City of PAE News 20 January 2020

Hello, its Ed with this weeks City of PAE
news. Get some fresh air with our new Fish Feeders
social group, now is a good time to brush up on what to do in an emergency with our
PAE specific emergency management plan, PIRSA need your help to eradicate the fruit fly
outbreak in Blair Athol, and lety us know your thoughts on local reserves and playgrounds. This Australia Day come and celebrate with
us on the foreshore in Semaphore We’ve got a fireworks display from 9:30pm, road closures
and parking restrictions will be in place. Get all the details on our websitesite
or on our social media. Our new City of PAE Fish Feeders group is
a fantastic way to enjoy a relaxed morning of fishing and crabbing at the picturesque
Largs Jetty. The group is a great way to get some fresh
air and socialise without pressure and without judgement. The group welcomes everybody regardless of
skill level. In fact, our Fish Feeders group is aptly named
because like many people who enjoy fishing, they feed way more fish than they actually
catch! The group meets at Largs Jetty on Monday mornings
from 9am. It cost $5 per person which includes bait,
a Fish Feeders hat and shirt. Call 8405 6804. With recent bushfires and extreme weather
in South Australia, now is a good time to check our Community Emergency Management Plan. This localised plan will help you to plan
and prepare a range of emergency situations within the City of PAE, including heat, flood,
earthquake, storm, fire, hazardous materials, disease and more. Plan ahead and learn what to do in an emergency
situation with information and maps specific to the City of PAE. Visit
We’ve got 242 active recreation facilities across the city. These include playgrounds, courts, skate parks,
fitness stations and more. Our newly developed Draft Active Recreation
Facilities Plan is a strategy to make sure that the way we plan and provide active recreation
facilities meets the diverse needs of our community and responds to changing demographics
and community expectations. Read the draft plan and provide your feedback
at PIRSA are responding to a fruit fly outbreak
and have established a 1.5 kilometre quarantine zone in Blair Athol, Prospect, Broadview,
Kilburn, Clearview, Enfield and Gepps Cross. Restrictions will remain in place until at
least the 9th of March 2020. DO NOT give away or move any fruit or vegetables
unless cooked or preserved. DO NOT leave fruit or vegetables lying on
the ground byut make sure you place them in your green waste bin. DO NOT compost any fruit or vegetables. Please ensure that you report any maggots
found in fruit or vegetables immediately to the Fruit Fly Hotline on 1300 666 010. For more info visit or call
the Fruit Fly Hotline. This week you’ll find our mowers cutting
the grass in Valley View Gilles Plains Enfield Clearview Broadview Woodville Gardens Rosewater
Exeter and Glanville. We’ll be spraying weeds in Sefton Park Enfield
Blair Athol Kilburn Alberton Port Adelaide Queenstown Ethelton and Semaphore South. If you need us for anything, you know where
we are. Just give us a call on 8405 6600 or visit
our website any time of the day or night to make a request for service.

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