Pressure Governor Jay Inslee on Healthcare

Overview of the Issue: We want to keep health care as a priority for the Governor. He has been fantastic in his role as advocate on behalf of the immigrant community in relation to the Trump travel ban, but it is time to remind the Gov that health care is also at risk. WA state has a lot to lose if Medicaid expansion goes away and the individual market is dismantled. This action can be a simple reminder to the Governor that health care is important to folks in WA state. He should use his new national spotlight to convey that message to DC.

Who to call: Governor Jay Inslee 360-902-4111


Medicaid is a crucial service to 1.6 Million Washingtonians. Please keep the pressure on congress by speaking out against House GOP’s dismantling of access to health care. Coverage is important to me because: _________________. Thank you for speaking out on behalf of Washington State.