Clearly No Amount of Evidence Can Convince A Skeptic

all right good afternoon everybody hope
you’re all doing well Joshua here we’re we’re back here downtown dinky town at
the University of Minnesota got my signage here I’m a flat earther I need
medication because I believe the earth is flat I found another flat earther his
name is John we met last time I was here and we were able to connect and we
figured why not cause some trouble together figured it’d be more productive
to have two people sharing truth so ideal man it is fun, do you believe
we live on a spinning ball all right you got you got two minutes
yeah all right man what experiment is there that proves to you the earth is
spinning right now what experiment yeah there’s this experiment that’s been done
so you happen to know about the Foucault pendulum what’s the spin around the Sun when I
take a flight did you know that those windows and airplanes are curved you
watch a boat come over the seat yeah you see that you see the top of the boat
first okay and then you see the rest of the boat as it gets closer you do you
know that because you’ve seen it right yeah like with your own eyes you haven’t
seen a boat well what I’m trying to say is that you could see that no I have
seen a boat I know what you’re talking about but did you know that when you’re
standing on the shore and you’re seeing that same boat go over the horizon you
can get a zoom camera and bring it back into focus yep and bring it back into
focus so it’s not actually going over a curve it’s just your perspective no it’s
your perspective you can’t see forever with your eyes because of atmosphere
sure yeah sure wait if I go up higher uh-huh yep yep
yeah yeah and then you’re always gonna see a level horizon no to what can’t
work out we could set it I mean I haven’t done it but that’s not gonna be
a difficult thing to do if we’re on earth if we’re on our curved surface
right I can legacy what is that calculation do you happen
to know what this yeah the curvature the curvature equation do you know what that
is the curvature yep there’s an actual curvature equation okay it’s eight
inches per mile square okay insult so what I’m telling you is is after 50
miles there’s 1,500 feet of curvature so from one shore line looking at that
listen to what I have to say okay let’s know what I have to say from one shore
line looking at the Chicago skyline over the Michigan lake 50 miles should have
1500 feet of curvature you shouldn’t be able to see the Chicago skyline over 50
miles and you can experiment you just got done telling you not to do an
experiment I’m saying let’s do an experiment
so we’re saying I’m done it I’m already done and I did it and I sighed and but okay
so so what what’s the endgame what do we what do we get out of this what is this
what phenomenon does this explain where you live who you are and where you come
from isn’t that important wait okay so like
to be lied to they’re lying to us about living on a
sphere spinning in outer space what does it explain what does it
explain you are created by a Creator God because if the earth is flat there’s a
god yeah most likely in a contained system you could believe it around Earth
and God I’m fine with that like rels just because just because you
get you what if your box is just way bigger how do you have any access to the
scale of like God God is infinite right that’s you that you God is God Infinite
Earths God finite no he’s infinite it cannot be continued it cannot be
contained right I love it yeah so we’re living in a contained system with a dull
so like I said I appreciate that’s what’s your name James Joshua so
I don’t see I don’t see why you can’t have being a container and have it be
around earth maybe the box is just bigger than we could see it that’s
that’s no problem have you ever actually like investigated
the idea of Flat Earth like with an open mind without ridicule oh I don’t have
any review for you I’m saying I think sure you can’t I guess what I’m trying
to interpret what you’re telling me is is that you don’t understand why it’s
important understanding doesn’t give you that
we’re being lied to about more than just this year but let me explain okay you’re
asking me why but you’re not listening to my explanation okay so let me explain
we’re being lied to about where we live our politics sports news do you believe
all the shootings like that van that just ran over a bunch of people in
Toronto I believe that that’s okay some I think but like what I’m saying
like what does like what like if if I go up in an airplane and I think about the
earth spinning around it’s cool right I don’t know we can work it out oh so you
have no idea how fast we’re spilling what I mean we could figure it out right
if you were dating a girl for a year if you were dating a girl for a year let’s
see what didn’t you want once you know her birth date I know
no but I’m saying if I believe in this round earth spinning around the Sun
right and I believe in these 24-hour days I know when I hop on a flight and
I’m going to Europe that is gonna be a different time of day when I land and
