C贸mo Hacer un Perro Enamorado en Media Velada 馃惗

Hello friends of Art in Your Hands, for
today I will show you how to do this dog, of these loving dogs or
in love here are all angles so to speak of him so that they know
and with me they will learn how to do it I hope you will accompany me throughout the step by step very simple very economic I hope you like them and
put it into practice then We start here on your channel Arte en Tus
Hands, welcome! and to make this doll we are going to
use half white evening of good quality, siliconized cotton or
synthetic, hot and liquid silicone, threads, needles, we are going to use the capotera needle which has approximately one measure of about 7 centimeters for the
faction to the dog and the normal one to sew in the moments we need to
soon sew, gloss tape to decorate, to make some bows, scissors, fabrics which
you prefer the one you like best that is what they must decide
the mold in this project is only going to be the one with the ears because this
project the truth does not have many molds but there we leave them in the
description here in the lower part les we leave the link where they find the
ear mold and also the list complete the materials then with
this we started the first thing we are going to do then is
cut the corresponding circumference to the body because she is the one who is going to
give as the basis for us to know what size is going to be both the head and the
legs this has a measure of 33 centimeters you look if you do it more
big or smaller depending on size of your doll then here what
I’m going to start doing is darning everything what has to do with the piece
around leaving approximately one 5 mm measure to climb all
this piece then here I start well here I have finished darning, I will put it on the right side, I sewed it on the side of the upside down and here as you can see it is already
totally darned the piece I’m going to do what I’m going to start filling in to
take the cotton synthetic or silicone that is very full well so then the sphere that
corresponds to the base of the body now we are going to take half evening here I am going to
set aside here let’s take the middle and middle I’m going to take the part
the thickest the toughest is the part which corresponds to the panty, then here I am going to cut it and here in this part I will separate in 2 pieces, here is the
sewing I will separate them because those they serve us for two pieces that
correspond to the dog’s head I take only part and we would start
also to fill in I will take the cotton can do as a kind of
hand sphere and what I’m going to do now is start
cover that cotton sphere and that we would also give the size of the
head as the average yields, what I start is to pull on all sides and start also to put or introduce more cotton
to make us bigger when I finish filling it then to
halo so to speak so say it i’m going to take the whole piece of the
media and took it to one place to make it look like a kind of a
onion and look how it looks now what I’m going to do is I’m going to introduce
thread and needle and I’m going to start roll up ready and I’m going to tie it, the leftover
short so that it doesn’t go so to say
bothered to hinder at the moment in I’m going to paste this piece well already having the ready
part that corresponds to the head that we also leave it to one side I’m going to
take the other top the one that I left when I was going to start making head and
with this I will start to make the tube in the same way I will also take the
cotton I will try to do in sphere and took it to the center all doing
the same yes as a kind of sphere who wants to provide us with the head
here I have one what I do is measure it to know if this morning is suitable and
I tie the same way already the trunk ready now what I’m going to
do is I’m going to cut the part that corresponds to the legs, two pieces of
the right leg, two pieces of the left leg
would remove what corresponds to the foot to to give us some more pieces
smaller proportional and these correspond to the legs both to which
they would be the superiors that are saying so the hands and the lower ones that would be the legs then I’ll also cut if you can see here you see that it is
double where one normally enters the leg, but I’m not going to fill it in
internal part but as it stands I’m going to stretch the fabric a little so that
be much firmer and we are not going to damage is not going to break us and that remains
tougher then the legs of the dog I’m going to do this with the four
legs well here then here are two spheres
smaller ones that would correspond to the hands and two slightly larger spheres
that would correspond to my feet I have all the pieces what
would shape the body and for the ears then I will cut into 4 pieces,
2 that correspond to the same pint or same body print and 2 as well
so that they contrast in one whole Yes, that is the same decision for you
they want they can do it in it the same perfect print there is no
inconvenient now what I’m going to do then it is to start sewing, I will
sew upside down, then I give it the back then I sew all over this
contour i’m going to leave the top open here this part I will leave it open
and then turn it over and let us stay I do the right with both ears here I am finishing as you can see
I made straight stitch, linear stitch by all the contour and leaving on the part
