Protect Pierce County Farmland

Extremely Time Sensitive

The Pierce County Council votes on April 3 at 1:30 pm on a fairly complicated zoning thing that affects how the environment is preserved in Pierce County. Specifically, it changes the way farmland is protected. More info in this article, "It's Time to Protect Pierce County Farmland," but the simple explanation is that we want the Council to follow the recommendations of the scientific study commissioned to analyze the issue, the Fresh Look study. Specifically, ask them to support Amendment #1 and reject Amendment #5 on Agricultural Resource Lands in the Comprehensive Plan, Proposal #2017-6.

Who to Contact: leave a comment on the official Legislation Comment form


Leave a short, clear comment with a straightfoward ask. For example, "Dear Councilmember: I'm writing about the proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan that would change the way land is designated as Agricultural Resource Lands. I support the thoughtful work of the Fresh Look study, and would like to urge you to follow their recommendations in this matter. Please vote for Amendment #1, and reject Amendment #5. Thank you."