere, they expect you to point the dishes to
the south and skyward, and then, if you’re in the southern hemisphere, they want you to point them towards the equator. So, to the north, and skyward.
So, angling up towards the equator, because that’s where they say their satellites are located. So, all you have to do is just point them at the ground or point them at
the North Pole (if you’re in the northern hemisphere) or point them at the South Pole (in the southern hemisphere). You will lose signal. It’s not
omnidirectional, which is what you would that an over the air transmission would be. It’s very unidirectional, and that is another evidence, since you’re
pointing that direction mount towards the sky, that the signal is indeed coming
from there. And lastly, we have the argument from the Flat Earth saying, “But you would expect real photography from space, and NASA’s admitted that they photoshop
it, and the guy said, ‘Of course it’s Photoshopped, but, it has to be.’ And, also,
we’ve seen images like this where North America, it looks so big on the globe, you
can’t even see Alaska, whereas, in other images you can see all of North America, and it’s quite small compared to this one over here. Okay, well, first of all, let me
tackle the Photoshop conundrum. The gentleman who was talking about that was referring to a project he was running, specifically, where he was stitching
together a lot of photographs. And Photoshop does not equal CGI. Very
important to realize that they are not synonymous terms. Photoshop is to
manipulate and enhance photos, certainly, you can do digital creation and butchery
with them, but really, generally, most of its use is to enhance video, uh, enhance real photos. Now, on the other side of the equation,
you’ve got CGI; that’s just completely fabricated material. He was saying he was working with tons of little bitty photos, I mean, high-resolution photos of the earth, but small portions of the earth, and rectangular ones of a curving surface, at
that, which led to some stitching errors and led to some, like, cloning events as
some images overlapped. And that is what he is talking about, it has to be
photoshopped, because he was dealing with a whole bunch of photos, trying to splice
them together into a single image file. Okay, he wasn’t admitting guilt, and why
would he, if he’s really in on the lie, saying this in public is about the
stupidest thing he could possibly do. But, what about this? What about these photos? Well, I’m gonna run a little experiment here real quick, and I’m gonna use a
soccer ball, kids soccer ball, I don’t think my two-year-old will mind. The
reason I’m using a soccer ball is because of the different colored pentagons on it
can provide reference points for us. So, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna move it
really close, and I’m gonna simulate a near-Earth satellite taking a photo,
because remember, they say some of these satellites are really close to Earth;
some of them are out past the moon. But most of them are pretty close to the Earth, so I’m gonna simulate this near Earth photo. Then, I’m gonna back it away and I’m
gonna optically zoom in, and we’re gonna see if the size of the pentagons change
on the shape of the ball, and they should. So, here’s what is happening. Okay, so on
this first one, we can see that that center pentagon is fairly dominant, also,
please note, you really can’t see the back end of any of the pentagons at all.
Okay, so, I’m gonna back it away and I’m gonna optically zoom in. This is where it
gets tricky, operate this. Okay, same location, and now, you can see the backsides of all those pentagons. The center pentagon doesn’t look
anywhere near as large as it once did. So, this is something you can replicate as
well. I love experiments. So, you can test this.
get your own soccer ball, get your own camera with an optical zoom, and you will
also see that that is exactly what we would expect to see happen. Now,
there’s other sources of information, of imagery, if you type in HDEV into a
Google browser, you should be able to come up with a website dedicated to real-time live video streaming. Also, if
you’re a Dish customer, they’ve got a whole channel devoted to this, and not
from this source, from their own satellite that they created and had put
up there. So, either they’re complicit in it, or they’re being lied to somehow, and
that begs a whole different set of questions of how that conspiracy will be
run. Also Himawari-8 is a weather satellite put up. It’s in geosynchronous
orbit, meaning it never will move. It’s, it’s gonna stay with the rotation of the
earth, and it’s for meteorological data, and they have it, actually, this, every ten
minutes it, posts a new photo. And then, they put together an animation. The
important thing about all these videos from space is the meteorological data
that they’re representing is accurate. If it says it’s cloudy over your head, you
can go outside, you will see the clouds. If it says it’s clear over your area, you
can go outside, and you’ll see clear sky. And if you see the clouds moving in…
Again, so, meteorlogically, these are all correct.
Also the Himawari was able to spot a wildfire in Australia back in 2015 that
really no one knew about. Because of the smoke blooms, though, they were able to
find out about this wildfire. So, this is data that is, it’s accurate, it’s being
live-streamed in a lot of cases, and it is
strong evidence that it is real because you would have to take a lot of
computing power, and a lot of manpower in order to try and keep perpetuating this.
It brings more people into a conspiracy, and the more people there are, you can
refer to my first one, the more likely that the conspiracy’s gonna be found out.
So, that is really all I have for you today. Satellite data does seem to check
out, now, on all counts, and there’s really no reason to believe that satellites
aren’t there, which means that the earth is indeed round. So, this is Christian
Truther, until next time, signing out.


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