then what it would be if I just left my clock the way it doesn’t prove a bowlers
no not saying anything any which way I’m just saying if I take that theory and I
say all we’re spinor to me like still thinking of a baller you’re thinking of
the spin of the earth changes the time zones and I’m saying that the Sun
spinning around us changes the time zones I’m saying that that bright light
right there goes around us we are the center of everything we are well that
I gotta tell you that is my experience of me all day every day I feel like the
center of my universe course so geo centricity well and for you will be
Joshua centricity for me as James since um but it’s late I absolutely I’m with
that I’m with it and I think it’s a natural thing to say hey if I’m the
center of my universe you know the place that I am the place that I’m at should
be the center of no but us as human beings you have to be I have to be
humble I have to be humble enough to know that I am NOT God and I am NOT the
center of the universe earth is the center of the universe the center of
creation the sudden the moon rotate around us yes we are stationary well I
can’t explain it I got a DVD here for you it is free so you will watch
information that could help you understand disagree though right it’s
called perspective it’s gonna be light at the same time a day everywhere okay
can I give you can I give you an idea so hold this out hold this up this is an
idea not 100% model or even if I’m going to Europe so the white part here is
Antarctica holding all the water in okay all right this part here is the land
okay the center is the North Pole the Sun and the moon are about let’s say
this high and they act like a spotlight okay and they rotate around the earth
like this in a circular fashion whoa okay I’m having trouble I know
because I know it’s new to you but let’s say that you’re good I’m good it’s like
I’ve seen I’ve had a flat B are we saying that like what is the Sun what is
the Sun what is the Sun it’s like helium gas I’m not really sure it’s a ball of
helium guess it’s a liar what is it fire yeah I mean I’m not sure
that you tell us that is a ball of fire in outer space okay I’m just saying what
they tell us a mainstream and that’s what they tell us why I’m fire burn
without oxygen what’s that can fire burn without oxygen
can fire if you have a candle and you put
something over the top of it what happens to that kid I’m not I’m not
trying to have it all right I’m saying I don’t really understand but outer space
is a vacuum right it emits light yes it does it electromagnetic light so we
believe that it should sound like yes I just try to understand how how how how
is there gonna be light but if I got a point here this is this is Paris okay
this one’s Minneapolis okay they’re in different places yep
where do I put the Sun so that it is on Paris but not Minneapolis right here man
it’s a spot light so you’re not going to illuminate the other side of the earth
until the Sun goes around it’s a spot light do you how far away is that Sun
right there how many miles away is it it’s a spot wait how is it gonna be then
how’s it gonna be know then okay so you’re telling me if I’m lit in Paris
well here’s Beijing okay here’s Minneapolis okay Paris and
here’s like Argentina right they all gotta be four for Argentina is going to
be pretty much where Minneapolis is because they’re in the same country in
the same area no because Argentina wait you’re gonna tell me you are gonna tell
me are you telling me that Argentina is closer to Minneapolis and they’re in the
same time zone right they are in the tate same okay so they’re both gonna be
illuminated at the same time while Paris is in darkness so but then the why if I
log onto if I log on to the Delta Airlines is it gonna take me fucking 14
hours to fly to Argentina and it’s gonna take me six hours to fly to Paris you
have to investigate that yourself and you’ll find out why they have the flight
routes that they do man look at a flat earth map and look at the erred airline
flights from one place to another you have to get the globe idea out of
your head and get the flatterers right way so he will explore you’re saying
you’re saying you’re you’re telling people on that DVD right there say the
same thing so maybe you would help Holly meet ours Adina is closer to here than
Paris that’s because same time zone yeah what
I’m saying is is it that’s it not man what I’m trying to say is you don’t
first off you don’t understand where I’m coming from okay because this is new
subject for you I don’t come from so I said but I said I can’t do I said what
you’re doing is fine I like that I appreciate that James and I think you
might not understand where I’m coming from on this because you haven’t done
her own personal research it might don’t have all the answers for you I don’t
expect to convince you at this moment this is a month and month and month long
thing for if it’s important to you and you and you embrace spirituality for
example so I would encourage you to check out flattered like I like the
