Defend the Americans with Disabilities Act

Enforcement of the ADA is already difficult. While people with disabilities who encounter non-accessible facilities can make complaints and sue if companies don't comply with basic standards, there is no inspector who works outside of these lawsuits. The entire ADA depends on lawsuits brought by people with disabilities—as individuals—against powerful corporations. 

Now Republicans want to tilt this power imbalance even further. Two laws, HR 620 and HR 1493, would make it much more difficult for people with disabilities to even begin the civil suits that are the only way to enforce the ADA, by requiring a specific and complicated process. They claim that these laws would protect businesses from frivolous lawsuits, but protecting the civil right to access public life is not frivolous. 

Who to contact: the Member of Congress from your Congressional District

  • 6th District, Derek Kilmer: (253) 272 - 3515 or (202) 225 - 5916
  • 10th District, Denny Heck: (253) 533 - 8332 or (202) 225 - 9740

More info:


Hi, my name is [name] and I'm a constituent from [ZIP]. I'm calling about HR 620 and HR 1493. Both of these bills are currently in committee, but I'm asking [MoC] not to support either if they come to the floor. They would hinder enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which would mean that some Americans would be deprived of their civil right to access accomodations that should be open to the whole public. If passed into law, they would make it easier for powerful corporations to exclude a class of people and would encourage discrimination. Please do not support HR 620 or HR 1493. Thank you.