Save Our National Monuments

The petroleum industry is trying to get their grubby little hands on American's national monuments! As a favor to corporations who want to be allowed to drill, mine and frack in areas that the US has designated for protection and preservation as natural lands, Donald Trump signed an Executive Order calling for the review of the status of a whole list of national monuments, from Bears Ears in Utah to Hanford Reach here in Washington to the Marianas Trench National Monument. Public outrage may be the only thing that can save these lands from exploitation.

More info: Modern Hiker has a comprehensive, easy to read overview of this issue, including extensive instructions on how to leave a public comment with the Department of the Interior. From their article: "Online comments may be submitted via regulations.gov by searching for DOI-2017-0002 or by using this direct link."

When you leave a comment, write it in your own words, just be sure you ask the Dept of the Interior, and Secretary Zinke, to keep these lands in their current designation as national monuments

Keep in mind that the deadline for comments on Bears Ears is May 26; the comment period for all other national monuments goes until July 10.