Christian Video “God Bless” | How to Get God’s Protection in the Disasters of the Last Days

People will often say “Accidents happen and so much of life is unpredictable.” Today, with the economy and technology rapidly developing, the material standards of living have gradually improved, but we have discovered that the disaster rate around the world is rising day by day. When we open the newspapers, turn on the TV, or browse websites, we see reports of all kinds of natural and man-made disasters more and more often, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, droughts, fires, mining accidents, plane crashes, and so on. They’re happening more frequently and the severity of these disasters is also on the rise. The people in these areas hit by disaster have to endure as their lives are filled with suffering, injury, and death. Their great anguish and misfortune serves as a constant reminder of the brevity and fragility of life. This allows us to realize that mankind cannot foresee exactly what kind of disasters may befall them and moreover how to prepare themselves for facing future catastrophes. So what can we do to change our fate and avoid annihilation? After you’ve finished watching this short film, we’re certain that you will find your answer and that you will find the one, true path that can help you receive God’s great protection and survive the oncoming disasters. On May 12, 2008, the Wenchuan earthquake surprised the entire world. People had yet to recover from the effects of this catastrophic earthquake. But just past 8 am on April 20, 2013, China’s Sichuan Province was once again struck by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. The epicenter of the province, Ya’an City, was left in ruins. Many lives were lost in the incident and many families were separated or destroyed. In the face of such a major catastrophe, mankind appeared to be left powerless, helpless and vulnerable. Even the brave efforts to rescue any survivors in the aftermath seemed feeble and overwhelmingly desperate. The dead were gone and the living were left distraught, their mournful cries emanating across the entire city. It wouldn’t stop shaking, it felt like I was drunk. I couldn’t stand up, I was swaying around. On the 3rd floor, the quake felt stronger. We were asleep … Actually, back when the Yushu earthquake struck on April 14, 2010, some renowned Chinese media outlets reported that “China’s North-South Seismic Belt has entered a frequent earthquake period” and that “The whole world is entering a seismically active period.” We know that the Qinghai earthquake is related to the seismic belt of the Wenchuan earthquake. The Wenchuan earthquake zone sits on the edge of the Tibetan Plate, while Yushu is situated in the center. The China Earthquakes Network Center believes that the world has entered a seismically active period. In the 9-month stretch of time from July 15, 2009, we’ve been able to see that the frequency of global seismic activity, that is the number of earthquakes during this time has clearly increased, based on the evidence. There have been 24 earthquakes with a magnitude of 7 or higher. That gives it an average rate of 2.66 times per month. However, even if the best scientists can predict when these disasters will occur, they have no way of stopping or restricting the devastation they cause. All it does is increase people’s anxiety and fear. There are many among the helpless victims that keep asking: Why do catastrophes like the Wenchuan earthquake strike one after another? Why do the same tragedies keep playing out over and over again? The materialist theories of “abiogenesis” and “accidentalism” clearly can’t convince everyone. This level of large-scale devastation could make us begin to sense the existence of a supernatural power. This mysterious power is irresistible. It makes us feel like we have nowhere to escape, and fills our hearts with fear. More and more people are starting to ask the question: How do we protect the homeland that we rely on for our survival? And how do we escape suffering in the midst of these disasters? But then in the face of disaster, all of our human efforts are useless in the end. People can’t help but ask: Why is human life so weak and fragile? Who exactly controls and commands mankind’s life and death? Everyone who has read the Bible knows this: The Book of Revelation prophesies that the Lord Jesus shall return in the last days to perform His work of judging all people on earth, and that there shall be large, terrible disasters and great destruction in the last days. Clearly, we are now in the final era of the last days. The prophecies of the Lord Jesus’ return have basically all been fulfilled. The Lord Jesus has already come back. He is now the Almighty God who becomes flesh and has already appeared and been working in China. He expresses all of the truths needed to cleanse and save the whole of mankind and carries out the judgment work of the last days, judging and purifying all of those who are raptured and taken before God’s throne. This way, He categorizes all people according to kind, and reveals the end of the various kinds of man. After God’s work of judgment and purification in the last days is concluded, God will start to reward the good and punish the evil, then send great disasters to destroy this old world where the darkness and evil inhabits. Any evildoers who choose to oppose God shall be punished and destroyed as they fall in the midst of the great disasters. Only those who truly accept Almighty God’s work of judgment, having themselves purified and ridding themselves of evil will be protected by God and live on to survive the horrible disasters. Then they will live forever in God’s kingdom. Almighty God very clearly issued such a warning against the corrupt and evil mankind a long time ago: Almighty God’s work of judgment in the last days completely reveals to us God’s righteous, majestic, and unoffendable disposition. Anyone who chooses to deny, disobey, and resist God, and doesn’t repent of their sinful nature will become subject to God’s wrathful punishment. Only those who truly believe in and worship God can receive God’s protection and escape the horrors of the disaster. In this next part, we will share with you the experiences