SUPPORT House Resolution 186

Remember Rep. Nadler's House Resolution that got nixed by the Republicans? The Dems in the Ways and Means Committee are trying again. H. Res. 186 would procure Trump's tax returns and financial records; all our Representatives should be signing on as a co-sponsor for this, but so far the only WA Rep. co-sponsoring is DelBene.

Who to Call:

Derek Kilmer: 253-272-3515

Denny Heck: 253-533-8332

More info: https://www.facebook.com/indivisibleguide/photos/a.198948293902381.1073741828.197760674021143/234186783711865/?type=3 


Hi, I'm [name], a constituent from [address]. I support House Resolution 186, introduced by Congressman Pascrell in the Ways and Means Committee, and I'd like to know the Congressman's position on it. Does he plan to co-sponsor this resolution?