SUPPORT City Council Regulations Imposed on the Detention Center

The Detention Center on the Tideflats in Tacoma is one of the biggest immigration detention centers in the country, and holds many of the immigrants being deported from our community including, currently, Daniel Ramirez Medina. Two days ago, the City Council voted to ban any new or expanded private correctional facilities across Tacoma, a move that pre-empts any possible expansion of the Tideflats facility and expresses disapproval of the Detention Center and federal immigration policy.

Who to Call: Your City Council Member. Find their info here: http://www.cityoftacoma.org/government/citycouncil/districtmap/. If you live outside the city limits, contact Mayor Strickland's office at (253) 594-7848.

More info: http://www.thenewstribune.com/news/politics-government/article137068803.html


Hi, my name is [name] and I'm a constituent from [address]. I'm calling because I support the vote to ban new or expanded private correctional facilities across Tacoma. I value the members of our community who are immigrants, and I'm furious about the arrest of DREAMers like Daniel Ramirez Medina. [Include a personal story about immigration if appropriate.] I'd love to see the Tacoma City Council taking any and all steps to block the anti-immigrant agenda being imposed on our state from DC, including making these zoning regulations permanent. Thank you.