Fund Collective Bargaining Agreements

The Republican-controlled WA State Senate is proposing to reject 24 of the 28 collectively bargained wage increases for union state employees. Undermining this important negotiation by voting against the agreements in the budget is harmful to all state workers and the citizens of Washington who benefit from the services provided by union workers. And the state's own salary survey found that 99% of state job classifications currently pay below market wages. Negotiations are entered into by both sides on good faith and the senate's budget backs out of this longstanding commitment. Please call your local representative and urge them to make good on their part of the bargain with state workers and fund the collective bargain agreements in the state's budget.

Who to Call: Your state Senator and Representatives. Find their contact info here

More info: Senate Republican budget plan short-changes state employees


Hi, my name is [name] and I'm a constituent from [address or ZIP]. I'm calling because I support paying fair wages to our state's union state employees. Wage inequality is already a major problem in Washington, and wages that are below market make it difficult or impossible for teachers, cops and other state workers to live in the communities they serve. We should honor the salaries negotiated in good faith by these unions, so I'm asking the [Senator/Representative] to only vote for a budget that honors collective bargaining agreements.