spirituality no I’m saying like for me for me like I mean if the thing is
working like fucking You Know Who am I no matter you know like we gotta we
gotta find our own path I’m not mad at it for a second if it’s working for you
fantastic but for me but for me if God is infinite
which is something where we’ve agreed on I feel like that’s something duck will
say if God is infinite then scale is nothing to you right scale is everything
to us though scale is everything to us yes that’s why I’m sick no need to get
too caught up in you know like maybe we have to get caught up maybe we do have
to get caught up because Flat Earth is the ultimate red pill man is John John
is flatter the ultimate red pill or not is that a reference to the matrix so the
thing that I was worried about is they wouldn’t be able to until you actually
open-mindedly look into it is there anything that the government has told
you that you don’t believe I mean it seems like you’re kind of cheerio about
the government and agree with everything that they say so you can’t tell me that
there’s not a narrative that the government has told you you’re like no
that’s I can’t believe that can you name one thing so you can’t name one thing
you agree with everything that the government has ever told you what is what do you mean with I’m not
gonna give you an example man you got to tell me yourself I got plenty tell you
an example tell me an example of a government narrative that you disagree
with the need one if there’s all kinds you should be right now really they
don’t teach you that in school they don’t teach us in school that dinosaurs
lived billions of years ago I never said that we can again I’m just saying that
they tell us that they lived billions of years ago where’s the evidence of them
well so here’s the thing I get behind the platters like
I believe that I relate to that that’s it what’s up it’s not fun man it’s not
like wearing zubaz this isn’t a trend this isn’t a fad that’s gonna go away
this is a serious topic that’s being talked about everywhere and the
government narratives that I’m talking about do you believe in the moon landing so you believe in everything that the
government’s told you there’s nothing that you question so so for like what is
it so this is the thing is like it’s I’m alright if the government is right
that’s all I’m not I’m not ok with that all of them should be put up against
this wall you gotta go down that road yourself man I just I asked you if
there’s any narrative that you don’t believe the government told you you
couldn’t come up with one I just asked what I’m asked use like
what is a government narrative yeah government narrative is as we landed on
the moon 9/11 was done by guys with box cutters
who took over airplanes and flew them in twin towers with no mention of the World
Trade Center gulf of tonkin Vietnam you know you gotta look this stuff up on
your own man that’s what I’m saying is like I asked
these kids here is there is there any narrative that the government has told
you that you question and theirs is not and so that’s that’s disheartening for
me personally well is education American education learning or indoctrination yep
Oh 100 percent yeah you can because it’s memorization and then the regurgitation
is indoctrination learning is actually doing experiments and testing things
yourself and seeing the conclusion of said tests like a boat going over the
horizon and when it goes over the horizon after a couple miles and then
you bring out a high zoom camera and then you bring it back into focus and
then it keeps going for 30 or 40 miles should be able to it should have
disappeared within 10 miles investigate it and if all your explanations will be
given to you yeah all this all the some does is just gets further away from our
perspective it’s not actually but this earth is not spinning the Sun is what
moves not us and what do you guys believe in gravity
or no gravity is just boolean seeing destiny well I said boolean seeing
density yep so that cup wears weighs more than
the air around you so it’s going to fall to the ground match because that the
ground is down that’s how we all associate our ups and downs
so it’s helium and antigravity device why is it that a helium balloon floats
the way is created man that’s just how things work here in our reality and to
call it gravity’s to call it gravity is magic and that’s not proven theory no
that’s the truth what’s dissatisfying is being lied to about gravity and we’re
live that’s disaster please me like I said well why write
down round like a pizza you’re right see that’s another thing too is like
round when you say round what they did is they tricked your minds in school
because round can mean a circle like that oh oh
or it could be a sphere it could be two different things does actually about 70
times a movable said I’m busted man yeah boom oh yeah God puts his feet upon the
footstool of the earth so let’s just go check it out I got plenty of information
there James yeah should be open for discussion at least without ridicule I
appreciate you having an open mind and just really just like oh you know like
