Curlew Job Corps pitches in on Spokane Humane Society makeover

THE SPOKANE HUMANE SOCIETY WAS BUSTLING TODAY AS THE EXTREME TEAM WORKED ON THE INTERIOR OF THE BUILDING. AND TODAY, THEY HAD SOME HELP. 13;54;56 ANDREW MACARTHUR all this work what were doing is going to a good causeW8 22 DOZENS OF STUDENTS FROM THE CURLEW JOB CORPS MADE THE ROAD TRIP OVER TO SPOKANE TO VOLUNTEER. 16;27 it feels great. were honored to be here were honored to be doing something like this and it is great for you guys as well. :8W9 22 THE CURLEW JOB CORPS IS A NO COST EDUCATION AND CAREER TECHNICAL TRAINING PROGRAM THAT HELPS YOUNG PEOPLE AGES 16 THROUGH 24 IMPROVE THEIR LIVES THROUGH CAREER TECHNICAL AND ACADEMIC TRAINING. 15;37 i found out about job corps through my high school prinicipal, and she recommended it and i thought it would be a great opportunity and it has been so far, job corps has been great doing this at the humane society has been great, a great cause. :15W10 24 THESE CARPENTRY APPRENTICE STUDENTS GOT THEIR HANDS DIRTY TODAY, INSTALLING DRY WALL, FIBERGLASS PANELS, AND MORE. 27;59 it’s awesome i love what the humane society does, they take in animals so they dont have to be euthenized its amazing what they do. :13W11 23 THESE STUDENTS SAY THEY’RE EXCITED TO BE OUT OF CURLEW AND HELPING OUT FOR A GOOD CAUSE. 27;43 im enjoying myself i like being out in the actual field of work and cooped up on a center.W12 24

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