and testimonies of several Christians from the Church of Almighty God and how they were protected by God in the disasters. At 2:28 pm on the afternoon of May 12, 2008, a magnitude 8 earthquake struck Wenchuan County, in the Sichuan Province, shaking the earth to its core, causing giant rocks to fall from the mountains, large dust clouds to fill the air, and cover the land in darkness. Many buildings collapsed and were reduced to a pile of rubble only in a matter of moments. Many people were trapped in the rubble, with multiple deaths and serious injuries. Everyone in the disaster zone was engulfed in a state of fear. Sister Li was a member of the Church of Almighty God in Hanwang Town, Mianzhu City. She’s well into her 60s. Just before the earthquake, she was having a meeting with a few other sisters at her home. All of a sudden, the house began to shake violently. They could hardly keep their balance, much less make their way outside. So they quickly got down on their knees and began to pray, because they knew that while the disasters were caused by God, they’re also controlled by God. Man’s life and death is all in God’s hands. At the time, we thought of how our life and death are completely at the mercy of God’s hands. We immediately prayed to God: Today, whether we live or die, it’s due to God’s righteousness. We’ll submit to God’s orchestrations, and we won’t complain at all. After they had prayed for a while, the house finally stopped shaking and they quickly ran outside together. Then they found out that only Sister Li’s house and the building across from them did not collapse. All of the other surrounding buildings had been destroyed. This was all because of God’s protection! The other building right across from us was only 5 meters away. If it had somehow collapsed, we would’ve been crushed as well. Many people who knew Sister Li saw how she and the rest of the others managed to escape completely unharmed after such a massive earthquake and saw how Sister Li’s house had been preserved. They couldn’t help but exclaim that it was a true miracle! Therefore, they had to admit that the Almighty God Sister Li believed in must be the one true God and they expressed their willingness to examine the true way. Brother Tan and his wife from Jiulong County, Ganzi Prefecture, are both believers of Almighty God. On May 10, 2008, Brother Tan went to work at the Dongfang Turbine Factory in Deyang City. After just a day and a half, his supervisor said his work wasn’t good enough and fired him. On the afternoon of May 11, all he could do was return home. On May 12, he was working at a factory that was closer to his house. A minute before the earthquake, he suddenly heard something that sounded like a plane flying overhead. He was curious and went outside to have a look. As soon as he walked out, the earthquake began to strike. As the violent shaking continued, the entire factory completely collapsed. Everyone inside was buried by the rubble and he was the only one who managed to escape. Afterward, Brother Tan found out that the Dongfang Turbine Factory where he had worked the day before also suffered a serious collapse, with many deaths and injuries. Thanks to God’s protection, he somehow managed to survive in such a wondrous way. During the earthquake, Brother Tan’s 5-year-old son hid under the stairs of their home, only suffering a small injury on his forehead. Through surviving this earthquake, the couple was able to see God’s almightiness and sovereignty through their own eyes. They knew for sure that Almighty God had protected everyone in their small family of three from the earthquake, and that God’s love had been placed upon them. They sincerely thanked Almighty God with all their hearts. The Church of Almighty God in the Sichuan Province contains similar stories told by the many brothers and sisters within the Church’s membership, all of whom escaped calamity and personally experienced God’s wondrous protection. After the earthquake, these brothers and sisters were filled with gratitude toward God and shared their testimony with their neighbors, relatives, and friends, testifying about the deeds of Almighty God, hoping that more and more people could become just like them and receive Almighty God’s salvation. In the Ji County fire in Tianjin, there were many more Christians in the Church of Almighty God who also received God’s wondrous protection. Laide Commercial Building is Ji County’s largest shopping mall. On June 30, 2012, a Saturday, Laide Commercial Building was running a sales event, attracting many customers. Later, at 3:40 pm, the building suddenly caught fire. The owner had been worried about the customers stealing products during all the mayhem, so he had every roller door on the first floor locked and all of the customers were driven up to the second and third floors. No one anticipated that the fire would keep growing or eventually get to the point where it was completely out of control. All of the electricity in the building was cut off, so the elevators from levels 1 through 4 could not be used. The situation was becoming dire, so the owner finally allowed the roller doors to be opened. But by that point, the fire had already filled the building with smoke and people couldn’t see or find their way back to the outside. Many of those people were burned to death, while many who were left stranded chose to jump out of the building to escape, some of whom ended up plunging to their deaths. It was a horrific scene. The entire building became engulfed in flames, and a thick smoke swept across the county. Despite the fact that the fire department was only about a 10-minute walk away from the scene, 25 minutes had passed before any of the fire engines finally arrived, completely missing the chance to save most of those people. After firemen rescued 7 or 8 people, the rescue ladder became too hot due to the heat from the flames. Those who were still trapped inside the building couldn’t escape, and some of them fell straight to their deaths. The fire raged on from 3:40 pm to sometime past 7 pm later on that night. The bystanders tried to take photos with their phones, but in order to cover up the truth behind the fire, the police snatched away their phones and throw them to the ground. Some