questioning because I was there too man but then after a couple of months you’re
just like with the knowledge that we have John and I we just figured we got
to come out into the public and talk about it could be an alien invasion well if there’s anything to all that biblical
stuff reservations team behind IBM a new translation store something fun yeah so
hey thanks a lot for your time James I was know ok right on man
thanks for listening hey thanks man check it out I’m gonna stand over here get them get
them in both ways yeah I’m not sure I know that some
people get a 5 o’clock shadow because they’re you have so much testosterone
they shave in the morning and they start to get a beard in the afternoon at 5:00
I think that’s where part of that analogy comes from five o’clock shadow I
don’t know man yep well they certainly don’t have any
working models of dinosaurs and science museums ladies they doing the earth is
flat not a ball like you’re taught ma’am look it up you have a cute friend maybe
she’d like to investigate set ideas so we got 551 on April 26 day of our Lord
2018 had a good conversation with James you just couldn’t wrap his head around
it I just can’t no yeah today maybe tomorrow he’ll be
into it and then the day after that peer pressure I’ll get to him and he’ll come
after us and then if you can see in the distance
there the signage that says there are no atheists on a flat earth
I’ll hold to that statement even though I’ve met a couple of people that would
say they comprehend Flat Earth and you don’t have a creator god but and then I
have my coffee melting away I’ll drink that tomorrow I’ve had a lot of coffee
today hey folks how you doing good good good you believe in the moon landing did
you see that yeah well I don’t believe in the moon landing sir please wake up
Flat Earth are you gonna get deceived you’re not gonna like it wait it’s really nice out though yeah the whole dinosaur thing though
like billions of years ago I just can’t I don’t agree with that one thing I
don’t understand is why they’re hiding the whole giant human beings being like
20 feet tall giant bones and they turned them into dinosaurs let’s go man Flat Earth you just wanted
to stare stare straight ahead the lack of eye contact just look look ahead get
started look ahead how did the tides work did you know that the tides only
work in salt water look at Hey ladies yep you earth is flat no you’re good
100% earth is a sphere right just I’d love for you one proof show us
the earth is a spear convinced she’s convinced which is which is a scary
place to be I mean I’m 99.9 percent the earth is
flat a hundred and thirty sounds like a
temperature that’s K fan here right 100.3 yeah yeah they’re convinced and
it’s not important to them right why would it be a topic Minnesota law she’s
looking up Flat Earth videos right now phone you know that there’s this TV show
called space cadets that was released in 2005 and England check it out
it goes through it’s a reality TV show and they try to convince four people
that they’re in outer space yeah they did there’s their dip they
definitely had like some doubts you know while they were going through the
process they’d like the 10 episodes they’re like oh this probably isn’t real
and they’re kind of like joking around about it but I mean what they’re seeing
and what they’re experiencing to them would show that they’re part of Russian
cosmonaut you know experiment for civilians to go to outer space so it’s
called space cadets yeah yeah yeah all the episodes are on YouTube yep yeah so
I’m thinking like maybe that could be a way that they would say people going to
Mars you know is just set them up and like some kind of virtual reality
simulator and they would never leave the earth just everything’s simulated yeah cuz many ideas yeah you know
because they plan on having people go to Mars you know oh yeah I know what you whodunnit
right hey ma’am what do you think about the idea you don’t okay what about the
moon-landing did you leave we landed on the moon okay you think that do you
think the evidence that you can see showing them on harnesses and not on the
moon Oh yep no this is 100% true yeah yeah could you prove okay that’s your evidence man that you
live on a sphere that’s shaky ground ma’am sandy ground yeah can you even get on a boat in
Traverse no that’s her science yeah it would work on a flat level motionless
plain to the earth the earth is as flat as those pizzas men all right look it up
because that’s what people believe you know people do believe that the Earth’s
shadow causes the phases of the Moon we should ask some people as they come
by because if that’s true then that should be a full moon right now it’s not
a full moon it’s kind of like a gibbous maybe like 90% showing yeah so like in a
couple of days it’ll be full the final frontier love your shirt man yeah outer
space isn’t real no Star Trek is not a real representation of outer space
because we’ve never been there but he still walks away and believes it and
laughs and ridicules the final frontier I love people in NASA shirts NASA shirt
