State Capital Budget

The state capital budget funds local infrastructure projects across our state to the tune of $4.1 billion. These funds help build our schools, update park facilities and community centers, and provide critical toxic environmental clean-up programs in our district. The House of Representatives has already passed the capital budget 92 to 1 (House Bill 1075), but the Senate is holding this budget hostage over a state Supreme Court decision about small private wells in Eastern Washington.

The absence of a capital budget jeopardizes thousands of jobs in our state and could stop projects already in progress. If this were to happen, those mothballed projects would likely cost taxpayers more in the future to resume. And the Republican fix for the water rights situation in Eastern Washington would threaten already-stressed water tables and negatively impact the fishing resources that belong to tribes on that side of the mountains.

More Info from the Seattle Times: "Work on new Burke Museum may halt;" "Opinions Still Clashing Over Hirst Decision Bill"

Who to Contact: your state Senator. Find their contact info on this map of Legislative Districts


Hi, my name is [name] and I'm a constituent from [address, ZIP]. I'm calling to tell the Senator to pass the capital budget as drafted by the House. Washington voters deserve better than endless gridlock, and the essential projects in the capital budget should not be stalled because of a dispute over how to fix the Hirst decision. Additionally, please work to resolve the Hirst decision in a way that gives environmental protections and tribal treaty rights precedence over individual homeowners who chose to begin construction on arid land. Thank you.