Blockade TrumpCare

The Republicans have been trying to force their healthcare bill through the Senate without any hearings, amendments, or input from Democrats because they know that this bill is deeply unpopular. Their only chance of passing it is to do it as quickly as possible before their caucus dissolves under constituent pressure. 

Our Senators have both participated in social media campaigns against the bill, but today we have a very specific ask: we want them to withhold consent on all Senate business until this healthcare bill is shelved. What does this mean? More info here, but the short version is that there is a procedural rule that involves getting the consent of every Senator to allow Senate business to go ahead without delays for speeches and roll call votes on procedural things. Any Senator can clog up the whole Senate by officially objecting to Unanimous Consent orders.

This almost never happens. It's extremely rude.

It's tedious and time-consuming and can eventually be gotten around--it will not stop a bill forever, only slow it down. However, it can slow things signficantly enough that it could be the key to stopping the Republicans.

More info from the NYT: Republicans' Secretive Plan for Health Care

Who to call

  • Senator Maria Cantwell: 202-224-3441. Ask for her healthcare staffers at this office number or email them: Nico Janssen, Legislative Assistant at nico_janssen@cantwell.senate.gov; and Rosemary Gutierrez-Bailey, Deputy Chief of Staff at rosemary_gutierrez@cantwell.senate.gov
  • Senator Patty Murray: 202-224-2621. Ask for her healthcare staffer, Nick McLane, at this number, or email Nick_McLane@help.senate.gov 

Next step: share this Daily Action with your friends, especially people who live in Alaska, Maine, Nevada, West Virginia, Arizona, Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Lousiana, and Arkansas. Share this link on your Facebook timeline, and then personally contact a friend in one of these states and have a conversation with them about why their phone calls can make a real difference right now--maybe even save a life. 


Hi, my name is [name] and I'm a constituent from [city, ZIP]. I'm calling because I'm very worried about the possibility of the Senate passing a healthcare bill that could be devastating to my community. I'm asking the Senator to withhold consent on all Senate business until the Republicans stop threatening to schedule this bill for a vote. I know that this is an extreme tactic, but [it could save lives OR tell a personal story about the impact this bill could have on people you love]. 

If you get a live person on the phone, end by asking them: can you tell me if the Senator plans to use this tactic to block TrumpCare?