there’s a few of those nasty Nets absolutely shirts really not everyone’s
proud of they’re in front of the oppressors thanks NASA for all you all you do for
us you go up in outer space harder on CGI augmented reality ISS
footage couldn’t do it without you I think we use outer space as a means to
test technology it’s too windy or when I go back over
here it’s hard hold and that’s fine here’s that sign I was talking about there are no atheists and flatterers I’m
gonna wear my scrubs next time you can walk on a spinning ball how’s it
going in good Hey Dude hey what’s up but you laughing
cuz it’s true or cuz we’re idiots okay yeah you’re right
hey the moon is out at the same time the Sun is do you happen to know what causes
the phases of the Moon so you’re saying this the the moon’s light is the
reflection of the Sun all right well the moon emits its own light man look it up the pride of education I don’t want you
to destroy my worldview so I’m gonna walk away now you know I love where I’m
at and I don’t want it to change so just give me my tax paying job Netflix
three square meals a day I’m fine Flat Earth man wake up ladies the earth is
flat not a ball like you’re taught wake up you just want to throw cold water on
some of these people how’s it going in and research Flat Earth alright go home
tonight look it up type it in it’s got more important things to do yeah I think we think like if they laugh at
us enough or they mock and ridicule like we’ll get to the point where we’re just
like this isn’t just working man this isn’t just we just got to go back well
yeah you’re a flat earther right on let’s go them yeah it says I’m a cloud
Arthur yeah do you have any like wisdom to me back to girl yeah you do
yeah what’s on it well I’m curious what sold you on it because I’m here with the
camera talking about it so I’m kind of I’m kind of wondering if what you got as
a proof for flattered what does water do just like flows off of things
okay how about if it’s in a container what is water usually do probably
Stanley right stays in there yeah Claire okay what about like if I
gravity gravity okay yeah so do you believe in gravity I mean not really
we’re just like I’m flattered but earth okay I don’t know going oh yeah I don’t
I’m not convinced you’re flat earther yeah okay I think that you’re just kind
of regurgitating what you might have seen on Flat Earth Society and I mean I
haven’t done too much research that I’m pretty slow about it okay well I’d love
to even get you sold even more I got a DVD here okay for ya as you have your
SpaceX lanyard yeah right there yeah I would if I was a flat earth I fight when
where right when we’re a SpaceX you should probably work on your yeah it’s
actually 20 videos that talk about Flat Earth or other various conspiratorial
topics another conspiracy away the pyramids oh
yeah big battery yeah well it might be actually yeah it might be what makes you
say so because those people were much much smarter than us at the time and I
think that we have an opportunity to be very smart but our educational system
keeps us dull and at a particular frequency level that we’re not able to
overcome unless we’re taught these are called ideas and a col idea would be a
flat earth because mainstream would say that we live on a sphere right right
yeah but if you use the curvature equation eight inches per mile squared
it just blows the whole ball earth thing out of the water man yeah so it’s eight inches per mile
squared okay okay and so let’s say for example you’re looking at the Chicago
skyline from one Shore over Lake Michigan and you’re about 50 miles away
there’s 1,500 feet of curvature okay so if there’s 1,500 feet of curvature you
should only be able to see the top part of the Willis Tower which is the Sears
dollar okay but you can actually see like almost the style with just yeah
buildings just being like 500 feet tall and so since water always seeks it’s
level and over 71% of the earth is water space I need you happen to know how fast we’re
spinning right now well circumference of the earth
just since we are full Sun probably really fast I mean it is but let’s say
that this is friend of yours here is your girlfriend okay and you’re with her
for a year okay do you think by that time you would know her birthday you
know so maybe maybe her shoe size you know you could buy her a gift buy her
some new shoes you know buy her some you know pants or something like that know
her waist size right is how is it that 99% of all the people that walk around
here on the campus believe they live on a spinning ball but they don’t know how
fast they’re spinning they don’t know the circumference of the earth they
don’t know how far away the moon is well I mean you believe it when you’re in
school at a young age and then you grow up you never think about it again and
you’re just in a doctrine ated student you’re not learning anything and that’s
really what camp what school is is it’s indoctrination and memorization it’s not
you’re not really actually learning anything
here’s remembering answers to put on a test that’s just my experience you know