superior a space for us to give back then now that I finish
sew here I am going to finish and here I have the other one completely ready
can see and at the top as I just told you from space to
turn then to the ear when you are fully then in your
position coso this part there are people who
like stuffing ears can fill them out if you like them soon as
wadding or with the same silicone cotton and then close this part seals it like this
so that the ear is ready like this would be right now then locate
in the head when it’s ready then
ears look here as I sewed them on the top now then let’s
cut a piece this circumference of end to end measures 7.5 centimeters then what we are going to do is darning because she will be part of the
tail, let’s make a sphere small that would be the tail and with these
pieces we would start to assemble the dog so the tail was then if we are going to
do it like this and now let’s start work the tubal faction
so here is the trunk let’s make it a little oval that doesn’t
it will be totally round but more well oval and in the back
let’s introduce the thread, this is this embroidery thread and
we are going to take two strands and at insert into the needle
we will be double as it would be as if they were four threads in total
ready then this one we are going to introduce we secure it well and from here that is the center
let’s start making the expression of dog smile, then let’s take
from the middle to the center to the half and half we are going to do
one end to be able to do the expression I do a little bit of strength to do the
notch and you can enter here in the center and I will make a
kind of “T” to make us older the expression and again we carry the
needle back press a little we do the same with
the crusade that remains as a kind of “T” and again we do the other way the same if we go to the side
we introduce the needle and we will make the “T”
here we have the expression of the smile and back again we can squeeze it several times and so we have the expression of the
smile so it is ready knotted back and it is already
then the expression of the smile on the dog’s horn now I’m going to start
to work what corresponds to the legs that would be the upper ones then
same I introduce in the back to look for the center and start working
from the center to the ends I go back to the beginning and from the same center I go back and take towards the other end so that we are left
like the toes I would do that with everyone, both with the legs
front as with the rear well we already have all the pieces
they are the upper legs and these are the lower the trunk the tail the body
the head the ears are already all then let’s start joining for
put these here aside and I will take the best face of the body
for paste the head, if you notice the head I am not going
to paste throughout the center I’m going to paste it a little back
why? to give us also the tubing dimension then they can
sew it or they can glue it with silicone what that seems easier or what more
they like it remember how it is cloth, hold very well,
hold here while the silicone dries it’s already dry so now let’s
take what corresponds to the tube we apply enough silicone the same
remember that at the time that somewhere we are missing we can do
touch up later then I will locate and we hold just like we did now
with the other piece until you are totally dry since the tube is dry then let’s take the upper legs and the
let’s hit too when they are fully glued
upper legs then let’s paste the lower legs and we do the same
process, we apply enough silicone and we wait for it to be very dry well then that’s how it is and
I’m showing for you to see in the back how are the
legs both upper and lower
Now let’s stick the ears here side and side so ready and what we need are some
small details the eyes that I initially showed you these eyes if
they can’t find them they can paint them as I have taught them on other occasions in
other videos or you can also print I’ve also seen that in
google found images of eyes you can print them on cardboard cut them and
also paste them in the dolls well, I hit my eyes and
I hit them with liquid silicone because sometimes hot silicone melts them
or temperature heat is handled in others videos I’ve also taught you how
do it but then in this one I used liquid silicone now I’m going to paste
some bun so that the union is not suddenly seen,
the seams of the ears these dogs can also make them
that males can be children dogs you can put a top hat on and
it is perfect then to represent a puppy that’s how it stays with its ribbons with its ribbons, yes
we want to give some color to the cheeks we can take a little blush
and apply very gently and here on the sides
as if they were the cheeks So and so we have the dog like
project for this occasion I hope that they like that they put it into practice
I’m going to show the other one I have of a previous video as you can see are
in different position this is sitting and the other one is lying down, is like lying down,
I hope you put them into practice that do many for crafts
own, to sell to give away if they are simple ideas, very economical
what they can do and what they can do business also with them remember
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we see in an upcoming project here in his Art in Your Hands channel

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