OPPOSE the White House's Proposed Budget

Trump's White House released a budget proposal today for Congress to consider. It cuts domestic spending dramatically while increasing the Pentagon's budget by $54 billion, alloting $2.6 billion for a border wall and $1.4 billion to privatize public K-12 education. You can find a detailed description of cuts to each department at this WaPo article: What Trump Cut in His Budget. One example: the proposed budget cuts $15.1 billion from Department of Health and Human Services, which includes decreased funding for programs to train health professionals. The consequences of this cut would be far-reaching and devastating for families trying to find a primary care doctor or make an appointment with a specialist--and this is just one example of many cuts in this budget. 

Who to Call:

  1. Your Member of Congress: Denny Heck (10th District) 253-533-8332 OR Derek Kilmer (6th District) 253-272-3515
  2. Both WA state Senators: Maria Cantwell 253-572-2281 AND Parry Murray 253-572-3636


Hi, I'm [name], a constituent from [address]. I'm calling because I'm very concerned about the budget the White House has proposed. Cuts to domestic programs could devastate our community whether it's cuts to training for health professionals that could make it harder for my family to find a doctor or cuts to programs like food stamps and Meals on Wheels that mean low-income people in our community could literally starve. [Add a personal story if any proposed cuts would directly impact you or your family.] I'm asking the [Congressman/Senator] to strongly oppose this budget. It is unacceptable. Thank you.