so yeah I’ll check this out yeah no I appreciate you stopping and listening in
heaven open mind then thank you carry on carry on I’ll be yeah I’ll be around all
weekend and ready to ready to pounce so just let me know for sure then
all right yeah yeah you too man uh Cheers but the earth is flat though
that’s how it looks in Australia I’m wrong and what does that prove in a
sphere though how are you proving that it’s a sphere by you living in Australia
she doesn’t know she doesn’t know yeah I totally saw through that guy that
he was lying about being a flat earther it’s funny till you research it man it’s
funny till your research it’s but smiling and ridicule is always the best
way that they go about their business I appreciate everybody hanging out I am
Joshua from authentic intent we’ll hang out here for another 20 minutes or so
it’s getting in a little bit more time you have not yet like share and
subscribe share this out dip this out to other people I’ll be doing this more
frequently that it’s finally nice outside I’m at Flat Earth or help me but she can
just laugh that’s it that’s all you’d get out of people least they hear about
it and so yeah I’ll be out here hopefully
with John later on this week hit up another part of dinky town here and on
the Minneapolis University of Minnesota campus hopefully it won’t be so brisk
later on this is your first time coming to this channel I hope you subscribe investigate such claims on your own time because this is important clearly it’s
important enough for me to be out here even when it wasn’t the best of weather had some problems before with camera I
think it was coming into my internal memory so it kept stopping so we missed
out on a couple of things James had said earlier but what kind of we kind of got
the gist of it and we have ignition
for another space X failure launched in outer space yeah she said I’m from
Australia and you’re wrong so that means that everybody in Australia has to be a
globe air apparently there are no Australian flat earthers how’s Goldman
the earth is what fake okay so you mock and you ridicule the idea okay okay okay
well I appreciate that well have you ever looked into Flat Earth before you
have and your conclusion is we still live on a sphere it’s not important to
you now where you live who you are where you come from as an important as a human
though well I hope someday it is because it’s
the most important topic of all time so it’s the most important topic of all
time then again when they were converting people from Flat Earth to
globe earth that was an important time yeah I think she felt like she was
stepping on my toes because she has some alternative viewpoints I’m sure that she
doesn’t find it very nice to ridicule so she kind of had to step back a little
bit be like well I’m not really killing you just sorry Clow that’s all you can say you just
walk away yeah keep walking dude yeah I’ll walk away
you have no dog in this fight bud so you can call somebody a clown and walk away
because you’re a tough guy tough tough guy holding a sign to holding a sign you
get called a clown research Flat Earth okay ignition clown he says how’s it going hey yeah people you know they believe that
they live on a sphere but they have no idea what the curvature equation is and
until you really know that and understand how the curvature equation
works and water always finding its level in a contained environment you’re gonna mock and ridicule it you
know why would you believe anything other than what mainstream media tells
you in your school hey y’all doing just don’t look right
just ignore me like I’m not even here holding a flattering sign Hollywood does
not give you a proper representation of outer space because they never been
there before Star Wars and Star Trek are not real so like laughing so she laughs
as she walks away she laughs as she walks away
was gone doggie yeah if I had a dog I’d name it
dog I would name it dog yeah Todd her dog’s name was Todd I would name a dog oh yeah there’s another English TV show
that I watched it’s called shattered and these people
are put into a controlled environment and for a hundred thousand pounds they
could win if they stay up for seven nights and so that’s an experiment that
they did which is pretty fascinating in order to try to stay up for seven nights
four for money I guys don’t Kairi huh so mockery and ridicule is your defense
that’s your science so you’re so intelligent man so much smarter than me Kairi he says I don’t love is in the air certainly is because
you don’t come out here and talk about flat earth if you don’t care about these
people little do they know for they know not what they do
in the mockery ridiculing what
all right well I think this might be it for today so appreciate everybody coming
by I will be back very shortly to upload some more interactions and so I hope
everybody’s having a good afternoon or whenever you see this good to see
everybody Joshua has have a good afternoon good
evening and good morning


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