SUPPORT people on hunger strike inside the NWDC

Several hundred people inside the Northwest Detention Center are currently on hunger strike in protest at their treatment inside the prison. GEO Group, the private corporation that runs the Detention Center, has a history of using sub-standard food and restricting access to medical care in order to save money. They are currently being sued by former detainees for putting detainees to work running their prisons--cleaning and cooking full time--and then not paying them. To add insult to gross human rights violations, prices at the commissary inside the Detention Center were recently doubled, meaning that people who are paid $1 a day for their labor inside the prison now have to pay many days' pay to access things like phone cards and hygiene products.

Who to Call: 

  • Governor Inslee: (360) 902-4111
  • Mayor Strickland: (253) 594-7848
  • City Councilmember Robert Thoms (District 2, where the Detention Center is located): (253) 594-7848

Legislators from District 27, where the Detention Center is located:

  • Sen. Jeannie Darnielle: (360) 786-7652
  • Rep. Laurie Jinkins: (360) 786-7930
  • Rep. Jake Fey: (360) 786-7974

More info: press release from NWDC Resistance; "About 400 Washington ICE Detainees Launch Hunger Strike"


Hi, my name is [name] and I'm from [ZIP Code]. I'm calling because I support the hunger strikers at the Northwest Detention Center. It is unacceptable that a private company is making money by exploiting people's labor and holding them in cheap, sub-standard conditions anywhere in America. This is a violation of human rights and I'm angry that it's happening in my town. Please listen to the people who are on strike inside the Detention Center and put every pressure on GEO Group to fix these conditions immediately.