Defend Public Schools

School choice sounds nice. Having options seems like it can only benefit everyone. Yet it has not played out that way in states that have allowed large charter school programs and voucher systems. Children with disabilities have been forced to remain in underfunded, inaccessible schools, minorities have been barred from attending the better-performing school of choice in their area, transportation and additional fees make it next to impossible for children in poverty to attend a highly rated school, and charter schools often underperform their public counterparts. If that weren't bad enough, over $1 billion of Donald Trump's education budget is specifically designed to be taken from poor school districts to richer ones, using voucher students to transfer even more wealth to the wealthy.

The proposed Education budget has other deep cuts, to everything from student loan programs to Medicaid programs that provide school nurses and assistance for disabled students. This would be a disaster for our most vulnerable Americans—our children.

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Who to Call

  • Derek Kilmer (6th District) (253) 272-3515 or Denny Heck (10th District) (253) 533-8332
  • Senator Patty Murray: 253-572-3636, or 202-224-2621
  • Senator Maria Cantwell: 253-572-2281, or 202-224-3441
  • your state Senator and Representatives (find their contact info here)


For Federal MoC/Senators:

Hi, I'm [name], a constituent from [address], I'm calling because I am concerned about Trump's proposed education budget. The deep cuts to education and the transfer of funds for various voucher and school choice options will hurt our kids. Not all children will have access to transportation to leave their neighborhood schools and I do not want public schools to be even more underfunded than some of them are already. A quality, equal, and free education is a right for all children in America. Thank you for defending our children by oppossing this budget.

For State Reps:

Hi, I'm [name], a constituent from [address]. I'm calling because the State Senate's proposed funding model for education, where the money follows the child, is too similar to Donald Trump's budget and will create similar disparities in education. I support tax increases that will fully fund education, and do not want our public education system to fall into the voucher/charter model. A quality, equal and free education is a right for all children in our state, so I'm asking you not to vote for any budget that weakens our public schools.