Ask Your Senators to FILLIBUSTER Gorsuch

Confirmation hearings begin today for the current administration's Supreme Court nomination, Neil Gorsuch. While this nomination is concerning for many reasons, the bottom line is that this is a stolen nomination. This Supreme Court seat should have been filled by Obama's administration as the Constitution states, and the GOP Senators delayed those hearings in a direct affront to our Constitution. Please call our Senators today to tell them you expect them to fillibuster this nomination and remind all that this seat should have been previously filled. 

Who to Call

  • Senator Patty Murray: 253-572-3636, or 202-224-2621
  • Senator Maria Cantwell: 253-572-2281, or 202-224-3441

More info: Indivisible Guide on Gorsuch


Hi, my name is [name] and I'm a consituent from [ZIP]. I am one of the many Indivisible Tacoma members who is opposed to the current administration filling the stolen Supreme Court seat. This seat should have been filled by President Obama's administration. I am also deeply concerned about Neil Gorsuch as a nominee for many reasons. Democrats cannot allow him to shape this country for the next several decades. Does the Senator plan to fillibuster the nomination of Neil Gorsuch?