SUPPORT funding for homeless veterans in the Pierce County budget

The Pierce County Council is considering budget proposals, including up to $750,000 for programs housing homeless veterans--including 11 beds for women veterans, which is a rarity. This is only one of many projects the Council is considering, and we need to make sure the Council knows that we, the residents of Pierce County, support mental health care, including care for people with addictions, who are recovering from trauma, and who are homeless. 

More info: Proposed county budget suggest a combined $750,000 for homeless veterans projects

Who to contact:


Please do not just copy and paste; a personalized message has more impact. 


Dear [Council Member]:

I'm writing because I support funding for programs that care for people with mental health needs, including people with addictions and who are dealing with trauma. In particular, I'm excited about the proposed funding for more beds for homeless veterans at the Washington Soldiers Home. Additionally, veterans are not the only members of our community who are heavily impacted by trauma, and I would like to ask you to approve generous funding in the county budget for services that focus on treating addiction and homelessness across Pierce County. 

Thank you.