Protect the Tacoma Tideflats from Fossil Fuel Corporations

The Tacoma City Council is considering a set of regulations that would protect the environment of the Tideflats from multi-national developers who want to run over local interests and exploit our land and our port. These regulations would protect not only the physical environment, but also the port's use for other purposes that grow and diversify our local economy instead of making us reliant on one aging industry for jobs. However, there is a resolution being introduced at the City Council meeting this week that would dramatically slow the implementation process, giving these fossil fuel companies time to get a foothold in the Tideflats. And once they're here, it's almost impossible to make them leave. 

Tell the City Council not to delay.

Call or email the Mayor and each City Council member:

Mayor Strickland:
(253) 594-7848

Anders Ibsen: 
(253) 591-5470

Robert Thoms: 
(253) 594-7848

Keith Blocker: 
(253) 591-5470

Marty Campbell:
(253) 594-7848

Joe Lonergan: 
(253) 591-5470

Lauren Walker Lee: 
(253) 591-5470

Connor McCarthy: 
(253) 594-7848

Ryan Mello: 
(253) 591-5470


Hi, my name is [name] and I'm from [neighborhood of Tacoma]. I'm very concerned that the Tideflats is currently vulnerable to multi-national developers who want to use our port to transport fossil fuels. I want to ask you to keep focused on the goal of protecting our land and our community. Careful planning is important, and I appreciate having a process that includes a lot of community input, but timeliness is also important. Please put protections in place during the planning process, because as we've seen with other projects that turn out not to be what our city wants, like the Northwest Detention Center, once a company sets up here it's almost impossible to do anything about it even if they are operating in a way that directly opposes our values. Thank you.