Community Responds To Tragedy In Virginia Beach | NBC Nightly News

[Applause] moments like that it's you see it on the news played out in front of your eyes and it becomes like a movie or something that's in the distant but when it hits home like this it's real what prompted you to come here today this is our city it's just I'm a pastor and a law enforcement officer this is my home you touched my heart when you touch the people of our city this should not happen in Virginia Beach it shouldn't happen in any city in the United States of America sadly it does I believe that there are some things that you can't do from a distance it's personal we have to be here we have to we have to wrap our arms around physically around people who are weeping it's just knowing that somebody's life you know lives were snuffed out prematurely you know senseless from a senseless act of violence still brings tears yeah yeah what are you thinking what do you feel where's that pain what are you thinking about thinking about those that lost their loved ones and children it lost their parents grandparents there's power in prayer we will continue to pray it tonight the mayor of Virginia Beach says we will not be defined by this horror we are a city of resiliency and resolved


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