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Hello and welcome back to cruise-line news, I’m Laura Bayless and I’m she forecast I hope you guys are all doing great, and I hope you’re doing great. Lauren Thank You, Shane I hope you’re doing great as well. It’s impolite Anyways, I have a question for you. They’ve never seen a or wanted to see a singing competition You mean like the x-factor or American Idol exactly like that Elsie Idol? No way. It took place at this very pan cosine Arif. He’s all about it. I see it Every school has their fair share of talented singers and at the LC Idol competition great singers come together to show off their talents Every day, I would like perform in the living room and I would like just sing and imagine I’m like on stage. I have been performing since I was in about the second grade Could your girl was shy at first? My mom was at a banquet hall and she sang at last and there was a part She didn’t want to sing I just was like can I do it? She was like, yeah, and then I did it in We’re singers from all around L’Anse Creuse compete I Wanted I guess somehow Mr. Clark brothers brought it to my attention to everyone’s attention and Like I had audition I did an audition it was a song that was different from what I performed at the actual concert and I like the rush like in the adrenaline before because that just puts so much more passion into your performance and To be I should perform without thinking and when you perform without thinking it’s everything that you feel it just comes out naturally But what advice to the winners have for future contestants pick a strong song that you’re confident with and yeah Just do your best just do it Just be confident in yourself. Even if you’re not just pretend that You can do whatever you want period sis when it comes to singing these kids have their fair share of talent Congratulations to all the winners. Yes. Definitely. I definitely wish I had singing talent like them alright Today is April. Yes, which one that means? It’s right spring season what comes with spring now spring sports your favorite spring sport with me Baseball you caught me. I’m a huge baseball fan I’m a big fan of Lance Cruz’s team, which is great because they just played anchor babies. Yes, they did We have a piece on it. Let’s cut to it So for LC we came out on the bottom two two one, we definitely did battles throughout the entire game Tell us anything with pretty harsh We just didn’t pull through and we assumed next we’ve seen one thing Thursday, so hopefully They’ll see put up a good fight against Anchor Bay with the final score being tuned Please come support your Lancers on Wednesday and Thursday to finish off the series against Anchor Bay Well, unfortunately, we’re not smart enough to be actual valedictorians But we did get to talk to those who did earn the title of valedictorian. Yes, that’s true at this very new system We did it. Yes, let’s cut to that not So, I’m Jonathan basketball My GPA is a four point one and I plan on attending the University of Michigan in the fall My name is ELISA Longo. My GPA is 4.0 7 4 and I’m going to the University of Michigan So in the future I see myself as a mechanical engineer And I’m hoping to be more in the automotive discipline and L’Anse Creuse has helped me mostly through the Pankow program and MST Challenged me as much as I can in both math and science because that’s where I want to be when I grow up So my plan in the future is to go into medicine and U of M is a world renowned medical school So I feel like going there will give me a good background and a good head start into the direction I want to head for my future so I played I’ll see you hockey for the school and my only my senior year but travel every year before that and then I’m in student council National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society. I was involved in a lot in high school So I was involved in student council and the Executive Board National Honor Society Link Crew Different community service organizations. I also played travel soccer and varsity soccer through my high school So I’ve been involved with in all four years now in vice President and it’s what helped me be the leader that I am today through Different activities like the state’s conference up in Grand Rapids two years in a row it’s actually been really helpful having a lot of stuff going on because it’s taught me really how to manage my time and how to Put my priorities first and I noticed that like during busier season good soccer and stuff I actually was more successful because it forced me to you know, really? Concentrate my time son do the things that really matter. So I’d like to thank mostly my family whether my dad or my two sisters They’ve always been pushing me to do my best and offering me Messages of support whenever it’s got the talk And my grandparents because They’re always helping my family with every possible thing and all my amis two teachers for always supporting Not only me, but all their students in every aspect of their academic and just outside of school Now let’s cut to a segment on school news with our very own Jack Braithwaite everybody So for school news to save the manatee race is this weekend? It is Friday the Student council applications are due May 3rd. And your prom outside guest forms are due May 1st and if you go to LC on prom tickets won’t be sold this Thursday because of bring your Student or bring your child to work day and Pankow college night is the 26th and it is from 6:30 to 8 Now we cut to shame world news That’s right guys. Let’s pull it back and look at some greater world news Ok Avengers end game is breaking box-office records before it even premiere critics are calling it overwhelmingly epic and immensely satisfying Which is the opposite experience of getting anything at RVs, the millimolar reports came out and it’s a pretty long thing now We’re all busy people. So they’re actually releasing an abridged version titled We know you didn’t actually read this but you’re still gonna have long water cooler conversations with your co-workers like you do anyways Conveniently in pamphlet form and finally unhappier news. I found one dollar bill on the ground And if you think this bit is dumb, I literally couldn’t find any news stories That weren’t completely depressing so you can blame society on that. Ok That’s all All right So now that we’re all cut up with school news world news and everything else going on in Lance Cruz That wraps up our episode of Cruise Line. Love it guys. I’m Shane forecast. I’m learning Bayless. We’ll see you next time You

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