There are two sets of calls everyone should make today. These are follow-ups on things we've already called on, which is less exciting, but both of these issues are dreadfully important. You don't need to be excited to make these calls; you just need to dial the number and read the script. If you can't do that, send emails. This is what resistance looks like.

1) Call our Senators and tell them to reject TrumpCare with everything they've got, including withholding consent from Senate business. 

       Murray: (253) 572- 3636

       Cantwell: (253) 572- 2281

2) Call our state Senators and Representatives and tell them to raise new revenue to fund education. 

       Find your Legislative District here


Murray & Cantwell

Hi, my name is [name] and I'm a constituent from [Tacoma, ZIP]. I'm calling because I'm very worried about Republican attempts to dismantle our healthcare system. Please oppose the new healthcare bill with every possible tactic, including withholding consent from Senate business in order to slow the bill down. [Include a personal story if you have one]. Thank you for standing up to the Trump agenda. We're counting on you.

For the state Legislature

Hi, my name is [name] and I'm a constituent from [address]. I'm calling because I care about education funding. We can't expect to get something from nothing, and we all agree that we want a system of education that is equal and provides a future for every child. It's time for the legislature to admit that we need to raise revenues to get the education system we want. I support a capital gains tax, a carbon tax, and any new taxes necessary to create a fair, progressive tax system that provides for our kids. [If Dem: thank you for sticking out multiple special sessions and not compromising. We're counting on you.]