Oppose HR 610

There is so much crap happening today, and a lot of it is not anything we act on, at least not today. If you're feeling scattered, unfocused and/or demoralized, it's not a stretch to imagine that our electeds are feeling the same kind of way. Let's help them focus!

If you've already made plans to go to an ACLU training on the 11th, another thing you can do is call our Senators and Representatives to ask them to OPPOSE HR 610, and any other similar legislation, including budget proposals, that would weaken our public education system by distributing education funds through a voucher program.


Hi, I'm [name] and I'm a constituent from [ZIP Code], and I'm a member of Indivisible Tacoma. As citizens and voters, we are opposed to any legislation that privatizes our public education system. That's why I'd like to ask [Rep/Sen] to vote NO on HR 610 and any other legislation that would move public education funds into a voucher system. Thanks for all the work you do to protect our kids from discrimination and ensure they have equal access to a quality public education.