Support H.R.676, Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Act

(Introduced in House 01/24/2017) This bill establishes the Medicare for All Program to provide all individuals residing in the United States and U.S. territories with free health care that includes all medically necessary care, such as primary care and prevention, dietary and nutritional therapies, prescription drugs, emergency care, long-term care, mental health services, dental services, and vision care. Only public or nonprofit institutions may participate. Nonprofit health maintenance organizations (HMOs) that deliver care in their own facilities may participate. Patients may choose from participating physicians and institutions.

Health insurers may not sell health insurance that duplicates the benefits provided under this bill. Insurers may sell benefits that are not medically necessary, such as cosmetic surgery benefits. The bill sets forth methods to pay institutional providers and health professionals for services. Financial incentives between HMOs and physicians based on utilization are prohibited.

Link to the Bill summary page: https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/676

Who to call:

Rep. Derek Kilmer
Tacoma: (253) 572-3636
Washington DC: (202) 224-2621

Rep. Denny Heck
Lakewood: (253) 272-3513
Washington DC: (202) 225-9740


Hello, my name is ___________ and I'm from (address or ZIP Code) and I'm calling to ask if ______ plans on supporting or co-sponsoring H.R.676, Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Act. The rollout of the ACA replacement plan demonstrates a complete disregard of the needs of our nation. Americans NEED health CARE, it is time for our Representatives to stand up for the needs of everyday Americans and provide a strong alternate vision that contrasts with the Republican healthcare-only-for-the-rich plan. H.R.676 will ensure all Americans have health care, not just access to it. [If you have a relevant personal story/testimony about you or someone you know, share it at this point. Both Heck and Kilmer have asked us to send in personal stories about healthcare, so if you have a story to share, consider asking the staffer you speak with about the best format to tell it.] Please support this historic legislation H.R. 676. Thank you.