Pressure Tacoma to comply with Paris Climate Agreement

Donald Trump has listened to Republican climate change denial conspiracy theorists and begun the process of withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. Although the federal government won't be pursuing those standards for sustainable energy and caps on carbon emissions, some local governments are stepping up. WA Governor Inslee joined NY Gov Cuomo and CA Gov Brown to create the United States Climate Alliance, a state-level committment to honor the Paris standards. In addition, 60 or more mayors have committed to honoring the Paris standards--but Tacoma is not yet one of them.

More info: Gov Inslee's press release; BBC News: "Trump climate deal pullout: the global reaction

Who to contact: the whole Tacoma City Council

  • by email: ryan.mello@cityoftacoma.org, conor.mccarthy@cityoftacoma.org, anders.ibsen@cityoftacoma.org, dmscott@cityoftacoma.org, joe.lonergan@cityoftacoma.org, keith.blocker@cityoftacoma.org, lauren.walkerlee@cityoftacoma.org, marty.campbell@cityoftacoma.org, robert.thoms@cityoftacoma.org
  • or you can find phone numbers here


If emailing, please use your own words. Sample script: 

Dear Mayor and City Council: 

like many residents of Tacoma, I care deeply about our natural environment, from the mountains to Puget Sound, and am deeply concerned with caretaking our world to leave for our children and their children. Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement is infuriating and embarrassing, and I want my local representatives to push back against this denialism and recklessness. Governor Inslee has comitted to keeping the Paris standards in Washington state. Please join him and the many other mayors and governors of America who have rejected wastefulness and greed, and commit our city to upholding the Paris standards for cutting carbon emissions and turning to renewable energy so we can save this planet. Thank you.