people refused to hand over their phones. Those that were refused were tasered by the police. Some people were quick enough to instantly upload their photos and news of the fire at the Laide Commercial Building directly to the Internet, but only half an hour later, the government deleted any and all news stories related to the fire that had been posted online. Certain insider sources revealed that more than 300 people had been killed in the fire, but the government’s official announcement said that only 10 people had perished. The circumstances around this fire brought immense fear and pain to the people of Ji County, but there were several sisters who believe in Almighty God saying that they received God’s great protection during the fire, which enabled them to see all of God’s wondrous deeds. In early June 2012, Sister Gao and her mother had just accepted Almighty God’s work of the last days. Her mother was already 73 years old and all she was able to do was stay at home because of her poor health. Just two days before the fire, her mother had suddenly fallen. Her leg had swollen up so badly and she couldn’t take care of herself, so Sister Gao looked after her. On the day of the fire, Sister Yang invited Sister Gao to go to the Laide Commercial Building. Sister Gao had never refused Sister Yang’s invitations before, but this time she felt she had to say no. At the time, I told Sister Yang: My mother can’t look after herself right now. I have to stay here, so I’m not going. Why don’t we go another time. Upon hearing about what happened with the Laide fire, Sister Gao suddenly realized that she had unknowingly been blessed by receiving God’s wondrous protection. Her mother’s sudden injury had prevented her from going out to the shopping mall, and so she escaped the disaster. Also unexpected was that the next day after the fire, Sister Gao’s mother was able to walk around by herself again. Both Sister Gao and her mother were able to see God’s love and wondrous deeds through this incident. Even though I may have suffered just a little bit of physical injury, God used me and the situation with my health as a means to protect my daughter. My heart is full of thanks and incredible love for Almighty God! Sister Gao also said that Sister Yang who invited her to the Laide Commercial Building that day had also received God’s wondrous protection. As soon as Sister Yang heard Sister Gao say no, she called her husband to see if he would want to go with her to the Laide Commercial Building. Later, around 2:50 pm, her husband returned home and tried to get her to hurry up, but by then she was suddenly not in a rush to go out. She told him that she wanted to go there later. At around 3:30 pm, her husband tried again. It was only then that Sister Yang, her husband and their two children started to make the drive to Laide. Halfway there, they saw the black smoke coming from the direction of the Laide Commercial Building. Upon asking around, they came to find out that the mall was on fire. Sister Yang couldn’t help but saying “Thank You, Almighty God, for protecting everyone in our family.” At the same time, she realized that her delay in getting ready to leave the house was all part of an arrangement by God and not something that happened by her own will. It’s just as Almighty God says in His word, As long as we sincerely believe in Him, then whenever disaster might strike, God will use all sorts of methods to rescue us from the pain and suffering of disaster. On the morning of June 30, Sister Zhao and her daughter went to the hospital to visit her sick older sister. It was almost noon by the time they left the hospital. Sister Zhao originally wanted to go home to eat lunch, and then go out to Laide to buy shoes with her daughter. But her daughter wanted to go to the mall right then. No matter how she tried to persuade her, her daughter wouldn’t agree to go home first, so she had no choice but to buy the shoes before going home. Sometime around 4 pm, she saw from her house that the sky in the distance had been lit up by fire. Only when she asked somebody did she realize that the Laide Commercial Building was on fire. She could sense that it was God’s wondrous protection that had helped her and her daughter avoid the fire. Sister Zhao praised God and His mighty power from the bottom of her heart. At the time, my daughter insisted that we go to the mall before we returned home. That was all dictated and planned by God! Otherwise, if we had gone to the mall after we had lunch, we probably would have been killed in that fire. This experience has showed me how to see God’s wonderful deeds and His almightiness and sovereignty. I’ve experienced Almighty God’s immense protection and His great love that He’s shown for me! On the day of the fire, many other brothers and sisters were also able to see God’s great deeds: One sister who was shopping at the Laide Commercial Building coincidentally received a phone call and had to leave to take care of something. The moment after she walked out was when the building caught fire. One sister was walking down the stairs of her building also heading to the mall, but she suddenly got an intense stomachache and had to go back upstairs, which helped her avoid the disaster. Each of these true testimonies of Christians from the Church of Almighty God shows us that only Almighty God is mankind’s stronghold and shelter. Almighty God is the One who controls the fate of mankind as well as all of the disasters. If we want to be wise, then it’s time to wake up: Even if you’re incredibly wealthy or have a prominent social status, whenever a disaster strikes, it will never move itself away from you or your loved ones just for the sake of your money and position. You might live a comfortable and luxurious life for the moment, but when the disaster falls, all of this is nothing, like fleeting clouds. If mankind wants to escape from the disaster, the only path is to accept Almighty God’s salvation in the last days, truly return to bask in God’s presence and bow down to worship Him. Only then can we be worthy enough to receive God’s protection during a disaster, survive against the odds and enter into God’s kingdom. It’s just as Almighty God says,


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