Protect Funding for Pierce County Behavioral Health

(In conjunction with the Black Women's Caucus)

Tacoma and Pierce County has a homelessness problem.  One thing that will alleviate this problem a little is to increase resources into mental health and rehab care. Pierce County Executive, Bruce Dammeier, has offered to carve out $4.7 million towards various fundings of those types of services.  The Pierce County Council has offered and voted in an ammendment that will only allow $1.45 million towards this crisis, including cutting by two-thirds the money earmarked for the Washington Soldiers Home in Orting to help homeless vets.  The Council will continue the discussion of the supplemental budget on June 6th.  In the meantime, we need to help them see the need for care for the homeless.  It doesn't just help those in need, but the whole community!

Who to call: Doug Richardson (District 6)  (253) 798-3308

You may also choose to submit an e-mail to your specific representative on the council or all of the council members

More info: Pierce Co seems poised to fail once again on behavorial health funding; more contact info for each Council Member


Hello, my name is ________, and I live in _________. I am disappointed to hear you are thinking about cutting the resources that were going to go to address the mental health behavior needs of our community. There are so many needing those resources and their impact on our community affects us all. Please rescind your Amendment 1 on the budget and stand for the needs of our homeless and veteran population. Thank you.